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  1. Thanks everyone - great info and insight. Going in to consult with Dr Wong & Hasson's Seattle clinic today - wish me luck!
  2. I am a white collared tech worker who keeps my hair relatively longer and styled. I am seriously considering pulling the trigger with a clinic, but after reading people's experiences I am concerned about my post op strategy to hide the healing process/short hair during the recovery period. I really would like to keep it under wraps that I had a transplant - aside from taking many sick days and/or working from home too much, what has been people's strategies to get away with it? The good thing at least for me is my tech company is VERY casual and I can wear a hat to work every day if I like (my bald, baseball crazed co-worker actually wears a baseball hat EVERY DAY). Is it safe to wear a hat within 3-4 days post-op?
  3. FuriousGeorge

    Consultation Advice

    I will check out the link above - thank you Shera!
  4. FuriousGeorge

    Consultation Advice

    This is amazing - thank you!
  5. FuriousGeorge

    Consultation Advice

    Great question - I am Norwood 3V-4. Been taking Finasteride off and on but have been taking it daily now for about 6 months. I'm considering both, but leaning towards FUT since it seems to be more efficient and I don't have endless resources if that makes sense. The one concern I have about FUT is the scar and how I cut my hair. My barber uses a #3 guard on the back/sides - I'll do a search in this forum, but off the top of their head does anyone know at which # guard a scar is usually visible?
  6. Hey everyone! Long time reader, first time poster here. I have two consultations next week with Dr Hasson & Wong offices and with Dr Gabel's office. I've tried to do my research as best I can, but want to go into the consultations asking precise, direct questions that help me make the best decision in the end. Was wondering if anyone has advice on the best or most effective questions to ask that help know the doctor, their philosophy and processes, and how they think they would be a good fit. Feel free to link to any past threads with this exact info as well - thanks in advance!