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  1. Hello fellow apes - I thought it was time for me to share some pictures taken 9 months after my hair transplant at Hattingen. I'll just post the pics and leave out any comments other than that I am satisfied with the result so far. Also, the pics were taken in bathroom in my company's premises with natural light coming in from windows above me (a couple were taken in my well lit office) - sorry for the "mugshot" style (I'm not very good at taking selfies). I have not used hair fibers or dermatch. Cheers!
  2. Let me add my 10 Cents here. I was 63 (last year) when I decided to have a hair transplant - now I'm 64. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a person lacking self-esteem, I have a university education both graduate and post-graduate and am successful in my profession but it certainly bugged me every now and again that I was (going) bald, so I decided quite early on to look after the parts of my body that I could influence myself - this included fitness in the form of regular running and some weight training as well as paying attention to what I eat and what I wear and guess what, it worked
  3. Hi Guys - Nothing much to add to the comments already given - I had strip surgery at Hattingen and I highly recommend them, they will take good care of you! I experienced no pain during the procedure whatsoever - the jabs at the beginning were no worse than the jabs you get at the dentist - I understand your apprehension and I was no different! As far as removing the strip is concerned, I would say you "hear" it rather than feel it. I was given a top-up jab during the procedure and before leaving the surgery on both days (both of which I didn't feel at all) - my procedure was spread over two
  4. I can confirm that supplementing biotin made a lot of difference to the quality of my hair in general (not just the transplanted hair) - I started taking biotin in tablet form about 4 months after my HT and I think I can now say that there is definitely a difference. This has not just been confirmed by me but also my wife and others who noticed a difference after about 4-5 weeks of taking. Biotin is not toxic so you've got nothing to lose. I also supplement minerals (zinc, magnesium, copper etc.) but I've been doing this for longer because of my running and weight training (sweat a lot after a
  5. Hi Rolandas - it's a strange coincidence that I took a look at your vid a couple of days ago ;-)) - looks like your procedure went well and I wish you, as they often say on this forum, "Happy Growing" To answer your question, yes this is only part of my head that is still (a little bit) numb but nothing to write home about now! In the weeks after the procedure, it felt like a had an inch-thick piece of wood between my scalp and my brain ;-)) and that was almost all over my head - "knocking on wood" had an interesting meaning then ;-)) Now, it just "sort of feels" a little tight - the
  6. Hi Ladies and Gentlemen - thought I would upload a couple of pictures I took this morning to show the progress after hitting Month 3 post-procedure. I'm quite happy so far - recovery is good, no problems of any kind - still some numbness "on top" but I only "feel" this when I tap my head and this a huge difference to the first two months after the OP - the donor area has healed completely and there is absolutely no numbness. Hair is now begining to grow in the crown area. As a comparison, there is one photo is a of my head several months before the procedure with a very short haircut (thi
  7. Good Day Gentlemen, just a few pics after all - one from the top and back before the procedure and one each afterwards as well as one after the staples - post-OP pictures were taken on day 9 (15th November) - some won't upload so I'll try a little later on Cheers to all!
  8. Hello Gentlemen – I am not new to this forum but decided to sign in today so that I can share my experience and give some positive information back to this wonderful community that has provided me a great deal of useful information during my research in the last 6 – 7 months, so in a way, I’m new! First of all, some details: I’m a male (who’d have guessed that), 63 years old, “Expat” Scot living in Germany and I’ve just had a hair transplant (even at my age, hey I’m vain!) but I’ll get to that in the following. One of the gentleman on this forum that really tipped this for me was @Da
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