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  1. I saw cases from Dr. Couto covering the frontal third with a great dense effect with only 1.8k grafts. While I believe these are the exceptions, we are talking about more than the double of grafts to cover a way smaller area. Considering the patients is pretty young and no one knows how his AGA will progress, in my opinion that was a bad call.
  2. I agree with the guys above. 4k for such area is an overkill. Hopefully the patient loss won't progress more, to the point where another procedure will be needed.
  3. No I don't agree with you. You definitely need to do some research on pharmacology and endocrinology before coming out with such bold statements. Your post can be read by young dudes that will believe the bro science you are spreading. Finasteride is an anti-androgen, that can have devastating effects on a male endocrine system, it's not an aspirin. And the more you age, the more you will be at risk for side effects, since the body will be producing less and less androgen once you reach 30. Topical, both in an alcoholic solution and in a liposomal form, goes in the bloodstream, even if in lower doses.
  4. I saw you only advised HLC in Turkey, while you had yours with Pekiner. What happened? Aren't you happy with how your transplant is coming out? Pekiner results are way better than HLC from what I've seen online.
  5. As an FYI, if someone is considering him, De Freitas finally replied to me, quoting me for 1400 grafts for the crown, but he wouldn't touch the temples. But, as many of his colleagues, he doesn't proceed to surgery if you are not on fiansteride. On a side note, I forgot to mention I met Dr Pradeep Sethi here in NYC on Sunday and he strongly disagree with surgeons not proceeding to surgery if you're not on finasteride. Especially in cases like mine, with above average donor area, he said it's stupid. He told me he could have extracted easily 6000/7000 grafts without being noticeable on my donor. Take him in consideration if you're not willing to get castrated with finasteride.
  6. No, but her assistant sent me an email, after I told them I booked with another surgeon, saying they felt the urge to warn me that surgery is pointless if I don't take finasteride. As finasteride is the solution to all the AGA, which we clearly know it isn't.
  7. Please, don't transform my thread into a discussion of Pekiner vs dredd77. You have the original thread for that. Thank you. @Portugal25 I will post on the Italian forum most probably.
  8. I will let you know how my experience will go. I don't think you have anything to be afraid of. As a FYI, Ximena Vila told me she refuses to proceed to surgery if I'm not taking finasteride 10 months prior. Hoping one day surgeons will stop with this nonsense.
  9. I will probably post my brief opinion about the surgery, without pictures if that's allowed. And I agree with everyone saying that the doc behaved ethically. I hope you guys here don't advise people on this forum going to Asmed anymore. The results I've seen recently are seriously embarrassing.
  10. I've replied to you in a PM. Yes, I'm aware of the things you mentioned and I still don't think it's unethical to offer a discount to patients willing to showcase their case on a forum. He's a young surgeon trying to build up a name. I'll report my experience if you wish when I'll be done. I won't have any issue reporting a bad case if I won't be satisfied and I'm usually quite picky with everything.
  11. I've searched enough and I've spoken personally to people who had surgery with him. They just said good things about him. I've looked into every single surgery he did, that were published online, and I liked all of his results, apart from two: one was a thread of a user that has published his story here and another one is an Italian guy who had a less than optimal result, but still a good one. All the others were really good. I've seen an amazing crown reconstructions by him and that's what I was more interested into. Also there's a thread by an Italian guy who did 12 hair transplants (yes 12), one including the really expensive Dr. Wong. And he said Dr Pekiner was his last one and best so far. More expensive doesn't mean always better by any chance. Pekiner seems to have all the requisites to do a good job: manual FUE, stick and place, split the surgery on more days and he uses high end equipment. Then it's a surgery still, and God knows if it's gonna go all well or not.
  12. Booked in with Pekiner eventually for the end of March. He had this opening and I thought now or never. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and advices.
  13. Hattingen told me the best thing would be to shave my head to see how I look like. If I wanted to shave my head and get away with it I would have done it already. About Feriduni, I've already said I don't like his results, sorry. And he doesn't come cheap.
  14. Which means transplanted hairs are not immune from AGA, as many surgeons claims.