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  1. I underwent FUT with Dr. Bloxham a few months ago. From consultation to post-op care and questions, Dr. Bloxham was very professional, personable, and patient. I didn't feel like any part of the process was at all rushed, and I felt like the staff not only wanted to do a great job, but they also wanted to make sure I was comfortable (to the maximum extent possible...this isn't a comfortable procedure). As I'm only a few months in, I can't really answer the rest of your questions. But from what I see so far, I think I'll be happy with the result. If I need a second or third procedure, I would d
  2. Painful at times. FUT The local anesthetic going in was a painful pinching/burning sensation, and to a lesser extent when topping off already numb areas. This was the most intense pain of the surgery. I didn't feel a thing when the doctor removed the strip or made incisions. There was some discomfort when they were placing the grafts, but it was tolerable. Positioning myself in the chair in odd positions for 45+ minutes at a time caused some pain in my neck and back that took a few days to go away. After the surgery, the incision was painful for probably four weeks, well after t
  3. I underwent FUT on June 24. I had 2500 grafts in the crown and 650 grafts in the corners of my hairline. I had already been taking finasteride, and I started using minoxidil about two weeks after surgery. It's been about a month and a week since surgery. I'd say I've shed about 75% of the transplanted hairs. The remaining 25% have been growing without shedding, and it looks like I'm seeing new hairs starting to grow in my hairline where there wasn't previously any native hair. It looks like they're just starting to pop through the skin. Is it possible that I'm seeing growth this early, or
  4. I'd say day 7 was the last day I took Tylenol. After that it was tolerable. The staples were pretty uncomfortable the whole time, especially when sleeping.
  5. Are there any resources for what my scar should look like one-month post-op? My scar is a dark red line about 2-3mm wide. In the past few days, the scar itself has felt like it tightened up, especially as the general scalp tightness above it has dissipated. Perhaps this is more a result of me getting feeling back above the scar. I've also noticed some light scabbing starting to form on the scar--not sure if this is something to be concerned about, but my staples came out about 2.5 weeks ago, so it's been closed for a while and I'm not really sure if this scabbing is normal. Any advice is appre
  6. Another week has gone by and the pain has stayed the same. I am now about 3-weeks post surgery. The whole scar area is still pretty tender feeling, including above the scar, which is tender/numb, especially around the sides. The pain is more than bearable without medication, but sleeping isn't comfortable. My surgeon said this is normal for some people. I will try aloe vera gel. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks for the replies!
  7. The needle feels like a pinch followed by a burning sensation. That's the best way I can describe it. It hurts. It's not fun. But it's quick, tolerable, and wouldn't stop me from getting another FUT. You shouldn't feel the strip removal at all.
  8. Staples came out yesterday, all 40 of them. It does feel better in that it doesn't feel so tight anymore, but the incision is still pretty tender. It hurt to sleep on yesterday, and I'm guessing it is going to hurt today too. Hopefully a few more days will take care of it.
  9. My post-op instructions don't really mention anything other than taking Tylenol within the daily limit for pain and to call if there is excessive drainage. It only said to use ice for swelling of the face. My incision actually looks closed and very clean...no drainage at all. Additionally, I had a day's worth of vicodin, but that's long gone, and I wouldn't want to take more of that anyway. As long as it's normal to still be experiencing pain then all is good, I can deal with it. I was just a little worried because it seems nearly everyone who posts about it says they experience nothing m
  10. Back again because the pain hasn't really gotten any better at day 6 post-op. I don't have much feeling above the incision, but I have substantial pain along and below the incision. The incision is closed with staples for what it's worth, and it doesn't look inflamed or infected. It's been manageable with Tylenol, but I can only take so much Tylenol in a day. Occasionally, I get sharp/shooting sensations along the incision in addition to the constant pain, which I believe are the nerves regenerating. I took antibiotics for the first 5 days post-op. It also feels pretty tight still, which I exp
  11. Thanks for the reply! Good to know it’s normal. There is so much post-op anxiety hoping that nothing is getting messed up. 10 days cannot come soon enough. Unfortunately, I don’t have the option to return to the clinic. I will definitely be taking it easy for a while!
  12. I feel like I’m experiencing some symptoms out of order here. I had FUT done on Wednesday. I took antibiotics and painkillers as prescribed. I missed an antibiotic dose last night. Haven’t needed painkillers since the first night but I’ve been taking Tylenol. Never had any swelling in my face. I woke up this morning and the incision is pretty tender/hurts to the touch way more than it did the past few days. It could be that I slept with my neck pillow putting a lot of pressure on the incision, but I slept the same way every night and this is the first time it feels like that. For the
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