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  1. I received a hair transplant with Dr Bhatti 4 years back and went to him for some touch up work 6 months ago. I posted this result impulsively a few days ago while on the move through my cell phone and the shills got after me! Pathetic!! This forum is not what it was 4 years back when it was fair ground for post. Most people on it today are spending their full waking hours on it giving an impression they are paid for what they post. Abysmal! I never posted earlier due to this same reason. I will finally post my final video and be done with this forum for good. Thi
  2. I had a hair transplant 6mnths ago...just want to say one word only,,,Awesome result nd Awesome doctor .... Darling buds is,the,best ...no comparison..hatts of to the dr nd,the,whole,team... Thanks :)
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