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  1. Looks like US-Canada border is closing another 30 days. ☹️ Dang - I was really hoping to get into Hasson and Wong for a procedure and heal up during work from home this summer. Does anyone know of other clinics open that are US-based? I would really prefer Dr Hasson as I need 4-5k grafts and I love his work, but considering Cooley, Gabel and Shapiro if they can get me in within the next month or so.
  2. I think that would be the ultimate test to show real results AND to help educate people on what makes a good restoration vs subpar vs needs improvement. They can then judge for themselves when consulting with doctors and cut through all the marketing or lingo that will be thrown at them.
  3. What are the major factors in a bad scar and how can one know if you are a risk factor? I see many time the reference to a "tight scalp," but that is somewhat subjective - how tight, etc.?
  4. Let me know how I can help - it's amazing how much I've learned the past few years from going to just a random doctor for my first consultation to finding this forum to consulting with the top doctors and previous patients. SO glad I didn't pull the trigger too early and treat this like a regular dental appointment.
  5. Hi all, I've been researching hair transplants for over 3 years now and I feel like I am informed enough and ready to pull the trigger - but the one thing nagging at me is - with everything in life - having finally gone through an experience, you always look back with a little more knowledge (this includes buying a new car, negotiating salary at a new job, getting married, having kids, etc.). This community has an amazing wealth of knowledge that I have been so grateful to learn from! To learn even more I'd like to know - what did you learn after taking the plunge OR what did you wish you knew before you got a hair transplant? I think this question can really help us noobs make the best informed decision based on what others have learned and experienced (both positive and negative). Thanks in advance!
  6. Do we know if many of the more popular restoration clinics are closing for the time being? ie, H&W, Gabel, Rahal, etc?
  7. I'm beginning scalp laxity exercises and whenever I do the back I am getting a headache. Is this normal? Any tips on how to do this correctly?
  8. Is it my computer/browser or are the photos not showing up anymore for everyone else?
  9. I would like get some clarity on something - when researching a clinic, how important is it when deciding what the doctor does vs the techs? I.e i know doctor should always do the strip, but don’t we want him to also do the incisions and placing the grafts? I’ve seen different things here from some of the more recommended doctors and want to better understand the nuances. Thanks!
  10. Not yet, but want to pull the trigger on it later this year if everything lines up schedule-wise. Good advice, thanks! My other thought is to go really short and allow it to grow in together (while using my favorite concealer, Caboki) to help fill in the gaps.
  11. Thanks for your comment - I will probably need to go with FUT with H&W for 4,500. It’s easy enough to take time off/ work from home during the initial period but it’s the ugly duckling phase that concerns me on how to conceal.
  12. What are some of the ways (besides always wearing a hat) that folks have his their transplant? I’m lucky enough where I can wear a hat to work, but have other situations, like church, special occasions, etc where I couldn’t wear a hat and I don’t want people to know I’ve had anything done. I typically wear my hair on the medium length, so people will know what’s up if I cut it short and try to use concealers like Dermatch, etc. I’m a NW4 and will need a good amount in the frontal third and I’ve been trying to rack my bald brain about how to get away with hiding it for the first 3-6 months - any tips or tricks of the trade some of you have used?
  13. What’s the main difference between Dr Hasson & Dr Wong? What should one consider when selecting/consulting with each doctor - strengths, weaknesses, area of specialty and focus, etc?
  14. Been doing a ton of research and feel confident about what I really want but the one thing that is always in the back of my mind is "how long will this investment last before it's a wash?" The money needed for 3K grafts in my scenario is such where if it wasn't beneficial and/or effective for 20+ years, then it isn't worth it for me to have to go back again. I know everyone differs in their values and some will keep going back for that perfect look over the years, but I'd like to know - is the technology advanced enough to where there is a high confidence level for the average guy that we can maintain our goal for the long-term? Has anyone here had an HT (FUT/FUE) that has lasted 10-15+ years or beyond without any disappointment in seeing additional hair loss and is this the majority? Basically I want this to be a one and done so I can move on with other life priorities, yet still take advantage of this amazing advance in science that we have. This may be a big question to ask, but I think we owe it to ourselves to ask it considering the costs AND for the community (doctors included) to have at least SOME data on it. - This assumes users continue to apply the big 3 (or at least Finaseteride, 1 mg) to maintain current hairline -Norwood IV, goal is to fill in frontal hairline to once again shape my face.
  15. Thanks everyone - great info and insight. Going in to consult with Dr Wong & Hasson's Seattle clinic today - wish me luck!