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  1. U mean u use lipogaine which is a minoxidil or a shampoo? I use minoxidil too but checking if it's the lipogaine shampoo u use ? Best of all, if u could share the link pls.
  2. Very true. Stopped taking finex since last 3 days . Will decide if I start after my HT. Can u share which pumpkin seed oil u take as there are many on amazon ? Besides, while I was doing my research on pumpkin seed oil, somebody mentioned he's also using lipogaine along with it and has seen result. Though I dont beleive a shampoo could bring back any hairs but may be prevent the hair loss ?
  3. So u never took it even after all your HTs? Anything else helped u as an substitute?
  4. Thanks everyone. I havnt taken it past 2 days and thinking to start it again after my sxheduled HT in 2 months. Sounds a good plan ?
  5. Main problem I'm facing is impotence . Have started taking the alternate day from today onwards only. About results, I'm not sure as it's only been 3-4 months I'm on finex but I havnt seen any improvement or anything. HT surgeon just advised to take it alternate days. Nothing else
  6. Doctor mentioned that I can take on alternate days. I didnt realize about the side effects earlier but definitely since past month or two, just not feeling right
  7. Hello I have been on finesteride 1 mg for 3-4 months and experiencing sexual side effects. Should I stop taking it now or take half a tablet ? My HT is scheduled in nov
  8. Mind sharing, what's that as u described the comprehensive and exclusive package separately and not as one package?
  9. Abhinay, I know about the comprehensive and exclusive package but u mentioned , that the patient went for both the packages. Hows that possible?
  10. Hi Abhinay, What's this comprehensive and exclusive package? These are two separate packages right
  11. Tbh, any cheap surgeon in turkey or in india could give this result or even better. I would certainly press for refund , especially when your dad too gotten a poor result.
  12. Great result. Abhinay, so the crown area wasnt treated surgically at all? Only via medications?
  13. Great. Just curious as to why didnt they do 3000 grafts in single sitting ?
  14. Really nice. Abhinav, as requested before, can u please make sure to mention the package chosen by the patient and name of the Drs performed the surgery?