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  1. Not possible to post a picture without specialist equipment and I'd already pulled them out. There was only ~50 hairs so not able to tell if they grew back or expect to see any big change in density. Interesting update though - I went in for another round of FUE (3000 grafts) at a different practice. It was such a different experience: the first time they took 7 hrs to do 2200 grafts, this time just ~5 hours to do 3000. They used different equipment so extraction seemed much quicker. 3 months in and the results are much better after this surgery. The hair has grown in much more quickly, thicker and is notably an improvement vs last time. However, I still have a bunch of short spiky hairs. I'm going to give it a couple of months and pluck them too - but they've clearly not grown and not fallen out. Maybe it's an individual thing. I'll see if I can get a picture, but it probably would need special equipment.
  2. So I had my wife go through my hair with magnifying lenses and tweezers to better assess what was going on. To me it felt like there were many 100s of these hairs and it accounted for over 10% of my grafts - that was how it felt. However she was only able to find less than 50. We pulled them out and it doesn’t feel stubble anymore. I feel better about this situation not, 50 from 2200 doesn’t seem too bad.
  3. Appreciate you sharing your similar story - my instinct is these are failed too. Hard to imagine that a healthy root would hold that old hair for so many months Have you tried pulling some out? My doc that performed the surgery said they would grow in and that pulling them out should make no difference either way. I'm tempted to pull out half from one side of my head to see if there's a notable difference. I'm already planning to consult with a different doctor. What are the possible cause of failure in grafts? Technician error might be one - what else?
  4. I will try but I don't think it will be easy. The stubble is really hard to see with the naked eye in amongst my hair so be hard to get a shot that shows it. I'm gonna consult with another Doc.
  5. I had ~2200 FUE grafts in February earlier this year. The results are somewhat "Meh" - have more hair than before but is somewhat sparse and transparent on top, definitely not my ideal state and I'm considering another surgery with the same doctor. One strange thing is I can feel lots of small stubbly hairs in amongst my longer hairs. Almost like the transplanted hair is still in place and not growing. I spoke with my doctor earlier this week and he says this does happen - some get 'stuck' and for me it's a small percentage so not impacting my overall result too much. However, I can feel a lot of these stubbly hairs over the transplant area and have a few questions: 1. Are these failed grafts or should I expect them to eventually grow out? 2. Would it help if somebody was to carefully pull these out with Tweezers to (i) accelerate the chance of them growing out and (ii) because I don't love the feel of them (* not too worried about ii - I can live with the feel if that's the best thing to do) 3. Does this indicate that a future surgery would likely have a similar problem? I searched around and couldn't find anything about this situation - any articles or posts about this would be great to share with me, thanks! Thanks in advance