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  1. Hey Paddy By no medication, you mean no medication like finesteride as well? I mean any medication which might have been suggested to you during the transplant.
  2. Thanks Melvin, really appreciate it. I will consider it once I am maybe 4-6 months into my HT.
  3. You are right. Where I come from, if you are a Hindu and you have a shaved head, people automatically assume that someone close to you have died. Also, baldness is not yet accepted as openly as it is in western countries.
  4. Thanks Zoomster, I realise that in my case, either I will require another procedure or will require to use other methods as you suggested. I will wait it out for a 6-8 months after my first procedure before I make any other decision. I will also check out your posts in your thread in the meanwhile.
  5. 3500 is the max that can be safely removed from 1 procedure. I can go for another HT in 6-8 months.
  6. You sir are going to be a poster boy soon for successful HTs all over the world .. but this is very good growth I must say. On a personal note, considering your case is very similar to mine and you had very similar number of grafts as have been suggested by the doctor to me, I think I would be in good hands. Thank you again for posting so promptly with your pictures!
  7. Hi paddyirishman, I have been reading all the posts in this thread. And it's been giving me motivation to finally go for an HT. A special thank you for reaching out to me over PM and I would love to see your latest pics to see the growth.
  8. Thanks Gatsby, as told I went to her for another consultation yesterday. I must say that even in times like these, the load of work on them is very high! I asked her about the 3500 grafts and told her that I felt that 3500+ grafts that she is suggesting might not be enough. She told me that 3500+ are the number of good grafts that she can get from me in one HT surgery and as for beard grafts, the 3500+ will include around 1500 from beard as well. I asked her of the possibility of using body hair to which she said that HT of body hair has a success rate of around 60% and that's why it's not her first choice atm. Next - finesteride use. There is no other choice. Rather everyone going for HT has to accept the fact that they will have to depend on some kind of medication for as long as they want their hair to remain. Infact the Doctor told me that most of her Caucasian patients have had been on some kind of medication for more than 10 - 15 years even before the surgery. Around 2 percent patients experience side effects. And last the consultant Anil showed me the work he had got done on himself and told that he has been on finesteride for 7 months. One more guy, Nelson, another consultant, had done work 5 years back and has been a regular finesteride user. In both cases, results were quite good. As per her availability she can book me in for next weekend. I just have to convince myself and my father in the meantime.
  9. I understand that I won't have a full head of hair even after HT and the Doctor told me this thing the first time. She also told me she is banking on the medication she is suggesting me for better results. As for hair fibers, I am sorry but have never heard of them. But will check it out
  10. Thanks paddyirishman, I was feeling that 3500 grafts that they had suggested might be less for me. But after hearing from you I have got a little bit of confidence that I am going into hands.
  11. Hi Gatsby, the information I posted here was after face to face consultation with Dr Arika and even after that there are a lot of questions which have popped up after the discussion. I am going again today for consultation with Dr Arika as I have questions on Density, finesteride use and 3500 grafts that she has suggested. I will keep you guys posted on that.
  12. Hi Edward, I am not really sure. But I have attached the photos of my donor area as well. Please have a look and suggest.
  13. Hi Melvin I have uploaded my profile picture. That should give you an idea of my beard. and also attached is the donor are photos. Please have a look and suggest. Thanks!
  14. I haven't heard of the topical finesteride. Thanks for letting me know. I will ask the doctor about this before proceeding any further.
  15. Thank you Wicky. I am going for another consultation with the doctor tomorrow. I feel that the 3500 grafts she has suggested might be less considering my case. So just want to be doubly sure of everything before I go for my HT. Regarding finesteride, I am still on sidelines because of it and would ask the doctor of some natural remedies which can reduce my dependency on the drug. I will keep you all posted. Thanks again