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  1. Hey guys - Sorry for the lapse in time without any update. As most on this forum already know, there isn't much action for a couple months. Here is a pic of what things looked like at the 2 month and 3 month marks. The ugly duckling phase (week 3 to month 2.5) sucked.. but, from then on I have seen some growth. I will likely be posting updates twice a month from now until month 6. Let me know what you boys think.. some days I think it's coming along nicely, others I think I am growing slowly.. any thoughts, good or bad are appreciated guys! Next update will be e
  2. @jimcraig152 your results are amazing bro. Hope the Gods of Growth continue to show you love. @Melvin-Moderator these guys are killing you eh bro!? For your sake I hope they give you a little vaycay.. or take the time and make another youtube vid..
  3. I will do month 2 and 3 updates together in 2 weeks. Not a lot of action at the 2 month mark, so I figured it could wait..
  4. Melvin trying so hard to defuse the situation and remain professional. 🤣🤝 Poor Melvin. Jim I'm on this ride with you brother.. next couple months are going to literally be life changing for us! Wish you all the absolute best.
  5. @CristeroI think you spelled his name wrong unless that's a different surgeon. Assuming it is the same person, it seems like he does great work. I also assume you had it done recently if your are still waiting for pics, so I look forward to following your progress! Hope you have been healing well buddy. Yup, fin definitely isn't a magic cure, but its the best thing we got. And assuming you use it safety with a doctor monitoring your testosterone levels periodically, it's our best shot on having a full head of hair. Money wasn't a big factor to me. I am by no means well off unfortuna
  6. Looks amazing man. I just had something similar done with Dr. Hasson a couple weeks before you. Wish you all the best during the recovery process. Make sure you take care of those precious grafts during the first week. Also, I wish someone would have told me. this - try to really enjoy the period from week 2 until the time you shed - it's a true testament to how you will feel after everything grows in. Hold onto that feeling because by week 4, you will likely shed and enter the ugly duckling phase - which is a huge buzz kill.
  7. Looks like the growing has begun bro! I'm honestly so jealous! I'm at the climax of the ugly duckling phase. I read the entirety of your forum and see where you are coming from. Feel free to just disregard my advice completely, but I think the best way for you to be happy is to stay positive and not compare your transplant to others. Although there are some things that aren't ideal, at the end of the day, if your grafts have a huge survival rate, you're going to have an amazing head of hair where if it really bothers you, you can have a great surgeon come in and finesse the hairline, which re
  8. @CristeroCongrats man! When did you get this done? Did you make a thread? If your crown is similar to mine I would love to see the results of work done on a crown similar to mine. As I said, the ethical surgeons I spoke to warned that the shock loss may be worse than the new hair growth. I hope this is not true for you and would be curious to see. Why the doubt buddy? The studies I have seen showed that someone can experience hair growth and improvement for a three year period. And I read that if there is no regrowth there is still a very good chance of long-term stabilization. I have
  9. Hard to argue with a world class surgeon bro.. time will tell, but hopefully it works out.. I'm not sure how bad your crown is, but the crown is always a pain in the ass due to angles and lighting.. it always looks a little thin when I buzz it down.. makes sense considering light is hitting the scalp at a 90 degree.. looks good when grown out though.. also hoping propecia adds some density and helps it stick around for a couple more decades.. How bad is your crown man? If your crown looks like mine and you're considering a ht on your crown i would strongly recommend not to touch it.
  10. 1 Month: During week 4 and 5 my hair began to rapidly shed. I would say 70-80% of transplanted hair has shed. Enter ugly duckling phase.
  11. End of Week 3: I was absolutely loving life.. visiting friends and family with a new surge of confidence.. sadly it wouldn't last..
  12. Looks great, but hard to give genuine feedback with the hair combed forward. Hope that you are happy with the result, and if that's the case, then that's all that matters. Amazing transformation considering where you started. Congrats.
  13. Looks great man. Congrats! I had almost the exact same thing done a couple weeks ago. The swelling is miserable.. my mom wanted to disown me.. we're Italian and she is very emotional.. as already mentioned above, the swelling will continue down your face and potentially close your eyes.. at one point all I had was a little sliver to see through (never completely closed).. More importantly just make sure you're taking good care of the grafts for the first week! All the best healing up man.. week 2 and 3 were my favorite because the hair is still there and scabs are gone, so it appears y
  14. Congrats on the transplant bro.. the hairline looks crisp and hopefully the donor continues to heal.. all the best in the next coming months.. hope it grows and heals beautifully.
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