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  1. Just to clarify, are you Canadian? The US will still let Canadians in with just a negative test. It’s not the same way for Americans trying to get into Canada. I’ve talked about all options with Doug and Christine at H&W and nothing will work. I keep a close eye on the news and regulations - Canada makes you quarantine for two weeks, not three days. All the info can be found here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/coronavirus-covid19/travel-restrictions-exemptions.html
  2. Not bad at all (assuming border opens). You could get in this fall/winter.
  3. I’ve done research for about 5 years - consulted with H&W office in Seattle back when Mike was the consultant (now replaced by Doug). Visited H&W during a business trip last year also. I used this site a lot, including talking with many previous patients of many doctors behind Hasson and Konior. My case is I need an FUT mega session (4-5k grafts) to densely fill in a lost frontal third and restore a hairline, including a bit of temple work. Hasson is reputed to be the best at doing this. I consulted with Dr Konior when the border closed to explore my options and was surprised when he confirmed Hasson’s specialty of densely packing large mega sessions and he encouraged me to wait it out and stick with Hasson. Konior is top notch and very honest and ethical, but it was one more data point from an honest expert that Hasson was the right choice for me. Another difference to consider between the two is Konior is more expensive and he does everything himself (minus assistance from key techs), which puts his waitlist at usually 1+ year out. Hasson has techs do a lot of the work outside of making the strip and the recipient slits - but those techs have all been there for a very long time and are proven professionals from what I’ve discovered. It really all depends on your goals - either doctor will be world class, but Hasson seems the best for my situation and goals. Things seem to look positive by summer (maybe) and fall (more likely) for border openings.
  4. Border is closed to all US citizens - only Canadians traveling back from the US are mandated to quarantine. If a US citizen shows up by plane, train, car, boat or hot air balloon, they will be turned away....unless it’s considered essential services ( I would argue hair restoration is essential - if only Trudeau were bald, maybe he’d agree 🤣).
  5. That actually brings up a good point/question - how did you all hide the procedure during the initial months post hair transplant? I work in tech and CAN wear a hat at work, but I don’t that often and people will probably be like “why is he wearing hats all the time now?” Especially with FUT, it seems it’s more hard to conceal with the a big scar across the back of the head.
  6. Yes, I agree. While I don't doubt Konior is world-class, not going to my doctor of choice will always result in the "what could have been" scenario that will hang over me forever. But who knows - Konior could be more fitting than Hasson in my scenario, but I think mentally the "cognitive bias" will at least give me peace of mind. If anything, this was a good therapy session to build up more patience. Thanks everyone - this community and forum is great!
  7. Realistically, I am able to wait it out - I don’t have a wedding or anything that is rushing things. It’s more of just a major annoyance, as I’ve researched for 5 years and finally was ready to pull the trigger with Hasson last year and then everything shut down and keeps getting pushed out. But it’s the unknown that’s frustrating me and the question of if I will always think “what could have been” if I go with someone else. Konior is obviously world class and I’d probably be fine, but it’s interesting (and applaudable) that he is honest with me in encouraging me to wait it out for Hasson if I can.
  8. Been pushing my megasession FUT appointment (4-4.5k grafts) with Dr Hasson for almost a year now and Canada is not looking very positive relative to the US. It seems super unclear when the border will open and it’s getting super frustrating to see no end in sight. I’ve decided I will only let Hasson or Konior cut me. I’ve recently consulted with Dr. Konior who has been great in providing good info on what he would do (4K grafts) and his overall assessment. I was transparent with him about my perpetual Hasson appointment and he openly informed me that Dr Hasson is very good at large sessions and advised me to wait things out of I could, which was an interesting and honest response. Konior has a non-refundable $2k deposit, which really discourages me from booking something with him as a backup in case the border continues to stay closed into 2022. I don’t doubt that Konior would do a great job, but wanted to call out for any other info I should consider and any advice or recommendations?
  9. Interesting- I am scheduled for Dr Hasson for an FUT. Would have got it last year, but border closing screwed things up and kept pushing my appointment out. I can’t imagine them not offering it when most competitors still offer it.
  10. I think it’s important to state the creatine study so people can make the decision on their own - it’s been only one study with a small group of rugby players. I won’t go into the details here, as it’s easy to find with a simple Google search. But the net net is that there isn’t enough conclusive evidence/other studies with a big enough sample size to positively conclude that creatine causes/furthers hair loss. I’m not saying that it does or it doesn’t - just that the data has not yet been able to scientifically prove it.
  11. I have an appointment with Dr Hasson in Vancouver that keeps getting pushed. I’m seeing on the Canada travel site that it is POSSIBLE to cross the Canada border as a US citizen for essential medical services (but it will ultimately be up to the border agent), with quarantine included. As much as most of us here would consider hair restoration as “essential,” I’m not sure a border agent would buy it....but wondering if anyone else has successfully crossed the border for this same reason to see a Canadian doctor?
  12. This is the first time I’ve heard this about H&W and feel they have a good reputation of being highly ethical.....but any loyalty/bias aside it’s a good thought in general - can you elaborate further? It’s a good point in how each doctor/clinic chooses to quantify grafts.
  13. Did you feel you got the same result from your recent experience with Dr Bloxham?
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