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  1. Can patients who've undergone hair transplantations with Dr. Bloxham describe their experiences and results? Was the process professional, personal, and ethical? Were you satisfied with your results? Was each graft worth its buck? Is he one of the best surgeons in USA to perform top-tier FUT transplants? Or are there better options? Please provide any more details, real life experiences, results, or anything else you'd like to share!
  2. I will let a hair transplant surgeon make an assessment of my donor area. Keep in mind that these pictures I recently uploaded were 10 days after I did a complete razor-blade shave of my head. I hope that I am a good candidate, I do not like the bald look on me. I honestly would rather have a thinning hairlook/hairstyle than be completely bald.
  3. Do you think I should look into FUE with my current hair loss? I didn't even consider FUE because of my aggressive hair loss.
  4. Honestly, the link I posted above in an earlier post (2,000 graft FUE) is goals for me. Gives me confidence in Dr. K's work, especially if he will have more grafts to work with in an FUT patient.
  5. Haha thanks bro. I suppose it comes down to personal preference. I wouldn't mind keeping a bit of a longer hairstyle if that means I can have better scalp coverage for the rest of my life.
  6. I would argue to go for FUT. You would get the full 7k grafts + the 1k grafts from the beard. My question is, why not do FUE to fix/lessen the scar at the end of your transplantations?
  7. FUT. I am only pursuing FUT transplants due to my aggressive hair loss. What does "20% more lifetime grafts" mean exactly. Sorry, I did not understand. I am okay with longer hair styles. A grade 3 haircut is usually the minimum required to hide the scar, right?
  8. Yes, I am okay with the idea of getting 1 or 2 more FUT's in the future. But does my donor area seem good enough to do that? Have you guys seen anyone else in similar hair loss pattern as me and have gotten multiple hair transplants?
  9. Hello guys, So after a week of talking, Dr. Konior is offering to do 3,000-3,500 grafts (based on pictures; he'll be able to give a more precise number after doing a microscopic evaluation) for $25,000. Is this worth it? After seeing my pictures, is there anyone against the idea of undergoing a hair transplantation?
  10. This guy had a crazy transformation for only doing a 2,000 FUE transplantation! Imagine doing FUT with more grafts. I am okay with getting multiple FUTs if my donor hair allows it as well.
  11. Hey guys, is it possible to have successful hair transplants/good coverage for patients who are heading towards Norwood 6/7? My dad had a perfect Norwood 6 horshoe hair style. Only thick on the back and sides (with partial thinning in the nape region of the neck). My maternal grandfather had thinning hair, but didn't go completely bald. Had a high receding hair line + diffuse thinning mid-scalp and crown.
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