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  1. I’ve tried googling this but found various results - wondering if anyone has experience or data that shows causation between taking SSRIs (anti-depressants/OCD meds) and increased hair loss? I was on Zoloft for 9 years in my 20s and curious if it contributed to my receding hairline. I am the thinnest, most receded in my family (dad and brother have full heads of hair, as did both grandfathers) and can’t seem to figure out what the main contributors are. Maybe just drew the lucky Ace in the generic lottery 😂 or was it more environmental? Thanks in advance.
  2. I’ve considered the cream - will buy the travel size and give it a try. 👍🏻
  3. Just for clarity, is “extraction” is defined as once the strip has been taken out, they extract the follicles from the tissue? Or is extraction something different like taking the strip out entirely? I also am curious about this, as a popular Canadian clinic in this forum has quoted me 2k+ above all other of the top rated US clinics here and since it will be a while before we can go to them, trying to figure out why the major difference.
  4. LOL - love the much needed humor. Will start popping those BC pills like candy - thanks for the tip!
  5. I've noticed after styling my hair with American Crew Fiber (thick paste that really helps thicken up my hair) that I count ~10 or so strands of hair in my hand daily. I know the typical response is "you lose hair every day" and there isn't sure method for proving if it is really loss or not. Just wanted to throw it out there to compare experiences. I'm a NW 4 and have been on the mighty Fin for 3 years and haven't seen any major receding (yes, I measure it from my brow ridge occasionally), so I would opt that is just the natural hair lifecycle - but then again, cognitive dissonance is a b**ch. Any advice or thoughts are welcome.
  6. One more from me: H&W consistently shows amazing work. I typically see larger megasession results in your portfolio than other also highly-skilled, reputable doctors. Can you share your philosophy for this and the long term implications? For example, many doctors quote/perform more conservative procedures with the idea of "Don't waste what you don't need" and that patients will come back for an additional procedure to fill in the gaps with an additional 1-2K grafts - whereas it appears H&W can do it in one major procedure (assuming the patient is a good candidate). Some professionals in the field would argue densely packing a mega-session is wasting grafts and can jeopardize what patients can use in the future - can you help us understand the differences in philosophy and the benefits for the patient both in the short term and long term?
  7. How many transplants do the doctors do per day? How long have your techs been with you and what are their strengths? What is the tech involvement for each procedure (extracting, packing, etc)? Can you share why? It seems you are able to consistently perform larger and denser sessions than most other clinics. Can you provide insight into WHY that is the case? (What is your main differentiator?) What current emerging trends you are seeing and how are you thinking to implement in your practice?
  8. Just a heads up - you say March 16th in the post - may want to update as I initially thought this was an old post. 😊 Will send questions in a bit today.
  9. How painful are the needles? Is it like getting a shot for a cavity or is it much more intense? (For the record, needles don't really scare me that much and I feel my pain tolerance is in the higher range - it's more the ANTICIPATION of pain that always gets me ).
  10. I'm prepping for an FUT within the next few months. As my date gets closer, one thing that has spiked lately is my anxiety on the pain/stress of getting the strip removed. Can any veterans share their experience? How are the needles? What does it feel like/sound like when the strip is removed and how did you react? How long does it usually take? What's the suture/staple process and how did that feel (tightness, pain, etc.) The more I know going into it, the better I think I can manage the stress level. Thanks in advance!
  11. Update: Looking like Canada and US agreed to extend to July 21.
  12. Everything I’ve heard is off limits. I saw another news story that people who live near borders and get their insulin in Canada (for much cheaper) are getting more concerned.
  13. Looks like June 21 will probably be extended to late July: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-canada-exclusi-idUSKBN23G301
  14. Looks like US-Canada border is closing another 30 days. ☹️ Dang - I was really hoping to get into Hasson and Wong for a procedure and heal up during work from home this summer. Does anyone know of other clinics open that are US-based? I would really prefer Dr Hasson as I need 4-5k grafts and I love his work, but considering Cooley, Gabel and Shapiro if they can get me in within the next month or so.