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  1. Just by way of update, I am booked in to have my procedure with Dr Cooley this summer. I cannot wait to have this hairline repair completed, as it feels like people are constantly staring at my head thinking somethings not quite right there lol Anyway the plan is to draw a new higher hairline, extract the worse mulit grafts in terms of angle etc, then refine them under microscope and replace further back in hairline. Then use some more grafts from the donor area which will likely include some nape hair to soften it up. This will be my third surgery so praying that this time it w
  2. Hey when you say Shapiro doesn’t fit your style, what do you mean by that?
  3. Many thanks Melvin, I’ve had my consult with Dr Cooley and was super impressed. Speaking with SMG next week.
  4. Cheers Aaron, I completely agree with your analysis and your right, it takes a great Doctor to get the details spot on and make things come together to look natural. I wasn’t aware Dr Shapiro was well known for hairlines specifically? Have you had a chance to check out Dr Cooley, if so what do you think of his work on this area?
  5. Thanks Guys so much for your thoughts on this! I think the photos don’t really show how unnatural the hairline is. I’m moving forward with consultations at Konior, Cooley and Shapiro. will keep you updated on how it all goes
  6. Thanks @Gasthoerer is there any particular US based surgeons you think would be best place to repair this?
  7. Yes I had looked at some repair cases and their ability to create soft natural hairlines. I think in my case some grafts need to be extracted, do you know if doctors fue these and reuse or do they tend to just laser them?
  8. Sorry guys, forgot to add pics, please see below. I’m not sure if they show just how bad it is in person but hopefully you can see the see through effect that the multi grafts, blunted temple hairline design and strange angles have. Thanks for all your advice so far and congrats on your repair @Doron Harati, looks fantastic! I was thinking of getting the repair done by Dr Cooley or maybe Dr Shapiro. what are your thoughts on these doctors?
  9. Hi Guys, i have had 2 FUE procedures totaling 2500 grafts in an attempt to lower my hairline as was born with very high forehead and had some temple session. After the first procedure it looked fairly natural but was in need of more density. The “Doctor” was hardly involved at all in the procedure and they ended up placing many multiple grafts right at the front of the hairline, some with 4 hairs growing out of the same graft!! Not to mention the hairline has no irregular irregularities and the angles are extremely obtuse!! Overall it is a pluggy appearance. It has cost me
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