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  1. Congrats on the transplant bro.. the hairline looks crisp and hopefully the donor continues to heal.. all the best in the next coming months.. hope it grows and heals beautifully.
  2. If it's affecting you that much your best bet is talking to your family doctor and starting finasteride. Your doc will monitor your testosterone levels and your girlfriend will physically make sure everything is good. Best of luck man.. the sooner you hop on fin the more hair you may avoid losing longterm
  3. seems like grafts are bunching together. Has this ever happened to anyone and is this normal?
  4. The way Dr. Hasson explained it to me was as follows: the FUE extraction tool is a trumpet and actually pushes the hairs together, assuming a multi hair follicular unit. In contrast, using the FUT method, follicular units are separated by dissecting the strip. After the unit has been separated there is excess tissue surrounding the unit. In order to achieve a very high density, the excess tissue is cut away from the unit. By cutting away the edges the hairs within a multiple hair unit are pulled apart, thus limiting how compact the actual unit can be, which limits the ultimate density that cou
  5. Thanks Melvin - good to hear this is normal. Also, any idea when I would be able to start buzzing the sides and back of my head (essentially the donor).. this is usually what i have done to make the top look more dense and full - will definitely be sticking with this during the ugly duckling phase, but just want to know when it will be safe to get a fade.. Thanks man, really appreciate it.
  6. Hey guys, Couple questions for the guys who have had an FUE - My clinic gave me shampoo to use post-op - just curious when it will be safe to return to my normal shampoo - I used Regenpure prior to the transplant. Also, I find when I am talking and laughing with family and friends, after a couple hours the top of my head (recipient area) begins to hurt - is this normal? I am currently just shy of the 2 week mark.
  7. i was in your shoes.. best thing you can do is get on fin for a year and then reassess. i would highly recommend doing this with your family doctor. he will monitor your testosterone and other levels through blood work prior to and after starting fin to make sure you are not being adversely affected. furthermore what i did was i attempted doing nofap.. i found it physically and psychologically helped me.. i found my sex drive to shoot through the roof among other sexual benefits.. havent gotten past day 15.. but knowing all those horrible side effects aren't currently an issue literally
  8. Currently my recipient area is still very numb.. the redness is a lot better.. even better today than yesterday, when these pics were taken.. As at this point, it looks nearly perfect.. I am hoping with every fiber of my body that the implanted hairs do survive and grow. Time will tell. The only tweaks I would have made are small little spots that would require minimal grafts to really perfect the look. I illustrated below. Something I would consider if I ever needed another transplant. But, I hope Dr. Hasson is correct that my growth from fin has only started and I may not need an
  9. For anyone considering H&W.. here are high quality close ups of the recipient area under light
  10. Donor directly under bright white light. Looks to be all healed.. No numbness at all.. On the contrary, it feels very sensitive and is a little itchy at times.. I put aloe vera no alcohol every now and then, which seems to have helped with the healing.
  11. @JohnAC71 Yes donor looks unreal. I understand I have to wait a year to properly assess the success of the transplant, however, I think it is safe to conclude the work done in the donor area is world class. I will post a proper pic of the donor shortly. @rica standard rate - i believe it was $8 per for first 2,000 then $5 per thereafter. @jimcraig152 thanks bro i really appreciate your support.. i took a look at your thread as well and I'm sure you're gonna look amazing by 2021.. which is perfect cause that's when the world will hopefully go back to normal and we could both enjoy ou
  12. Day 10 Scabbing is finally completely gone. From day 8 to today I simply sat under the shower for 20 mins and gently massaged the recipient area with the pads of my fingers for the last couple minutes after the scabs were thoroughly soaked. Here are some updated pics. I will post again at 1 month and then probably monthly after that.. Apologies if the donor picture is not clear enough. Honestly the donor area is a marvel to me - at the current length it is literally undetectable.
  13. Day 7 FYI - I am still pretty swollen. By the end of day 2 my eyes were almost completely shut - very scary. Much better now but hoping the swelling goes away completely in another day or two.. Here is an update. Some small cracks at the 1 week mark as I was told would happen.. At this point I feel like a 6ers fan and keep calmly telling myself to "trust the process".. hopefully it works out better for me than it did Phili..
  14. Thanks so much @jimcraig152 really appreciate the kind words. I've been diligent with washing and making sure the recipient area has been untouched other than daily gentle washings.. so hopefully over the next year it grows well. Fingers crossed as it would honestly bring so much happiness to my life - I'm sure so many on here can understand and relate.
  15. Ask a highly ethical, top doctor. Rahal, Hasson, or Wong all come to mind. Knowing Rahal, he wouldn't dare touch that crown, but definitely still ask for your own knowledge and peace of mind.
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