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  1. Have got my head shaved last week itself and since the hairs are too short currently so clicking and posting outdoor lighting pictures wont be of much use at the moment. But as soon as the hairs grow back to some length in few weeks, I shall definitely click and post my pics of outdoor lighting........
  2. At times, disclaimers are quite important because negativity seems more attractive to plenty and the truth, hardwork and talent of any individual is very strenuous for people to digest.........
  3. Hi Folks, It took me long to post this similar to what it took me to decide for going for my HT 😊 Well in order for me to take you through my journey allow me to explicate it in phases……. About me: Indian by Nationality, currently 34 years of age, an individual highly cautious for his health and overall wellbeing. Hard working and quite disciplined in maintaining a decent lifestyle. Somewhat introvert in nature though can’t say completely. My Hair-loss story: I had thick dense curly hairs since my childhood. The bad phase of my hairs started when the good phase of
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