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  1. konior is at the top of prices but a couple things. It seems like konior uses less grafts per result. Also the donor region looks prestine after the surgeries that I see. However, you are paying north of $20k for efficient transplantation and prestine donor.
  2. great result! I wish I could jump the line but im still waiting for my turn
  3. You can always shave your head bald in the end I view HT as buying 20 years or looking younger. When you get to 70s, who cares. shave it all off at that point
  4. i would use american express. that way if they don't render services, you can call amex and issue out a chargeback
  5. yea, everybody should have a hairline that fits them. For me I should stick to a conservative hairline to commit for the long haul. I disagree with a 18 year old hairline when i am 33 years old
  6. So I received a follow up from H&W and they recommend 3000-3500 FUE grafts. Now I am really confused. Konior and Nadimi both authorized 1600 grafts in the frontal area with a dense pack. H&W are recommending double. Two different answers from two top tier clinics. really really confused.
  7. very nice. I am considering H&W as well as Nadimi at the moment
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