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  1. Hi @Portugal25 What is your consultation with Dr. Bruno Ferreira for?
  2. I am 27 year old American, and I plan on getting a 3000 graft FUE Procedure with a top European surgeon next year. One thing which has really concerned me, which I didn't know previously, is that there is a possible risk of permanent numbness/nerve damage to the donor and/or recipient area after a FUE hair transplant. What is the risk/likelihood of this?
  3. @Portugal25 Thanks. I'm just curious why you don't have Dr. Kyriakos Maras on your list (That's why I asked) I thought there may have been a reason he is not on there.
  4. Hi @Portugal25, - What's your opinion on Dr. Kyriakos Maras (HDC Hair Clinic - Cyprus)? - Which Doctor at HLC (Ankara) would you recommend?
  5. Hi @Portugal25 - Why is Dr. Maras (HDC Hair Clinic) not on this list you created? What is your opinion of him?
  6. I've heard that it doesn't completely dodge it. This is because even the donor area miniaturizes. In other words, it seems like in most people, even the transplanted hairs can become thin and wispy, but they might not completely fall and die out like the native hair does. This means a hair transplant can become thinner/balder over time, due to the effects of DHT on the donor grafts. I just want to see examples of what it looks like when you have thick transplanted hair in the front/hairline, and then your midscalp continues to bald. I haven't really seen too many
  7. A lot of surgeons will not perform surgery on patients who refuse to use Finasteride, because you will - "Continue to lose hair behind the transplanted hairs, and it will look odd." I am a young patient (Age 26) who will not take Finasteride, and I'm having a hair transplant soon. Yet, I have struggled to find pictures/examples of patients that have gotten hair transplants & did not take Finasteride, and what that looks like in the long term. I would like to see actual pictures of what this looks like; i.e. Losing hair behind transplanted hairs. For example, a you
  8. Thank you Abhinay, for clarifying. In that case, can Eugenix update the website because this isn't really clear. As you can see, on the website, it doesn't mention 100% of the extraction being done by the Doctor; It mentions "Crucial parts of the extraction". Also, there is none of the extra detail you provided regarding the Doctor doing partial implantation, "Up to the first 2 layers" I think this would really help with clarifying the Premium Package.
  9. @Portugal25 - Yeah, the below is what is listed on their website for the Premium Package (most expensive package) Premium Package Cost of Rs. 210/graft*: (2.9€/graft/tax-inclusive) Planning, designing, and 100% slits are done by Dr Pradeep Sethi or Dr Arika Bansal. Complete involvement includes below: Designing the hairline. Crucial parts of extraction. Hairline implantation. Supervision of graft placement assisted by our expertly trained and experienced senior technicians. Value-added benefits Nitrous ox
  10. @Melvin-Moderator - Thanks Melvin. How recent was the last time Dr. Pekiner done this? (i.e. cancelled procedures on the day of surgery) My understanding is that this has happened to a couple of people, but that he has changed his approach and it's not likely it will happen again. (But who knows)
  11. @Portugal25 - Is there a reason you don't recommend Pekiner if I have miniaturized hairs? I've sent him pretty accurate photo's, and he has accepted me as a patient (I think because I have a decent beard, and he is looking to use a decent number of beard grafts in the midscalp region) Also, I've sent him a pretty accurate video of my donor area, and he has seen all of this.
  12. @Portugal25 - I'm currently in communication with Dr. Ferreira; If he accepts me as a patient, I will definitely go with him instead of Pekiner/Eugenix. Also, I think Pekiner does 1 patient per day as well.
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