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  1. This is probably improbable, but it is known if hair transplanted follicles can mass disappear after 1-year? Losing density on a permanent basis?
  2. Did you experience hair loss after a year of your first transplant too? This has happened from March until now. Before March, I experienced only growth.
  3. I was told that 2,500 went to the front / and 1,250 went to the middle and back end.
  4. How can you tell the difference between "seasonal hair loss" and "permanent hair loss"? I've just combed my hair back to take an image under the light. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems like traditional male pattern baldness...which is very disappointing if so. The bottom image is my hair as you'd see it in the same lighting but from a face-on angle.
  5. No idea. If it is seasonal shedding, I'm guessing the loss of those hairs would be permanent no? Like before any transplant at all when you get regular hair loss. Not sure. How can you have shedding and growth at the same time though?
  6. I haven't contacted the clinic. At the end of the day, there's nothing that they could say anyway. It's the nature of transplants I guess.
  7. I really don't know what's happened the past 2 months, but it looks ridiculous now. 2 months ago, it was great...
  8. I seem to be shedding a lot of hair lately - not transplanted hair presumably, but native hair. I'm still taking finasteride daily so I'm not quite sure why this is happening.
  9. I assume that the above posters are right -- that many of the hairs might thicken up in the coming months. As I said, I'm happy with how things have turned out -- and it's galaxies better than the state of hair loss compared to this time last year.
  10. Here is another pic. So this is what the result normally looks like, without me pushing hair back to make it look as bad as possible. But I did that to emphasize density etc.
  11. All the same. When combed etc., you see the "better ones", but when I spread the hair back, you see it like that. Obviously, nobody sees it like that in real life -- nor does the wind change it much. But I pushed the hair all the way back to show the density.
  12. I'm now at 9-months post-surgery. Not sure how to interpret the results really. It doesn't seem anywhere near the density I should have, or am I wrong? Certainly much better than pre-surgery, but I was expecting greater density. What do you guys think?
  13. Yeah, I'll be posting a detailed update in a few weeks time. Since my last update, there has been further thickening and growth and all seems to be heading in a very positive direction. Thus far, I'm very happy with the outcome of the surgery - well worth the cost and effort.
  14. Thanks; at only 5.5 months, I'm increasingly curious as to what the next 6 months will show.
  15. Any update on your progress? It's been 2.5 months or so, so I'm guessing things have really stepped up a gear since your last update.
  16. 5.5 MONTH UPDATE So here are things 5.5 months on post-surgery. See below, for a comparison of what I was like 2 months before surgery and what things are like today. Things have certainly progressed and I'm satisfied with how things are coming along. I dare say that the majority of growth is still yet to manifest -- I think most happens between 6-10 months, so things appear to be on track. Taking finasteride and biotin daily. No complications or trouble. Things pretty much back to normal. I didn't yet do an image of the donor area, but there is no problem with it at all. You w
  17. Just wait 3 months and decide either to take another surgery from a different clinic or just keep what you have. At the end of the day, that's all you can do. Searching for weekly reassurance on here isn't going to achieve anything.
  18. I don't think you posted enough photos for us to properly judge your progress.
  19. Four Month Mark I've noticed some growth over the past few weeks, which is quite encouraging. Below, you can find two images - one with my hair combed normally, and a second showing the growth thus far. In terms of maintenance, things are pretty much the same - daily finasteride and biotin. However, I haven't taken minoxidil. I'm not sure I want the effort of having to apply that foam to my head everyday. It seems a bit of a headache. Plus, it may make my hair look oily. I've noticed my left temple isn't as dense as the right temple, but not sure if I'm fooling myself beca
  20. True - and I guess you had far more implanted into the front than I did. Mercifully, I've been experiencing significant growth over the past 1-2 weeks, so things appear to be heading in a very positive growth direction. I'm at 14.5 weeks now; once I reach 18 weeks I'll be posting an update w/ images here.
  21. I've become absolutely convinced that this thread and Der3k7's thread will still be here in 40 years time. :D Every week I come back it's the same two threads dominating!!!!
  22. Now at 13.5 weeks, I think I can see much more growth compared to just 2-3 weeks ago, so things might be on the up from here!!!