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  1. I wanted to go for a consultation last year and was told that he no longer worked at the clinic in Nottingham
  2. A LOT of terrible reviews for KSL, I wouldn't go to them even if they were free.
  3. Yeah and as long as you know that the doctor has very little involvement then that is fine. If someone has a budget of $3000 there is no point just scaring them off and telling them that unless they can afford Demisroy then just don't bother. Going to a hairmill can be life changing in a positive way for many many people, it shouldn't be written off just because it's technician only or because you know someone had a bad result.
  4. Because 4 months down the line from my visit to Cinik I'm happy with my result. If someone wants to get their HT done on a budget there are places available. Not everyone must be upsold to Demisroy at the mention of Turkey.
  5. Never heard of that name. Look up Cinik, Yavuz, Cosmedica or Fuecapilar. All got good results.
  6. You should tell the ICU doctors round the country/world that then because they seem pretty worried about it.
  7. Wonder if any of the people who posted about this still read and post on here? Would like to know what the outcome was and if pulling them out with tweezers helped.
  8. You mean like https://www.doctorfox.co.uk/hair-loss-treatments/finasteride.html ?
  9. Dr Reddy would be the only one I would choose if I had the money to burn. Hair Dr (Dr Arshad) seems to be getting decent results but he's not that experienced imo.
  10. How many days did you wait to shave Paddy?
  11. Is that totally out of the equation? He has more hair remaining in front of his crown so I'm guessing it's unlikely? My hair on the back of my head is thick.
  12. Would something like this be realistic? Like I say I'm not expecting full coverage or anything, as long as the front and middle looks a lot better.