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  1. Thanks, I’ll look into the other surgeons you’ve listed. You’re right, I’m not in a rush however tempted to sign up immediately! I’ve studied the pros and cons of FUE and FUT pretty extensively. My hair loss is fairly mild and stabilized after beginning finasteride approx 7 years ago. I also have thick, dense hair in the donor area and top of my head. My feeling is that one FUE procedure at 900 grafts wouldn’t overly deplete my donor area in a situation where I looked for future surgeries down the line. For the reasons aforementioned I’m hopeful that I won’t feel the need to seek additional surgeries, anyway. FUE reportedly has less reliable grow rates than FUT, but I believe this is (at least somewhat) mitigated by the ARTAS robot. In the meantime I avoid the linear scar, which usually isn’t an issue but sometimes can be (as evidenced by this forum). How about you delancey? What’s your situation? Visited any doctors? Had any procedures? Happy with the results? If it’s helpful to anyone, Cohen’s rates are $5.5 per graft FUT, $8.5 FUE.
  2. By the way, would be more than happy if I got a similar result to the guy below!
  3. Hello all. I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on an FUE procedure with Dr. Cohen. Called Dr Boden for a consult but he’s booked up until August (consult only - no telling when the actual procedure could happen). While I’d like a second opinion, not sure I want to wait this long, especially as I am fairly comfortable proceeding with Dr. Cohen. I have some thinning on the frontal hairline only. Similar to this guy (link below), though he’s got a bit less hair than I do. He recommended 850-900 grafts. Appreciate anyone sharing their experiences. Thanks