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  1. Funny coincidence I also saw Dr Bisanga yesterday in London lol Just a suggestion, the analysis of where you are in terms of donor density etc doesn’t sound that different between the two. Just a different vision of where you could be - sounds like you have a strong donor so 1800 doesn’t sound much, possibly a bit conservative?
  2. Always find it interesting looking at the old films how great everyone’s hair is. Look at Lawrence of Arabia there are scenes with hundreds of English army extras all with perfect hair. Yes I think something has changed.....
  3. Well it’s been a few years since I last posted, I had 3700 FUT with Dr Pathomvanich in 2009, all went well very happy with the result which was mainly about “framing the face”. My crown was always thin, I haven’t been on fin recently, and I don’t think my hair has changed that much, but will hop back on fin before I get another transplant. The strip was done with a trichophatic closure, which worked perfectly, basically invisible, that coupled with lower transaction rates means I’m really keen to pursue FUT again rather than FUE. I haven’t ruled out Thailand again, just that the country is occasionally a bit unstable politically, so I’m getting a consultation with Dr Bisanga shortly - though I know he does a lot of FUE as well. I'm hoping for enough scalp laxity to get another 3,000 or so graphs to add density all over, including crown, and not lower my hairline at all. So my question, bearing in mind my preferences, would be for other Dr recommendations in the “mid” price range for great FUT results with minimal donor scarring. I’m in London but will travel anywhere. I don’t really want to go on a long waiting list however, so standby surgery would be fine as well. 1 .
  4. This is scientific mumbo jumbo ^^^^ and you will find most members on here won't fall for it....
  5. Haven't posted for a long time, but I noticed the ramp up in advertising of this product in the UK. The claims made (87% results etc.) seemed daft to me. I made a formal complaint to the ASA (the advertising standards authority, the official body in the UK) and they have just adjudicated. Basically they found against TRX2 and all of their advertising now has to be changed. TRX2 was unable to produce sufficient evidence for their claims. The judgement is very lengthy but basically it means all the claims they were making in magazine adverts have to be withdrawn. The only thing they are allowed to claim is the potassium channels element. Must say I am quite impressed with the ASA and I would encourage all UK forum members to complain about any adverts they think could be misleading.
  6. The message here is - you really should be on meds for a year pror to surgery. If we did a survey on here of disappointing or non existant results, there would be s disproportionate number of patients who did it without meds. Sorry to sound harsh.
  7. It was done by Dr Bhatty, strangely I couldn't find much out about him, iother than tht he is not ISHRS. It seemed like the price ?5k for 2500 grafts was not too bad, but from the little shown it did look like the grafts were arranged lined up rather than random. The foreign patient was Norwood 5/6? I don't think 2500 grafts were going very far with him. Although the consult was done by the surgeon, the distrubinf part was all the high pressure sales, finance plans at 20% APR etc. I imagine Dr Farjo was shouting at the screen yesterday for the negative light UK procedures were shown in.
  8. We wish you luck with your search, so long as you see some results before you go ahead, it will be interesting for this forum to know how you get on. But seeing as travel doesn't seem to be an issue for you, there are loads of approved surgeons on this site you might want to consider as well, including in Europe.
  9. Where is Sparky? I predict this thread will not end well..
  10. (You will probably get a few more replies if you tell us your circumstances) I think if you are used to wearing a hair piece anyway then wearing one afterwards as you wait for the results makes a lot of sense. If you hadn't previously worn one (like me) I think the worry about being detected would outweigh the benefit. I'm sure there are lots of considerations about attachment methods that need some thought and care so as not to damage the grafts. As far as I understand it a 'clip' fit to the existing hair sounds like the lowest risk method (as opposed to glue on the scalp)
  11. I don't understand some of these 'definitive' posts saying that absolutely things should be happening and obvious at 6 months, this is 'normal' I.e. Good sample size etc. If we stick a little more to our actual personal experiences - I wasn't expecting much until 8 months. And almost exactly on time, at 7.5 months was the first time I noticed any real growth. And that was the point (not 5, 6 or 7 months) when other people started noticing my ht as well. And I feel that at 9 months it was looking good, a lot better at 12 months, and fully done around 18 months. I see no evidence that I was a 'late bloomer' my results timescal seemed to be exactly average compared to all the research I did and what my Doctor told me beforehand.
  12. No offense McRiot I was more referring to Harhair above who for his first post slides in with big criticism of Dr Kiely and then follows the well worn path of asking innocent questions about a competitor.
  13. I do think this thread is potentially very unfair. Dr Kiely is saying his competitors rubbish him, and lo and behold a new user with no posts comes on and criticises him. Surely if you have a bad result and you want to be taken seriously you post a bolg, hairsite etc. so we can all judge? I'm just saying that this Doctor might be great, no idea, but it all seems very suspicious and makes me think maybe he really does have vicious competition who are setting out to ruin him.
  14. It probably isn't sensible for me to say this, none of us should be pushing you down a certain road it has to be your decision, but - It does look to me like you have fantastic donor hair potential, and I think you might be someone who gets an 'exceptional' result because you current pattern is so clearly established. I understand the anti medication feeling, I used to be like that as well, but inho finasteride is one of the most mild least risky medications available today. I'd encourage you to look through some of the tons of results on these boards as well.