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  1. Hi Justin I actually agree with your thoughts about the illusion of density,...when i grow it out for 3-4 weeks, it defintely looks a lot thicker. That is something I could NEVER do before the transplant, I was getting it buzzed 7-10 days because I was self conscious, Only issue is that I hate the balding in the crown, which is why I keep it buzzed down still, and am anticipating a second procedure to solve things once and for all. I figured it also makes it easier to compare photos. But you are right, it defintely takes away from the 'illsusion' Somewhere along the line in the next couple months, I will post photos with the hair grown out right before I get it cut.....thanks for the suggestion. Just checked out your thread, happy growing, cheers...
  2. here is my 6 month update hair buzzed right down #1.5 on top, and #0.5 on the sides, so cant get much lower than that. by now i think its clear that there is no real evidence of having an FUE even at 0.5 near shave. otherwise, not too much change from 4 months, some thickening up, redness pretty much gone and definitely unnoticeable to the casual observer. some pockets along the hairline still lagging, lets see what the next 3 months bring.,,,
  3. Thanks for the encouraging replies everyone.. Sorry for the long time between posts, I got busy with the holiday and then life, work especially. Wanted to post a quick update set of pics, these were taken Jan 15 so just over 4 months postop... These photos are directly after a buzzcut, and I just decided what the heck, let me buzz it right down. So this is a #2 on top and a 0A on the sides and back (even shorter than my previous haircut). so exactly the SAME haircut I used to get before the surgery.....No sign of any white dots or scarring, and I would never buzz any lower than this (next lowest would be a #0 skin blade), so I am thrilled about that.
  4. sorry its been a while as I have been busy with work these photos were taken at day 30 after my first haircut postop. As you can see i buzzed down to a #1 on the sides and it looks fine, a little thin in spots though it might be bright lighting effect and no chance anyone can tell ....any thinning I expect that gradually improve after 3 months. So I am very satisfied with this aspect, as maintaining my ability to buzz down without any obvious scars was the main goal after my surgery, even if I had ZERO growth on top. Speaking of on top, it is buzzed down to #2. In these pics I have lost approx 80 percent of the transplanted hairs I would estimate. Some minimal redness right at the hairline. I stopped needing any advil/tylenol around this time as well, no further discomfort. Sensation on top is gradually improving. Overall, I am very close to my preop stage now, without any significant complications or nagging side effects, so it was a quick recovery really.
  5. POD 24 I am POD 24 in these pics. These are taken in very bright artificial light. I have not had a haircut yet. Regarding recipient, most of transplanted hair (80%) has fallen I would say with some minor shock loss just behind the new hairline. Not a big deal. Redness is really minimal right at the front of the hairline and gradually fading, otherwise completely gone elsewhere from what I can tell . Probably the biggest thing I have noticed in the recipient zone is a very dry scalp and I have been aloeing more frequently. Dr. K feels most likely due to sebaceous gland issues that he would expect to resolve within 4 months, and he has never had a patient experience long term dryness. Regarding the donor, it is a bit thinner on the right side of my head than the left, but that could just be how the hair grows. There is a spot posteriorly that seems to have a bit of shock loss. Dr. K mentions that regrowth should occur in coordination with graft regrowth as the dormancy process has the same etiology and physiological response. Most exciting is that I have the go ahead to have a machine haircut which I will do in a few days, the sides are driving me crazy as they have not been this long in years! Looking forward to the haircut, and will take photos right after to post.
  6. Surgery I was super excited the day had finally come, and of our conversation the night before. Had a light breakfast and followed the preop instructions exactly. I arrived at the office, was met by the wonderful surgical staff. Two variations of a hairline were drawn by. Dr. Konior, valium was given, pictures were taken, head was shaved, and off to the surgical suite we went. In all honesty, the surgery itself was a breeze. Thanks to the meds, and the fact that I was exhausted from work/travel, I literally slept most of the day, in fact I would go as far as saying the day was restful, of course the 3 doses of valium played a big role in this. The only uncomfortable part for myself was when the donor had to be extracted from the center back of my head, just due to head and neck positioning. Doc had warned me that this would be the worst part the day before, and he was right. I was very happy when that was over and we moved on to donor extractions from the side of the head, and I could rest my neck. The numbing injections really didn't bother me. Just felt like many tiny pin pricks that were over pretty quickly. Dr. Konior was involved in the entire procedure of course. I think we finished around 5pm. He was really excited and felt the operation went very well, giving great words of encouragement. It was SO reassuring to know that he was there the entire procedure and controlled all aspects of the surgery. This element cannot be understated. Postop I looked at my head and what looked back at me was exactly the pics I had seen on these forums. A scalp that looked incredibly clean despite undergoing a full day of surgery. In fact, one would be hard pressed to say that I had even undergone a surgery! .....save for the dressing that remained over the donor area. I left the clinic feeling satisfied and amazed that the day had come and gone so effortlessly. Having seen many surgeries and postop wounds during my days in residency training, I went to the hotel and looked in the mirror and marveled at the good Doc's postop work- such high quality and indicative of a surgeon with master technical skill. Attached are pre and postop pics.
  7. Sorry for the delay guys, things got a bit busy over the weekend. Surgical Plan In any case, I traveled to Chicago the day before the surgery and on the way there, I was quite pleased when the office called to inform me that Dr. Konior wanted to meet with me at 5pm the day before, to discuss the plan. At this preop visit, I went over preop instructions with his excellent staff, and I was met with a warm handshake by. Dr. Konior. We basically chatted about how the surgical day would be setup, and what I should expect. He asked me what I wished to accomplish with this HT. At my prior consult, we had talked about 2000 FUE, without specifics, as the Doc had mentioned a variety of coverage possibilities. Given that no hairline had been drawn during the consult, that had made me a bit nervous in the buildup- but now I could see why. Nine months had passed and my goals for this HT had changed dramatically thanks to the knowledge I had learned from reading the forums. Nine months prior, I was dreaming of large FUE session of 5000 grafts by Dr. Erdogan. Nine months prior, I was imagining a hairline 0.5 cm lower than what consultants had drawn on me. After months of thought, now all I wanted was a solid hairline to frame my face, first and foremost, so that I could stop spending so much time using dermatch. He said he could do that. I explained to him that I wanted to continue to keep my hair machine short, understanding that given my significant hair loss, I knew I would need to continue to use dermatch over the crown. I told him the crown bothered me, but that I did not expect anything more than some grafts anteriorly to help blend in dermatch, given my significant crown loss. Well my impression is that Dr. Konior definitely aims to satisfy your wishes (after all, it is YOUR cosmetic procedure), but also uses his expert knowledge and judgement for the patient good and to set realistic expectations. Pretty much the way it should be! Ultimately, I asked him point blank how he would do it. He said smaller, frequent sessions to gauge stepwise outcome/density and donor supply allowing for recovery time. One thing he said that really caught my attention....his patients who are in their 70s and want a NOW result, but someone like myself who has time to follow a carefully laid out surgical plan. This really caught my attention, because it made a lot of sense to me as a physician. Suddenly, I felt a great sense of relief knowing that tomorrows surgery was not going to be the 'finale' in my hair loss journey, Suddenly, I understood all those posts from the HT gurus who stated that it is a 'journey.' What scared me before, was now reassuring, especially as I sat in front of the highly respected Dr. K. So I found myself countering with 'lets just do 1500 in the front then, and reassess.' A far cry from the 5000 I was dreaming of 1 year prior. Or even the 2000+ I had planned to do before I came to Chicago. I was and remain fully confident that I came to the right decision, with the help of Dr. K.
  8. Hello all, I wanted to start a thread commemorating my fantastic surgical experience with Dr. Raymond Konior on September 7, 2017. I had a thread previously regarding my consult experiences, my goal was FUE from the start given my desire to keep my hair short....see previous thread here: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/184106-compare-your-consult-docs-thanks.html Consult That was prior to my consult with Dr. Konior. I went to visit Dr. K in December of 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed his demeanor and knowledge of the field. He was at the end of a long surgical day but took more than an hour with me chatting. As a physician myself, I appreciated his CLEAR expertise on the subject matter of SURGICAL hair restoration, be it FUT or his approach to FUE. He took time to actually analyze my donor hair, explaining that the donor hair characteristics and ability to obtain the graft with proper surgical technique (be it FUE or FUT) were the keys to a successful hair transplant. This made a lot of sense to me. He did not draw a hair line but gave an explanation and general idea on his philosophy in the recipient zone, commented that I had a good look even with my current hair loss, and offered another potential tool to combat hair loss in the interim. He offered 2000 FUE to address my hair loss, but to take my time to think about it. His candid approach, his incredible knowledge of the science of hair, obvious expertise regarding surgical skill/technique, and reputation/experience led me to walking out of that office knowing that Dr. Konior was the doc for me. I didn't really need any further time to think about it, and booked with him but i had to wait until September 7, 2017, approx 9 months. I am now 14 days postop and things are going well. I will post more tomorrow regarding the day of my surgery, as well as obtain pics and specifics from Dr. Konior to share with you all.....he offered to provide last weekend, but I did not have time to follow up, so bear with me on those...
  9. excellent result.. very excited as i have an FUE transplant scheduled with Dr. K in september. thank you so much for posting this, and congratulations!
  10. Wibbles, thanks for posting these pics, very helpful. I guess I never really considered the dark skin tone factor. That looks like a 0.5 buzz. I am thinking of a higher grade buzz. I used to do a 2 on the sides when I had more hair on top. What do you think about a grade 2? Also, you are right the longer I think the more likely I am to go conservative. I think my thought of a lower hairline is out the window. I actually think the hairline drawn in the photos of my original post are quite good.
  11. Well you were right Matt, I sent him an email and he literally got back to be in the wee hours of the morning just a couple hours later. He said he is booked out almost a year!! :eek: I've just sent him photos though, and am anxiously awaiting his thoughts...
  12. Mav. A lot of what you say makes sense. I was surprised at how high Rahal's hairline was. Disappointed really, because it certainly would be VERY convenient, given that my parents live in Ottawa, and our family home is there. But based on your post alone, I am going to get in touch with Rahal's clinic once more. Thanks!
  13. Hello Stig, I always value reading your posts, and in fact it was one of your posts that led me to discover Erdogan for the first time! I had never considered going overseas until that, its too bad about the situation in Turkey right now. I am aware of Lorenzo, I guess I figured if I was going to go overseas, it would be for an equally excellent doctor such as Erdogan at a more affordable price than Lorenzo. Perhaps I will do an online consult with both.
  14. Hi Spanker I always respect your opinions so Your post has certainly made me pause. Hmmm....are you saying that even with FUE, I should be prepared to possibly only be able to buzz to a 3? I always thought that the only real advantage of FUE is that it allows the patient to shave to a 2 or even 1 on he sides/back?
  15. Dear Mahhong, Thank you for the time you have taken to give such a detailed and extremely informative post. There is so much good information in your post that I can only respond by saying that I will read and reread your words many times before making any major decision, and digest everything you have written. Wise words!....thanks again.