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  1. Interesting- I am scheduled for Dr Hasson for an FUT. Would have got it last year, but border closing screwed things up and kept pushing my appointment out. I can’t imagine them not offering it when most competitors still offer it.
  2. I think it’s important to state the creatine study so people can make the decision on their own - it’s been only one study with a small group of rugby players. I won’t go into the details here, as it’s easy to find with a simple Google search. But the net net is that there isn’t enough conclusive evidence/other studies with a big enough sample size to positively conclude that creatine causes/furthers hair loss. I’m not saying that it does or it doesn’t - just that the data has not yet been able to scientifically prove it.
  3. I have an appointment with Dr Hasson in Vancouver that keeps getting pushed. I’m seeing on the Canada travel site that it is POSSIBLE to cross the Canada border as a US citizen for essential medical services (but it will ultimately be up to the border agent), with quarantine included. As much as most of us here would consider hair restoration as “essential,” I’m not sure a border agent would buy it....but wondering if anyone else has successfully crossed the border for this same reason to see a Canadian doctor?
  4. This is the first time I’ve heard this about H&W and feel they have a good reputation of being highly ethical.....but any loyalty/bias aside it’s a good thought in general - can you elaborate further? It’s a good point in how each doctor/clinic chooses to quantify grafts.
  5. Did you feel you got the same result from your recent experience with Dr Bloxham?
  6. Question for you and the group - H&W get a lot of love on this forum. I myself have a date with them, but Canada is not looking good for the foreseeable future...like to the point where discouragement is setting in. But since my date keeps moving out, I've had a chance to take a step back and analyze (and criticize) my decision making process. So here's the question: WHAT is it that makes H&W the best? What competitive advantage do they have over everyone else that (in today's climate) makes it worth waiting for the border to re-open? I feel like I've done tons of research o
  7. Agreed - been doing homework for 3+ years and I’m SO glad I did. It’s amazing how much there is to learn before making this decision. If I went for it back then I would have made terrible choices and ruined my donor.
  8. Thanks all - this is great insight and info. Frontal third and establishing a natural hairline is #1 priority. Hasson told me I had 7-8k grafts total in the donor area. I would be super upset if 10 years from now i looked like a monk because I lost everything around the crown and couldn’t do anything about it - I’d rather play the long game. I feel confident in pushing back and just asking Hasson for a more conservative temple design, if anything, to save grafts for worst case scenario or future major loss. Hasson is obviously stellar and I will wait and see what happens ar
  9. 38yo. Finasteride and foam Minoxidil for 3 years. No growth, but haven’t seen much recession/thinning since. I wanted objective data, so have measured from my hairline to my right eyebrow over the past year and seen the same numbers. Only subjective indicator I have is I notice 10-15 hairs in my hand after styling, which makes me nervous, but apparently that’s normal.
  10. I tend to agree and this is what I am leaning towards. I would rather go with (what I think) is a world class result that would help me achieve everything in one pass vs always wondering "what if"? But the thought in the back of my mind is if they can achieve the same level as Hasson, which doesn't seem likely, which is interesting. I am hopeful for November, since they are pushing vaccines for that first week, but won't be holding my (masked) breath.
  11. I'm curious about what you are considering as alternatives? Feel free to direct message me.
  12. I have consulted with both Gabel and Hasson in person. Spoke with reps of Cooley and Shapiro via phone. Will those doctors take video consultations? I have leveraged this forum to find past patients of all doctors. Majority have a good experience, so will mark that up as a wash in terms of decision making. Cost and travel are not an issue (aside from Konior’s outlier of price). Quality and long-term satisfaction is my highest priority. Thanks Melvin! Keep up the good work!
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