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  1. I think it's bizarre that a business would choose a name that is pronounced as "eugenics". If you don't know what eugenics refers to, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics
  2. I don't think you should have stopped finasteride full-stop - once the medicine it stopped, the natural hair loss process resumes. The fact that you re-started finasteride will serve to trigger more loss in the short-term until the body becomes re-accustomed to it again to halt further loss.
  3. I don't know which is true - the left angle or the right-hand side. Just took the right-hand one now and the left one 3 days ago - one looks empty, the other looks slightly more full-ish. I'm thinking perhaps vellus hair might be part of the illusion on the right-hand photo, not sure though. Even still though, you can see a wideish gap just above the middle of the hairline in the right-hand photo.
  4. I don't want to sound off-topic, but isn't "Eugenix" an incredibly stupid name to give a business? That aside, hope you have good progress in the days and weeks to come. Keep us updated.
  5. I experimented with some different shampoos that were available in my local, and things have cleared up considerably. I guess in time the problem will resolve. In terms of growth, I'm aware 11 weeks is nothing. Just when you compare Kraistoff - who went to ASMED - who also had his temples filled in, you find that he has 50x more growth at this stage than me. So it becomes natural to ask whether I should be having more than I am at this point. See his comparative progress here:
  6. Not much by way of update. As you can see below, I'm at Week 11 now and there hasn't really been much progress. I think if you compare my stage at week 11 versus every other person here, my progress seems far, far behind. Perhaps my scalp isn't suited to surgery and rejected a lot of grafts? I'm not sure...we'll see how it progresses though! Temples are not as filled as I expected at this stage, given that 2,500 were planted in the front and 1,200 or so planted in the back/crown. I find it hard to believe the hairline, as in my first post, will be as filled as the first post would suggest. If you see the photos below, you'll sort of see why. Again, when I compare my Week 11 versus others, that's where I've come up with the conclusion. I still have a dandruff issue. Not as bad as before, but still not sure how to eliminate it.
  7. Now at Week 10, so almost at the 3-month mark. As you can see, there hasn't really been that much progress. Hoping it picks up in the weeks ahead. Still having some slight dandruff issues, not sure why as I'm being more rigorous with my anti-dandruff shampoo etc.
  8. Ahh okay! I think perhaps I'm getting a bit impatient. It's easy to check your hair 10x a day etc. hoping to see a massive spurt in growth at some stage. But I guess it's like growing older, you don't see the aging process on a day-to-day basis, only over the long-term.
  9. I see. Hmm, do you think then that I should have had greater progress by now?
  10. I think there's a glitch on the site over the past day or so, as I can't seem to complete registration. Any chance you could post a few photos here?
  11. Did you create a thread to follow? I'd be interested to see how things worked out during the various phases of shed/growth.
  12. Week 9 is just a day away, so thought I'd post some photos now whilst I have some time. Do let me know what you think. I hope that everything is going as well as it should be at this stage! Regarding the dandruff issue above, I realized that I wasn't washing my hair aggressive enough over the past 2 weeks or so, meaning that dandruff had accumulated. I've been a bit more rigorous and now the problem has more or less resolved. Any comments on the below are appreciated! I always compare my photos with others at Week 9 and notice they have more hair in the temple zones. I hope mine picks up pace in the coming weeks, though I appreciate things are still early.
  13. I'd have sworn from the images that you were gay! Anyway, shows how deceptive images can be. In any event, it seems you got a very good result from your surgery!! If I get anything close to that, I'll be pleased. We all have different expectations though.
  14. It's definitely not scabbing left over from the first 10 days. I definitely removed all scabs. This appears to be a more recent phenomenon, over the past 1-2 weeks perhaps but just when I combed through my hair today I realized the extent of it. Most of it is in the area from which I've already had hair, not necessarily all in transplanted zones. My temples for example do not have it. Thanks for those tips I'll keep them in mind and I've already contacted the doc. Just awaiting a reply now. Earlier I loosened up most of the area and removed as many as possible before washing my hair in lukewarm water with anti-dandruff shampoo. It appears to have helped but I'll know over the next few days in case the problem resurfaces. I just hope it won't affect the health of grafts.