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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Dr Lorenzo
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  1. I heard about him many years before through a friend. I researched everyone and found both him and Dr. Feriduni most accomplished. I didn't know about Dr. Couto and have no recollection of anyone mentioning him whilst I was in Spain. If I had, I believe I still would have selected Dr. Lorenzo, or one of his protégés; based on my appreciation of the apprenticeship model of teaching and skill acquisition.
  2. I've had work done by Dr. Lorenzo. I've written about the first experience on this forum; and the second will be written up in due course. In both instances I've had extremely good results. There were several other patients being seen to on the same day but this didn't seem an issue at any point in both my experiences. I think Lorenzo's just got a highly efficient team & systems in place and has evolved into this approach.
  3. When I took on my second procedure I was sent a note saying: I wasn't sure if this meant his extraction team (who are wonderful) or whether he would be doing the transplanting. In the case of the latter, I wasn't bothered because I figured whoever did the work would be perfect for the task ...and trained by him to his meticulous standards. However, when I arrived it turned out that Dr. Lorenzo did all the transplant work. I believe he saw a couple of other patients the same day but his workload was efficient. I'll be writing a full report on a few months.
  4. Dr. Lorenzo is still operating (as of March 2020). He's not always the quickest to respond (I think he initially took a few weeks to write back) but he does follow up and then is very consistent once you're a patient. My waiting time to get a procedure was 6 months.
  5. I had the initial early growth where it seemed the majority of hairs appeared. Looking back at pictures, I would definitely say additional new hairs appeared from months 5-10+.
  6. At 24 months I’m not sure I’d reached 100% of the result. From my experience, by month 10 I had the majority of growth achieved but this was not the final ‘result’. Whilst I would guess most of my new hair had appeared by 10 months, the remaining hair thickened, blended in colour and behaved differently over the following year. These combined changes to the quality of the had a significant positive effect on the end result!
  7. I can see the areas of 'cut off' when I compare photos I took of my hair at 5/6 months vs present day. There's a lot of maturation to come!
  8. Great video! I found the behaviour of my transplanted hair changed with time. In the first year it was darker and had a curl to it. As time progressed (1.5 years) the hair blended and the fringe normalised. The hair was still getting thicker even at 18 months.
  9. It got better! The hairs thickened further and blended perfectly. I just headed back because it seemed like a good idea. I can understand him wanting to have a document of the progress (he's serious about his work) but I don't think there's a requirement for photos anywhere in the discussions or paperwork.
  10. Thanks! It was still changing 2 years after the result. In answer to your question the doc likes to check 2 months, 5 months and 10 months after the transplant. -As far as I’m aware this wasn’t due to a guarantee he just takes pride in his work and wants to monitor progress. This can be done over email, or you can choose to go in person. I chose to do the latter as I figured ‘why not do everything as perfect as possible?’. This also gave me a chance to ask questions and get added peace of mind for the cost of a quick return flight to Madrid. This time round I’ll likel
  11. Whoops! Good spot! You are correct, I went in March (blame it on a late night :) I saw Dr Lorenzo in 2017 and then went back for a little more work earlier this year. I’ve been following your progress it’s looking great! Really enjoying your updates!
  12. I saw Dr. Lorenzo for a second procedure at the start of June (just before Spain went into quarantine). I can confirm he is involved in the surgery. Full report coming early 2021.
  13. Could anyone recommend a service that will issue a private prescription for 5mg Finasteride tablets? Until my supply of tablets ran out (d'oh) I was dividing the tablets, with no problems. However, I've been unable to find an online service that will provide a private prescription and it appears every UK pharmacy requires a private prescription. Any guidance would be appreciated!
  14. Thank you for your kind words. Really enjoyed your write ups, too!
  15. Thank you. I think the biggest impact has been the renewed feeling of youthfulness. In terms of vitality, my face now matches my body and I feel full of life and healthy. The added spring in my step carries on into my every day life. I have feeling of congruency. When I look in the mirror I see myself reflected back. The novelty of having hair has not worn off. When I’m looking in the bathroom mirror I’m happy. I am grateful every day for bizarre little things like pulling hair over my eyes when it gets in the way: that’s something I never did as a kid because I never let it get long. In
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