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  1. Yes, the V-Beam is a laser that targets specifically color in the blood vessels, so it does not affect hair follicles as they are a different color.
  2. Hi, I haven't logged in for awhile! Yes, I had horrible lingering redness for well over two years. I was advised by another doctor to try the V-Beam for the redness. She does not use a V-Beam in her practice, so there was no financial incentive for her suggesting me to try it. The V-Beam specialist suggested 3 treatments, but after 2 treatments the discoloration is for all practical purposes gone. I am so thankful for the V-Beam. As for you, I definitely see the skin discoloration in your transplanted hairline. You have a different skin tone from me (I'm fair skin caucasian), and I'm no doctor, so I can't say exactly what the discoloration in your hairline is from. But here are my thoughts POSSIBLY. 1) When I had discoloration it was explained to me that there are tiny blood vessels very close to the skin that were "ruptured" or damaged from the hair transplant and that these blood vessels were now visible through the skin causing the discoloration. The V-Beam laser targeted the color in the blood flowing through these blood vessels and effectively "cauterized" these blood vessels, at which point they then "dry up" and get reabsorbed into the body. Once dried up, there is no more blood flowing through them, so no more discoloration. After more than two years of redness following my hair transplant, the two V-beam treatments I then had definitely significantly improved the skin discoloration following my treatments. It's pretty much all gone now. This definitely changed my life for the better. I seriously thought my skin along my forehead would remain red for the rest of my life and I would have to combover my hair for the rest of my life just to hide the redness. 2) Sometimes I look around the base of a transplanted hair follicle and still see it's a little dark, and I wonder if I'm actually seeing the darkness of the hair shaft under the skin? Or maybe it's still just a tiny bit of the blood vessels still left that could be treated with a third V-Beam treatment (to be fair, I was advised 3 V-Beam treatments, but after 2 V-Beam treatments it looked so much improved I really didn't see a need to go back). One thing I've realized is that the hairs that were transplanted at the front of my hairline are thicker and darker than the native hairs that were there - too thick and dark in my opinion to look natural. You can transplant pubic hairs, for example (or hair from anywhere else on the body) and it will grow, but it doesn't mean it will look "soft" and natural. In any case, it MAY be that the native thinner hairs that are normally along the front of the hairline are so thin and light that we don't see them through the skin? So when you transplant thicker hairs to the front, you can see the hairs through the skin at a place in the hairline where one doesn't normally see this so it stands out. But I think looking at your pictures again that the discoloration is more likely the result of the blood vessels that are there now. So I would definitely try a couple V-Beam treatments first. The discoloration looks like more than just a hair follicle under the skin. With your darker skin tone compared to mine, I could definitely see how the discoloration you are experiencing is a result of tiny blood vessels that have appeared since your transplant operation, even though the color isn't "red" like my discoloration was - but then my skin is very fair and "pink" to begin with. I hope this helps! I would be careful about "removing" the hair - I think it could create more scaring possibly. First try the V-beam for the discoloration. Then decide after that if it looks acceptable once the discoloration is gone!
  3. Kinematica, Calm down. Most people on this forum have felt the type of anger you are experiencing at the moment; but honestly I don't think your work looks "bad". I do agree it doesn't look highly dense, but that's a relatively easy thing to improve upon if so. In any case it can be hard to tell from photos, especially with a cheaper phone camera. Even if the surgeon implanted the agreed upon # of grafts, most patients on this forum go back for more density and touch up - including JeanLDD who had one of the better results as he documented in his own posts. There's nothing to do now but sit back and wait and see how you like the results. For example, being honest, I'm very impressed with JeanLDD's density results from his first transplant, but when it comes to hairline designs I prefer Konior to Erdogan. This is my preference; but JeanLDD is quite happy with Erdogan's approach, and in the end that's all that matters. I would like to have seen JeanLDD go to Konior for his 2nd procedure to see if Dr. Konior could have "softened" the hairline, and I believe Dr. Konior could have. But....in the end all that matters is that JeanLDD is happy. And overall I give JeanLDD's first HT a 9 on a 10 score. It was a very impressive result. In any event, provided that your grafts grow - and the work looks good - you can go to a top doc for refinement (IF you want that - and almost every guy on here does!), and though it will have been more time and money, you will have saved considerably a large sum of money by having your first HT at an inexpensive clinic. Best wishes, and please keep us updated!
  4. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing the final result. Your photo with your hair pulled back is not as clear as the others with regards to the resolution; could you retake that photo again, pretty please!
  5. Have you tried finasteride/propecia? https://www.bernsteinmedical.com/medical-treatment/patient-photos/
  6. Looking forward to seeing Dr. K's final results.
  7. No, the repaired hairline does not look natural. The original "surgeon" should have his medical license revoked.
  8. That is an assumption that I would not bet on. Tell your doctor that you want the grafts examined microscopically during extraction and prior to implantation. I had numerous doubles placed in my hairline during an FUE procedure.
  9. That's very interesting. I wish I had tried meds before opting for the H.T. I had been on propecia, then moved to NY, got a new young, female doctor who I don't really think understood the importance of hair to men, and who took me off of propecia because she thought I had a "psychological problem". Arrogant young, @&*$........ Anyway, after several years my hair thinned and receded a little, and I thought a H.T. might be a safer option since it didn't require meds for the rest of one's life. But...bleh....all I ever do is curse the outcome of that H.T. In any case, if you're having regrowth, keep us informed about what happens once you get off the steroid!
  10. Looks like very clean work, and densely packed. Nice hairline design for your face, too. Look forward to watching you grown, so please keep up the photo documentation!
  11. If redness persists beyond a "normal" time period, V-Beam laser will remove the redness without damaging hair grafts. The biggest downside to the V-Beam laser is that you have to shave down your hair so the laser can penetrate the skin, and it might take more than one treatment. But I can say V-Beam definitely works having had 2 treatments after several years of persistent redness. But at only 2.5 months I wouldn't recommend it for you at this point. I can also say that should the skin texture remain bumpy after your surgery, several micro-needling treatments into the hairline also improved my skin texture significantly. But again, it's still early for you. Your hair has a very nice color and soft, flowing texture. Many photos on this site are of darker, coarser hair or older men's hair with grey, wiry hairs. So please keep us updated with photos so we can see the final outcome!
  12. I don't think you need to go to a hair surgeon for an evaluation if there are none near by. Any good dermatologist can assist you; even your regular GP doctor can be a good starting point.
  13. Sean, have you tried micro needling to improve your skin texture? It has helped me quite a bit.