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  1. Hi guys, I'm just over 3 weeks post-op and notice a significant amount of shedding. I know this is normal, I just have a fear that perhaps follicles might die or something (don't know if I'm being too paranoid or not). I've noticed over the past 2-3 days a sort of very soft crust over my transplanted right temple area. It's easy to peel away, and often has a hair or two attached. I'm concerned that if I "just leave" it there that I will be doing damage to follicles. At the same time, I don't want to be too aggressive and create a red "rawness" in the area that could also prove damaging. Should I just keep the area moisturized or do nothing at all? How have you dealt with this, if at all? Thanks!
  2. Clinic was exceptional in terms of communication both before, during and after surgery. I had no issues and found the clinic very easy to deal with. I arranged pick-up with the clinic and I was promptly picked up at the airport and shuttled to my hotel. The following day, I met the coordinator, Muzaffer, at the hotel lobby well on-time to bring me to the clinic.
  3. Good to hear. Oddly, it seems that people are almost only ever interested in conversing on threads where Dr. Erdogan is in the title. Almost every other thread goes empty!!
  4. Personally, I went ahead and asked for a quote from ASMED and it was around the 12,000 euros mark. I ended up having surgery done with another clinic for 4,700 euros for a similar number of grafts. Don't let price dictate. ASMED have been over-promoted on places like here and, as a result, it has led to more clients but also less focus on those patients and, from that, we've seen a steady and consistent stream of not just "subpar" results, but actively terrible results. Clearly, they've had trouble keeping standards up with the demand for their service. Spending 12,000 euros with these risks hanging in the air is a significant risk. I would rather opt for a cheaper clinic with good-to-excellent results and, if needed, have a second surgery done a year or 2 later - and you'd still save more money with more grafts than by opting for ASMED. Until they clean up their act and go back to how they performed 1-2 years ago, I would personally advise you to opt for a different surgeon and, again, never base it on price - but on the quality of the surgeon and their recent output.
  5. I think you've had a pretty good outcome thus far. I'd be pleased if I were you, at least compared to your pre-op photos; there's a night and day difference between the two. I think you'd look better if you cut your hair more so it's more cropped and perhaps trim your eyebrows. I think that would look much better overall. I understand you would like more density etc., but that will probably always be the case.
  6. Okay, so here we are on Day 10. You can see that all scabs have been cleared. You can also see how weird my hair loss pattern was before - how one side was receding at a considerably faster rate and how uneven / asymmetrical the hair loss pattern was. So far, I haven't experienced any noticeable loss of hairs etc. No losses from showering / sleeping as yet. I expect the ugly duckling phase to kick in at any moment though. Sooner I'm through that the better. Apologies again for the weakish resolution in the photos. Again, my phone isn't the best, so it doesn't relay the fine details on grafts / hairs that make the result look better up close / high resolution compared to these images. That said, they give you a good idea. My sleep has returned to normal, except that the donor area can be a little painful at time. It's very mind and only sets in when I'm lying down with my head against pillows etc. Still, it's annoying. I've read from other accounts that this isn't unusual. Hope it passes soon. I plan to post my next update on Day 30 - so here's hoping all goes well. If you have any questions / comments in the meantime, please go ahead and ask / post!
  7. I've just reported the thread. I'm surprised the duplicates weren't removed by now. It's well over 24 hours.
  8. So today is Day 8 and it's when I decided to go ahead and remove all scabs. I set up another thread on this, as I was genuinely worried I might be too aggressive and disrupt follicles or something. Today though I just went ahead and decided to get it over and done with. I implemented the advice of the surgery to shower under lukewarm water for around 20 minutes and, with shampoo and a bit of pressure, things came loose and easily removable. I hope I didn't apply too much moisturizer over the last 2 days though. It layers, and so I hope I wasn't "suffocating" the newly implanted hairs. As of now, I'm unsure if I should apply moisturizer as I'm thinking maybe it would be better to let it out in the open air as the hairs have been stuck under a slab of scab over the last week. I didn't have time to take good photos and upload them here, but I will over the coming days. I think now I can go back to normal sleeping habits, too - which is much of a relief as I've been finding this 45 degree "sleep" process completely intolerable. My body goes into spasm and complete restlessness. It's a horrible experience.
  9. Sounds like a fake advertisement for the clinic. Could be wrong, but the lack of depth and photos seems suspect.
  10. Hi Mr S. To the contrary, I was given extensive instruction on what to do etc. Even still, I'm paranoid about being too aggressive or waiting too early etc. The issue is more me than anything.
  11. Hi guys. I'm at Day 8 now and haven't yet removed scabs. The clinic I went to advised that I should remove scabs between days 7-10, yet it just appears as one immovable slab at the moment. I'm applying moisturizer, but have yet to see a "breakthrough" moment when they can be safely removed without damaging follicles. I plan on following the recommendations from the surgery, but just wondering what you personally felt helped the process move along? Also, one thing I noticed is that in other hair transplant reviews, peoples transplanted hairs etc. seemed to grow much longer. Mine seem very short / black stubs etc. Is this normal?
  12. More shocking results from ASMED. I was seriously considering ASMED before opting for another surgeon in Istanbul. Glad I did now, after seeing thread after thread of what appears to be a dramatic decline of consistency / quality over the past 1-2 years. This goes to show that reputation + price can become almost worthless overnight.
  13. Aren't Hair Restoration Network profiting from having these surgeons highly advertised / recommended on the forum? If so, I can see why moderators / admin see good results, but everyone else bad results.