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  1. So sad, Its really a bad experience with Alvi Armani
  2. Hello friends, my name is Kartik, 36 years old, working in a multinational company and father of two kids. I have been genetically susceptible to baldness as I knew that since my childhood because my grandfather and father are also bald. It bothered me a lot and that I am starting to get bald and on the age of 25, I started to shave my scalp and continued many alternatives to control the hair loss to some extent. But all went in vain as my baldness was still predominant with the increasing grade of Norwood state. So, I have decided to receive the surgical option with the hair transplant procedure. 1 year ago during January 2018, I saw a post on one of the reputed forums I follow that was written from one of the famous clinics mentioned that FUT hair transplant is a core surgical hair restoration method involves pain and strip scars after the surgery. You can experience bleeding, and tightness of the scalp due to surgical incision and closure that can give you a hassle full of experience. After reading this thing, I completely made my mind not to receive FUT and started searching the option of the good name in the FUE technique. I’m not going to tell the name of that doctor or clinic as I do not want to make infamous anyone. So, I’ve decided to not to go for the FUT technique, but still was confused with the pain matter as many of the article sites and blog mentioned that it is good to receive the FUE technique of hair transplant done with the punching process and the word punching made my mind to think on pain. Articles also mentioned that it is a non-surgical without having a single scar because of the involvement of robotic punching or something like that. Since the word robotic made my mind to go ahead as I thought it would be good to receive the high-end technology. But, friends I was completely wrong. I received the FUE hair transplant clinic at one of the popular clinics in Mumbai in May 2018 and the result made me turn-off with a multiple donor scars. I did make a wrong decision in my life and now the only regret was on my side. I just didn’t receive the multiple spot scars, but it also depleted my donor areas perversely. What to do next? Now, as I wrote earlier, the baldness has never bothered, and I barely thought about it. Deep down, I have thought about it, because I always tell everyone how much I missed moving my hand in my hair. Now my baldness and bad results with multiple spot scarring, both were contributing to bother me a lot! FUE not just given multiple dotted scars, but it also depleted my donor area very badly! What to do next! I am very much puzzled, please anybody help me out with good suggestions. Hoping for an Expert’s immediate response! I will share my result pics very soon.......................