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  1. Another guru pointing out the truth on this poor HT result
  2. Thank you. And I am glad I stumbled on to this forum. To think I was about to hop on a flight to Turkey and get a $2500 FUE like I was going to buy a watch or something. This is surgery with major implications on your overall happiness and wellbeing from a self conscious and insecurity perspective. Pay up
  3. $8/graft FUE for Nadimi $12/graft FUE for Konior. That's what they told me
  4. I just spoke to their front desk and I couldn't even book the surgery without going into the consultation. The consultation is about 4 months and $200 fee.
  5. I spoke to Nadimi and she confirmed that she does the extraction AND implantation. hmmm. But maybe as a team with the techs. She will be in the operating room the whole time
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