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  1. Interesting, guys. I think if you're an NW6/NW7 in your 20's though it won't make a huge difference if you lose what little you have left lol. I am probably between an NW2/NW3 and the difference in my hair loss in the last 3 years is minimial compared to the hair loss that happened 11 years ago. It would be cool if I don't lose much more from here on with the help of medication, that way if I get a HT now it will last a very long time, and that would be pretty awesome.
  2. I've discovered some stuff online that suggests hair loss slows down in one's 40's. Is there truth behind this statement? I also read that the most aggressive period, if you're unfortuneate enough to be an early loser, is 18 - 25, could this be true? My own experience, I'm 30 now, is that the most profound and visible effects of hair loss happened me between my late teens and early 20s. Things seemed to move quite slow from there, with not a huge amount of change until another little morphing process during the mid - late 20s. Now that I'm 30 and I've just started meds I'm wondering
  3. Well, his December dates have been disappearing fast. About 1 week ago he had maybe 5 available dates in December, when I heard from him again this weekend he had only two dates left. I replied to him asking if I could take his availability on 10th December but I haven't heard back from him yet, hopefully I will hear tomorrow 🙏🏻 I emailed him to tell him that I was diagnosed with sebhorric dermatitis psoriasis before and that although it doesn't often act aggressively, when it does act aggressively it can be seen flaring up around the hairline. After I sent him that email he's been taking long
  4. I feel like I am getting the green light to go ahead here. This is exciting!
  5. That is good but if you see it as I do from different angles I think there is a difference, but of course it is not as profound as many other unmedicated MPB sufferers. I think from the sides you can see the difference, the crown definitely seems to be holding up well though. The worst dose of hair loss I got was the first wave of it about 11 years ago, that's when the corners went and they went fast. After that in maybe the last 6 years or so the whole hairline has slipped back a bit. I actually also find that the mid scalp area behind the hairline feels/looks thin and I'm hoping that fin/Reg
  6. I see right. Deadly! I really want to pull the trigger ha.
  7. Cool. It hasn't actually stopped, its probably just slow. My experience with finasteride (ok I've been on it 3.5 months now) is this: After a few weeks I noticed I was secreting more slippy oil from my skin/hair/scalp. At the same time I also noticed I started shedding a lot. I mainly shed thin frizzy dying hairs. About two months in this stopped. Since then I've not really noticed any other reactions. I started using Regaine about 1 month ago. This kind of makes me hair feel sticky which I don't like actually. I haven't noticed any extra shedding with it, but because of its st
  8. Here are some pictures of my hair. The photos that feature the (horrible lol) red jumper were taken about 3 years ago (December 2017), and the photos featuring the white t-shirt were taken a few weeks ago (October 2020). I was 27 three years ago, I'm 30 now. The light in the more recent photos is a different shade, perhaps it is brighter. I definitely think I have lost hair in these last 3 years, but I think most surgeons would classify me as somebody that's slowly balding. I had never used finasteride or Regaine before any of these pictures. However I have started using both finasteride
  9. You're welcome bro. Cool, why did she advise against finasteride? I find that interesting because the majority of surgeons reccomend using finasteride for maximum benefit from a hair transplant.
  10. Ah I see. That makes sense because apparently it can be less effective in patients aged 40+. You were very very young when you started it. What kind of a result has finasteride had for you? I'm curious because I just started using it myself. Some sources say it is only effective for 6 - 8 years. Also, I think some sources even say that for certain individuals it can lose efficacy after 2 years, then the dose needs to be increased, then it lasts another two years and the dose is increased again, and so on. My own hair loss first became apparent when I was 19, but I only started using
  11. What age are you out of curiosity, if you've been on it 17 years? 🤔
  12. I'm not a professional surgeon but I can say at least your hair transplant is not as bad as some of the very terrible botched jobs that happen. I am sorry to hear you are not pleased with your result. I don't know much about afro hair so I won't say much about it. I will say this though: I have also heard many good reviews about Dr Cinik but I would never choose Dr Cinik for a HT myself. Turkey is the bothced HT capital of the world therefore it should be approached with caution. Another big red flag concerning Dr Cinik is that he's not even in the ISHRS (international society of hair res
  13. Just seeing this info now guys. I am worried about what effect skin can have on a transplant. I have been diagnosed with sebhorric dermatitis psoriasis before. It comes and goes, right now it is not aggressive, but I want to have a hair transplant in a few weeks! I never have dodgy skin in the donor area, but I have had psoriasis/sebhorric dermatitis on the forehead before and possibly into the scalp. Does this mean I am in trouble for a hair transplant?
  14. Glad to see you're happy! I must ask though are you on finasteride and Regaine? You would want to be if you want to get good mileage out of your hair seen as you are only 26. Dr Bicer seems awesome. I had a nice time chatting to her and her coordinator via Whatsapp. They seem lovely. She was the only surgeon in Turkey that I considered for my own hair transplant. However, what threw me off was that she estimated I'd need more than 3,000 grafts and that I would also need another HT next year. I assume she was going to take 3,500 - 4,000 grafts throughout two procedures ovet the space
  15. It is, its exciting, scary, nerve-wracking. Now that I think ot it, those who don't know what its like to experience hair loss and a hair transplant don't know how much of a rollercoaster it is. This part of the journey - choosing a surgeon and having the operation - is the most nerve-wracking part of the whole journey.
  16. Thanks very much for your professional input. At this stage I feel like I should be paying you. This information now inspires me to swing more towards Dr Saifi as most of his work seems to be well done. Thanks again Dr T Barghouti.
  17. Thank you so much for this kind response. I will check out this video. I actually went to a cheap clinic in Poland for a hair transplant 3 years ago but they didn't operate on me because I had a rare and unfortuneate outbreak of psoriasis on my scalp at the time. I'm looking to get a transplant this winter because I have so many gaps in my timetable that its convenient and easy to fit it in, whereas if I start a new job in the new year, and if coronavirus disappears, it will be harder to plot 1-2 weeks off for a HT, so the next couple of months are really convenient for me. Its
  18. Yeah, thanks. I still haven't booked Anastasakis or Saifi. I'm still trying to pick one 😂 Thanks a lot though.
  19. Cool. Of course that makes perfect sense and Sikos is not the only one that favours that approach. It was hard to find enough positive information to make me choose him though. Another thing I noticed is that he doesn't post results very often, most of his website results are old and he only seems to post a result once or twice every year. He should definitely invest more heavily in marketing, it would help him a lot because the market is now so competitive. Its good to hear an opinion from a real Hungarian. You're opinion is valid because you can find and understand more information abou
  20. Hi, can anyone tell me how does Dr Saifi design his hairlines. His work looks amazing but I'm all too aware that one size does not fit all and that every patient is different. Some professionals will apply a conservative hairline if a patient is aggressively losing hair. Some professionals measure facial features and take into account the shape of a patient's head and face and so on. Some doctors seem to have a few variables when it comes go designing hairlines, others are not as finnicky. Just would like to know what criteria Saifi follows as I'm either going to choose him or Anasatsakis.
  21. I'm not basing my decision entirely on cost though. Cost is encouraging me to shop around but I'm going for quality above all else. I'm trying to get the best of both worlds from cost and quality. HRBR in Dublin are probably one of the most expensive clinics in the world and the hairline they offered me is nowhere near as good as the hairlines I've seen in some other cheaper clinics. If I was totally loaded I'd have gone straight to HRBR without looking overseas, and consequently I'd probably now be wearing a transplant that is less than 100%. Cost and quality is what I'm trying to blend
  22. Yeah, its pretty much price that has spurred me on to look a bit further afield. I'd have probably picked Bisanga or Feriduni if I was rockin' way more cash at the minute. Anastasakis is the treasurer of the America Hair Restoration board. He's won a few awards in Greece recently. He's also published a 903 page scientific study on hair treatment, soon it will be dispersed throughout the world to most hair restoration professionals. He has been leading a lot of presentations and world talks on hair transplant surgery. He's been shooting through the shadows via Instagram lately. I spok
  23. There's the top and sides. I'm looking to have the hairline done, with most emphasis on the temporal points if possible.
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