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  1. Great result. Abhinay, can u also start posting which package did the patient choose? It will help us to decide if these great results are obtained with Dr Sethi/Dr Bansal or the other docs at Eugenix
  2. Great. Have one concern. So Eugenix suggested me about 1500-2000 grafts at the hairline and temple, although my hairloss at the hairline is more than him. I appreciate they are honest about the count but looking at his pics makes me double minded
  3. Hello I have been having this concern ever since I joined this forum that while it's great for the transplant centers to post their successful HT surgeries, I feel they should also mention what package did the patient choose. Like many clinics nowadays have different packages, the most expensive one where the main surgeon performs the incision/ or most part of HT to the other packages where they aren't much involved hands on. Like for example , Eugenix has 3 packages and they have been posting great results but I wonder, if Dr Sethi/ Dr Bansal themselves performed those surgeries or the patient went with the other packages. Hoping to get all of your opinion on this
  4. I did look into it but only found about finex and minoxidil for the diffuse thinning treatment. Also, I dont think my hairline looks fine. It has receded, if u check the last pic. I wanted to ask if I should go with what suggestions I receive from Eugenix or Dr Yaman as both seems to be experienced with good result but have given different suggestions
  5. Hello everyone. I have been thinking to get a HT done for a while now. Shortlisted two doctoral, Dr Yaman from Turkey and Dr Sethi, from Eugenix India. Got email consultation from Dr Yaman that he can do it at hairline frontal and crown. Also, consulted at Eugenix clinic and I think it was Dr Sahoo who suggested that since I have a diffuse thinning so it will be better to do only the hairline and rest of the area with finesteride. So I wanted to get all of ur important valuable opinion Thank you
  6. Thanks. I'm an native indian only . What do u suggest? If u were me, which one would u choose?
  7. Hello Abhinay, I was mainly asking from the community here about their preferences as like I said both the doctors are experienced but since both have suggested a different treatment plan , so i was confused. I spoke to Dr Sahoo over the phone from Eugenix, after I shared my pics and he was kind and helpful so nothing's wrong in that part .It's just that should I go with what he suggested or Dr Yaman and that's what I wanted to ask from this community
  8. Hello everyone I need your input and suggestion. I'm looking to get a HT done and confused between Dr Sethi and Dr Yaman. I understand both are recommended doctors but when I sent my pics to both of them, Dr Sethi's team suggested that I should only get it in the front , at my hairline as I have diffuse baldness in the middle which isn't suitable for HT as it could damage the existing hair follicles. While Dr Yaman mentioned I could have the whole procedure and not just at the hairline. He said since he will shave off the area, so he will know where to put grafts , without touching the existing hair follicles. I know both are very experienced surgeons and that's what putting me in dilemma. Please let me know your thoughts