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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I was getting a bit paranoid with the crown not filling in, even though, I didn't get many grafts there as the main objective was to restore the front and later tackle the midscale and crown. 👍
  2. Doing ok so far. Sorry for the delay, but here are some pictures on the progress 6 months after the procedure. The crown is taking forever, but was told by Dr. Bloxham that it can take up to 18 months for the full results to be seen. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks and would like to ask about your progress and how are you doing? Regards Ed
  3. 3500 grafts in one procedure is ok or is that the max amount of grafts they can safely transplant? I got 3106 grafts transplanted and I know for sure that I need another HT to cover up mid-scalp and crown.
  4. Do you have enough donor for a second HT for the crown area? If so, I would wait to see the results of the first HT and take it from there. You can also try topical minoxidil in the crown region.
  5. I wouldn't base my whole outcome on finasteride. Actually, I advise you against it. Try your head shaved first and see if you like it. If not, then you should be in great hands with Eugenix. Finasteride has too many side effects and they can be permanent so not worth the risk. Hair is awesome, but not that awesome.
  6. Sorry guys I should have just posted 4 1/2 months. Thanks for your replies 👍
  7. Hey guy, Decided to post an update on my progress after 3106 grafts. Im out of surgery exactly 18 1/2 weeks. Scar seems to be coming along great and the shock-loss seems to have improved. The crown was not the target in this procedure, although, I got aprox 600 grafts in the region. Any feedback is much appreciated. Ed
  8. Glad to hear you are doing ok. 18 weeks out and getting some results although slowly and I need to be patient, but happy so far. I'll send you some pics I took a few days ago and then I'll do an update on my thread of the scar as I can't take those pics myself. Ed
  9. Tbcruz How you doing with your HT? Got mine in Dec with Bloxham and though I haven't posted any updates I stopped by to see how you were doing? Hope all is well. Ed
  10. That is a myth. On my father's side all have hairloss and on my mother's none suffer from hairloss.
  11. Congrats, everything looks great so far. I'd be careful regarding that medication. Just keep on eye out for side effects.
  12. No noticeable changes so far. Maybe I can't tell since I'm looking on a daily basis. Almost 11 weeks so far. Here are some pics.
  13. You welcome, I should have taken better pics of the from before the procedure, but keeping my hair a bit longer gave the illusion of some density. Although, they was no real hairline anymore and under light you could easily see the scalp. Hopefully with the HT that will change and no shock loss so far in the from nor the incision. Shedding did kick in pretty fast although that should be correcting itself as i'm close to 10 weeks from the procedure.
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