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  1. Hello folks, I had my transplant about 3-4 weeks before. I'm having some dandruff at the recipient area. I have always had oily scalp and some sticky dandruff before, so I use to use the Selsum blue shampoo once or twice a week but now this dandruff looks a drier one( could be due to the dryness?) and not the sticky types . So should I use the same dandruff shampoo which makes my scalp dry or some good moisturising one ?
  2. Sorry was busy. Dr Pradeep or Dr Arika is involved most of the time. Depends on the package u choose, either Dr Arika or Dr Shishir will do the extractions. At times, technicians can do also but they seem experienced and highly efficient.
  3. Hello folks, Its been a week I got my HT at Eugenix. I have been loosing hairs for about 10-12 years . Started finex and minoxidil for about 2 years initially, then stopped it. Now taking it past 6 months. After seeing Eugenix good results, I had booked my HT with them. Nelson was my first point of contact and he's a great guy. Responsive and helpful. Did one video consultation with Dr Sethi and booked my appointment. Landed at Delhi a day before and was picked it up their friendly staff. There was some confusion so my HT was postponed for a day but that wasnt a big deal really. On the day of the surgery, Dr Pradeep drew the hairline and I left it on the expert to decide the hairline ( Although like everyone, I would have loved to have an little aggressive hairline but he explained, it wont look good 5 years from now) . I found Dr Pradeep to be friendly, honest and with good ethical values. Procedure was painless and was done by Dr Pradeep, Dr Shishir and the staff. Lasted for about 6 hours. Attaching the pics. One thing which really impressed me was their in house accommodation. The rooms are good sized and they provide u with all the meals and the fact that I was visiting india after a long time, I ordered whatever I was craving to eat All in all, it was a great experience and I'm hoping the results to be as good
  4. Hello How did u come to an conclusion that u would need 3000 grafts? May be u would need 2000-2500 grafts and rest if needed could be treated with medications etc ? Also, Dr Pradeep sethi's clinic may have different packages to suit your budget
  5. Hello, I'll be flying internationally after my HT and was wondering if I'll allowed a bottle of saline in the carry on bag , if I show the doctor's letter at the security ? Has anyone done that, especially at Delhi Airport?
  6. Hello folks Been thinking about using Derma pen. Should I give it a try ? My HT is scheduled in 1-2 months for the frontal area only but i do have thinning in the crown also so thinking to try derma pen. Should I just start using it or ask my surgeon first?
  7. Although there is some improvement but not something patient will be very pleased. 2000 graft could yield much more.
  8. U mean u use lipogaine which is a minoxidil or a shampoo? I use minoxidil too but checking if it's the lipogaine shampoo u use ? Best of all, if u could share the link pls.
  9. Very true. Stopped taking finex since last 3 days . Will decide if I start after my HT. Can u share which pumpkin seed oil u take as there are many on amazon ? Besides, while I was doing my research on pumpkin seed oil, somebody mentioned he's also using lipogaine along with it and has seen result. Though I dont beleive a shampoo could bring back any hairs but may be prevent the hair loss ?
  10. So u never took it even after all your HTs? Anything else helped u as an substitute?
  11. Thanks everyone. I havnt taken it past 2 days and thinking to start it again after my sxheduled HT in 2 months. Sounds a good plan ?