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  1. He said he is 12 months post-op. But I agree it could be the products that could be making the hairs look/feel thicker.
  2. For your advanced hair loss and long-term management: do FUT, not FUE. You will probably need at least 3 hair transplants to get full scalp coverage.
  3. Hey at day 10, start scrubbing off all the scabs now! You can scrub with some more force now and also use the shower head normally. You do not need to use cups anymore at this point. Your grafts are pretty much anchored into your skin. But also follow the post-op instructions of your surgeon. You should have a scab-free scalp afterwards.
  4. These forums have helped me make better/informed decisions regarding hair transplantation. I saw both good and bad reviews of doctors. I don't even see the incentive of lying or false promoting. My experience has felt authentic on here with people helping each other out. Just remember, you are not forced to do anything. At the end of the day, you are the ultimate decision maker of your life. Extensive research, multiple consultations, and reviewing results before making a decision to undergo a hair transplantation is from your own control and efforts.
  5. Yeah I'm two weeks post-op from my surgery and do not have any COVID symptoms. The mask didn't bother me at all. Totally forgot I had it on. They also gave me a surgical jacket to wear cause it was cold. I was super cozy. Only had mild discomfort when laying on my neck when laying in different positions for hours.
  6. No I could definitely tell my surgeon was making precise incisions on my scalp, not at this rapid fire rate.
  7. Good points. Yeah it depends on the surgeon. If they are highly rated/recommended (especially from the list on these forums, it may be worth paying). But if it’s from a small clinic (or a place with unknown history/reviews), then paying them might be kinda iffy. OP, I still recommend picking one of the surgeons on this Forums list and go from there.
  8. Man you are super lucky that you have great donor hair! You can get as many hair transplants as you possibly need 😂 Also when did you get full sensation back to your scalp after the first procedure? When did the numbness to the scar and graft recipient area go away completely?
  9. You should not have to pay money for a consultation. Surgeons will usually take a look at you for free and determine if you are a candidate for a HT. If there are clinics that are charging you for a consultation, run away. Use the recommended hair transplant surgeons list on this website and do further research on who is the best for you. Also many people who have gone through hair transplantations on this forum will provide priceless advice to you completely for free. We are like a family here and take care of our own.
  10. I was provided a sterile staple removal by the clinic (don't live near them). Has anyone let a family member take out your staples? Instead of paying $100+ to see a doctor/nurse/etc for 5 minutes. Seems pretty easy.
  11. Hell yes. A person with a decent donor can harvest an average of ~3,000 grafts. Very likely. But not from just one surgery. May require two to satisfy your expectations. And possibly a 3rd if you continue to lose more hair on top. When choosing FUT, you will no longer be able to buzz cut your hair without the scar showing. The shortest I believe you can go is a grade 3. You can eventually hide your FUT scar after you've decided you no longer want more transplants in the future with an FUE procedure. Or you can choose to do an SMP. The surgeon will be the best person to answe
  12. When going in for FUT hair transplant, keep in mind that you won't be able to rock a buzz cut without the scar showing. I believe the shortest you can go is a grade 3 to cover the scar. I will find out when I trim my hair in 3 days. After understanding this, also know that when you decide to stop doing hair transplantations (after your 3rd or 4th or however many you decide to), you can do an FUE at the end to fix your scar and put grafts in it. There's also SMP as an option.
  13. I would take a buzzed haircut over a shiny bald head any day!
  14. You should post pictures of your hair so we can give you feedback. But before I decided to get a HT, I shaved my head just to see if I could rock it and like it. I did not. So I got a HT.
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