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  1. No noticeable changes so far. Maybe I can't tell since I'm looking on a daily basis. Almost 11 weeks so far. Here are some pics.
  2. You welcome, I should have taken better pics of the from before the procedure, but keeping my hair a bit longer gave the illusion of some density. Although, they was no real hairline anymore and under light you could easily see the scalp. Hopefully with the HT that will change and no shock loss so far in the from nor the incision. Shedding did kick in pretty fast although that should be correcting itself as i'm close to 10 weeks from the procedure.
  3. James, typically that is how it works in two procedures, but it also depends on hair loss pattern. We were aiming at 2500K grafts to cover the front part, but Dr. Bloxham told me that the yield was 3106K grafts, so we decided to put those grafts in the crown. So a total of 606 grafts were placed in the crown area surrounding the small patch of native hair. I will know the specifics once I go in for a follow up visit in 3-4 months and I will post that as well. Dr. Bloxham is a great and his staff is as well.
  4. Tbcruz, congrats on the procedure. Looking forward in seeing your progress.
  5. Here are some pics I have from before the procedure. Hairline is almost gone and thinning all over. I kept my hair a bit longer to create the illusion of not balding and it wasn't really working anymore. Hope this helps.
  6. That feeling of going back and forth is normal. Once you get through that door you'll be at easy with Dr Bloxham and his staff. The procedure will be done in no time. Good for you that is a small session you are getting. Best of luck tomorrow. Rest well and keep us posted.
  7. Hi there, I didn't feel nervous at all until I walked into the clinic by 7am. That is when I knew it was for real and all those years waiting for an answer to my hair-loss were going to be addressed. It is normal to be anxious but you'll do fine. Dr Bloxham and his staff are great. How many grafts are you getting? Best of luck tomorrow.
  8. Looking to find some pics and I'll post some today. Thanks for your comment
  9. I'm sure that finasteride might have given you a sense of false donor supply. Get in touch with your surgeon, but for a large HT you might be better off with FUT. You are right about the medication. Don't go on it again for the sake of hair. I mean hair is awesome, but not that awesome to lose your manhood.
  10. Hello people, Finally pulled the trigger and went with the HT. Dr Blake Bloxham was the surgeon and everything went great. Dr Bloxham is a great guy and very enthusiastic about what he does and takes all the time necessary to explain the procedure and answer any questions I had. If you are in the NYC area and looking for an ethical and competent doctor I suggest giving Dr Bloxham a visit. I, as many of you, started losing my hair when I was in my late teens and it had some devastating effects on my self image and self esteem. I put up with it for many years until Propecia came out and decide to give it a go. The medication was a godsend as my hair loss stopped and I regrew all the hair that I had lost, even the hairline, I couldn't believe and thought it was a blessing. Little did I know about the side effects of such drug. They kicked in later and I was unaware of Propecia being the cause of it. Asked many doctors and all told me it was in my head until new labels in the medication and the mass-tort litigation against Merck became known. Ditched the medication and within a few years pretty much lost everything I gained from the medication and thought it was time for something more permanent. The idea of getting a HT became to occupy my thoughts more and more. I consulted with several doctors and all told me I had bad donor and scalp laxity. In order words I was not a candidate for HT. I can't tell you how devastated I was. It wasn't until I found this forum that I started to look at several more doctors in the NYC area and came across Feller & Bloxham. I also watched all the videos and decided to make a consultation. I met Dr Bloxham and expressed all my concerns regarding HT and what other doctors have told me. Dr Bloxham examined me and told me the my scalp was a bit tight but my donor was fine and it would be no problem to go ahead and do the procedure. The aim was FUT 2500-2700 grafts, but the doc was able to get 3106 grafts. I was thrilled with the additional grafts and the procedure went as expected. The only discomfort I had was with the initial anesthesia, but it is expected, and from there on it went easy. I had the procedure the first week of Dec 2019 and the staples were removed 10 days later. It has been now 8 weeks since the procedure and I decided to share my experience with the rest of the forum and show some pictures. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks Ed
  11. Finally pulled the trigger and got my procedure done with Dr Bloxham. Everything went well and we were aiming for 2500 grafts. Dr Bloxham was able to get 3100 grafts out in one sitting and it went well. I guess Bernstein thought my hair would pose some sort of an issue and decided to tell me I wasn't a good candidate for HT. Pretty alarming attitude I would say as I prefer to be told the truth and not being deceived. Good thing I pushed on and continued looking for other doctors opinions beside Dr Berstein.
  12. Thanks Paddyirishman. I'll give it a try.
  13. Hello guys, On my third week out of a HT and my scalp feels itchy all the time and it looks like a bad case of dandruff. Is this normal and what can I do to alleviate it? Thanks Ed