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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I will check it out.
  2. Hi guys, I'm planning a HT soon and doing as much research as possible. Most HT doctors reccomend FUE but of course some also give the option of FUT. I'd like to know if anyone here has experience with FUT, and, is the scar with FUT very disruptive? I find FUT intriguing because the graft yield is actually higher and the transection rate is lower. My main concern with it though is the scarring. I cut my hair around the back and sides to a 1 and it would be nice to avoid an obvious scar if possible. There is a misconception that FUE leaves no scar but this is untrue, it leaves little
  3. Interesting stuff. Are you a HT specialist yourself? Saifi and Anastasakis don't shave all their patients and they seem to be well-esteemed. To me it looks as if non-shaven FUE is the norm for them.
  4. "Inconsistencies" and "large amount of cases per day" are two terms that DO NOT corroborate with good practice. The HT industry really is a minefield. Even forums like this have cracks and holes as do Google Reviews and social media.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely check him out.
  6. I commented but my content needs to be approved by a moderator for some stupid reason. Budget is up to a max €7,000. I've come upon a few good looking places within that price range.
  7. Budget is up to approximately €7,000. Most surgeons have estimated that I'll need 2,000 - 2,500 grafts except for Dr Bicer. Bisanga and Cole in Athens, Anastasakis (Greece), and Dr Saifi (Poland) have got more consistent reviews than Erdogan and they are within my price range.
  8. Cool. I am sure he is probably good, but the fact that he has a solid track record of substandard work is enough to throw me off. I'm looking to play it safe with my investment.
  9. As for Turkey I trust Dr Bicer but the problem I have with her is that she seems to use too much donor hair. She said she would use 3,000 - 3,500 follicles for my hairline whereas other professionals have told me about 2,000 - 2,500 would be enough.
  10. Thank you very much for the spelling correction! I like to exercise proper grammar and punctuation too. Note duly taken Those are his prices. The problem with the other places you mentioned is that they have bad reviews online if you do a thorough search. Cinik is not even listed on ISHRS which is a straight red flag for me.
  11. Guys I can see your point. But I've noticed Anastasakis for example doesn't have any shaven results visible online which suggests he doesn't shave at all.
  12. Hey, I'm actually not from Sweeden. I'm from Ireland. I just discovered Ilter Clinic in Sweeden by accident and the social media results look good, that's why I'm here investigating The price in Sweeden us still cheaper than Ireland. HRBR in Dublin is probably one of the most expensive clinics in the world, they've treated a lot of celebrities, so I'm looking for cheaper options overseas. If Dr Ilter's results are not consistent I will continue to look elsewhere. Thanks dude.
  13. You're totally right. I'm learning as I go along. Glad to hear you didn't walk into a trap yourself. I never thought of checking Google Reviews from the angle you've suggested but it sounds smart so I will definitely do that from now on. Thanks for your input buddy.
  14. Really? A lot of people seem to say that. Its scary. Making the right decision is scary!
  15. Ok no worries sorry. Cool lad thanks for the pics. Looks good. I just think she takes a lot of grafts compared to other docs. I like to wear my hair ahort too.
  16. Misguided - interesting. Its worrying that certified surgeons could be "misguided" or totally unethical, very worrying! My hair loss started about 11 years ago (age 19) but I still have reasonably good coverage on the crown and vertix. The hair has definitely thinned out over the years but thankfully the coverage still isn't too bad. My hairline though is totally receded, mostly at the temples. I only started takong finasteride 3 months ago, and literally just decided to add Regaine in too about 1 - 2 weeks ago, but part of me felt like ditching the Regaine if it might be bad for my hair
  17. Ok. I see your point. Interesting. So basically anyone that advises against Regaine is unethical?
  18. Why do you have to come off Regaine for a week before a HT?
  19. The guy who advised me against Regaine though is not somebody I have had a HT with, and I may not have a HT with him, this is why I thought it was interesting. I do have a genuine worry with regards to Regaine, I worry if I stop using it that I'll lose more hair than ever before. The guy who advised me against it does not offer HT's to inapprorpiate patients, and he did actually reccomend finasteride.
  20. One thing that's intriguing about him is that he seems to operate on a lot of patients who have similar hair/dermatological features as myself (fair hair, fair skin, fine hair [Scandanavian] etc). I believe it is good to seek out surgeons that can demonstrate results on patients who have similar features to prospective customers that are shopping for a HT.
  21. Really, why? This clinic has nothing to gain from advising against it. He reccomended finasteride but not Regaine. If he has absolutely nothing to gain (because the correspondnce was free) why should I steer clear of him? In this industry there does seem to be different opinions expressed by different doctors. For example I have had one experienced surgeon reccomend FUT when everybody else said FUE, one professional estimate that I'd need 1,800 grafts when another estimated that I could need up to 3,500 grafts, and now one professional suggesting that Regaine might not be a great prodcut
  22. The challenge is finding - and recognizing - real reviews. The reviews I have found are generally good. He has been on ISHRS for almost 18 years and is the only ISHRS doctor in Sweeden. For FUE he uses a small punch tool - 0.5/0.8mm. He doesn't like to do big sessions (2,300+) in one sitting. His Insta portfolio looks good but like everyone says that could be just marketing, hence why I am here trying to find real customers inform me of their experience.
  23. A Sweedish HT clinic (Ilter Clinic) reccomended me to stop using Regaine/Minoxidil. This struck me because almost every other hair loss entity advises one to use Regaine (and finasteride) to hinder (and possibly reverse) hair loss. Ilter Clinic told me that minoxidil awakens hairs that are meant to be in the dormant phase, but after prolonged use it has a negative effect on the skin/scalp, and recipients of hair transplants react badly to it (i.e. eventually they lose more hairs) if they use it continually. This is the first and only occassion whereby somebody has denounced minoxidil
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