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  1. Great video! I found the behaviour of my transplanted hair changed with time. In the first year it was darker and had a curl to it. As time progressed (1.5 years) the hair blended and the fringe normalised. The hair was still getting thicker even at 18 months.
  2. It got better! The hairs thickened further and blended perfectly. I just headed back because it seemed like a good idea. I can understand him wanting to have a document of the progress (he's serious about his work) but I don't think there's a requirement for photos anywhere in the discussions or paperwork.
  3. Thanks! It was still changing 2 years after the result. In answer to your question the doc likes to check 2 months, 5 months and 10 months after the transplant. -As far as I’m aware this wasn’t due to a guarantee he just takes pride in his work and wants to monitor progress. This can be done over email, or you can choose to go in person. I chose to do the latter as I figured ‘why not do everything as perfect as possible?’. This also gave me a chance to ask questions and get added peace of mind for the cost of a quick return flight to Madrid. This time round I’ll likely send photos at the five month mark (travel plans got scuppered this year) and hopefully pop back to the clinic at 10 months (once travel gets back to normal).
  4. Whoops! Good spot! You are correct, I went in March (blame it on a late night :) I saw Dr Lorenzo in 2017 and then went back for a little more work earlier this year. I’ve been following your progress it’s looking great! Really enjoying your updates!
  5. I saw Dr. Lorenzo for a second procedure at the start of June (just before Spain went into quarantine). I can confirm he is involved in the surgery. Full report coming early 2021.
  6. Could anyone recommend a service that will issue a private prescription for 5mg Finasteride tablets? Until my supply of tablets ran out (d'oh) I was dividing the tablets, with no problems. However, I've been unable to find an online service that will provide a private prescription and it appears every UK pharmacy requires a private prescription. Any guidance would be appreciated!
  7. Thank you for your kind words. Really enjoyed your write ups, too!
  8. Thank you. I think the biggest impact has been the renewed feeling of youthfulness. In terms of vitality, my face now matches my body and I feel full of life and healthy. The added spring in my step carries on into my every day life. I have feeling of congruency. When I look in the mirror I see myself reflected back. The novelty of having hair has not worn off. When I’m looking in the bathroom mirror I’m happy. I am grateful every day for bizarre little things like pulling hair over my eyes when it gets in the way: that’s something I never did as a kid because I never let it get long. In that sense it feels like being gifted a second chance to relive two decades. Finally, I think there is a sense of normality. My hair isn’t a thing I dislike…it’s now a part of me that feels like it belongs.
  9. Quick Update: For those who are interested, here's two positive developments since my procedure, which –at the time of writing– was almost 2.5 years ago. 1.) My hair seems to thickened up even more since the last update. I had anticipated that I'd see the final result of my hair transplant 10 months after the procedure. It appears that after 28 months, my hair was still 'settling' and slowly changing. It feels a lot thicker and I can see the difference when I look at earlier photographs. 2.) The transplanted hair was initially a little darker and wave than the surrounding hair; these differences were minimal (and hard to see in the earlier shots) and I was happy with the result as it was –and as time passed, the hair blended more. Nevertheless, in the last few months the colour and behaviour of of the transplanted hair now matches the rest of my scalp. –It took a long time for these changes to occur and I thought I'd mention it in case anyone would find this information useful. I've also included two recent photographs (I decided to grow my hair and it's its admittedly a little scruffy).
  10. After the extraction there was a short break to grab lunch then I was back in Dr. Lorenzo's hands. I can't give you the exact time as I was high on valium but I reckon it was about forty minutes. I can also tell you that I seem to recall the grafts were being looked after during this time by his team.
  11. Off the top of my head (pun intended) I believe it was around 350 per temple.
  12. They do give you a cap to wear, so that is an option. For myself, I wasn't bothered and just let my scalp air. I think to most people it probably looked like I banged my head. The only unexpected response I got what from a very enthusiastic passport security officer who was interested in the procedure himself!
  13. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about the Propecia. Not medical advice, but I understand that it might be possible to change the brand if one type does not work, another might. Worth looking into. Regarding your trip, I flew in from Bulgaria but i'm sure most US carriers will get you to Madrid. The clinic arranged the hotel. They have a shuttle bus that takes you from the hotel to the clinic, and vice versa. The hotel works closely with the clinic so these logistics are handled and the staff are happy to assist. I actually visited Madrid a few days earlier and stayed in an Airbnb flat. Hence, 'i'd recommend finding a place on there that is to your budget. I hope you have lots of success with your hair transplant!
  14. I take 1mg finasteride, daily, via propecia tablets. Haven't used rogaine but I understand some people like it Thank you! Yes, Dr Lorenzo certainly knows his stuff. I also got some growth around that timeframe. However, I kept my hair trimmed very short during the period after the transplant so wasn't able to document it until later (if you scroll down the original post, pictures #12, #13 and #14 were taken dead on the five month mark. I had cut it about two weeks prior).