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  1. Will start using it in couple of days (in addition to nanogen serum) and I've to say this is making me nervous.
  2. Don't know in US, but I think Hattingen do all their FUT without patient shaving their head.
  3. Hmmm, not trying to be too critical. But it for the number of grafts I think his hair is too thin. Like really thin. I understand it is a large area, but even then I think it was possible to get more thickness upfront or sacrifice the crown area for more thickness. Anyway, still a solid result and patient should be happy
  4. There are plenty of people showing it, but tbh I can understand why it is rare. You have a procedure, you are nice/courage enough to share it to the world for 12 month, 24 month. But at some point you are happy and you move on. For me, the lack of 5 years results is more of a positive sign, because I always assume if things go south patient will come back to ask about what happened or share their story again. That is why you will find many of those who share about their old HT, is doing it while they are planning for a new one.
  5. A quick question, but do dandruff that has been there for long time affect me as a potential HT patient? I had this issue for 18 years or so and whatever shampoo I use it won't last long before it loses its effect, currently my doctor prescribed me isotretinoin to treat it.
  6. I've Vitamin D deficiency that has been persistent for some time now. Obviously I am losing hair and I may attribute it to that but... There seem to be a "wave" of blaming everything in Vit.D deficiency. And there has been many papers disputing that and saying its effect is overblown. But it is always obvious to keep it in its range, currently I am at the point of taking injections to reach a certain level.
  7. Yeah. I went to arguably the top dermatologist in my country (which luckily is couple of buildings away from me) and asked about which drug to use. She prescribed minoxidil and when I asked her about fin she basically laughed at me. Saying no one here prescribes it any more due to frequent side effects. I have to say I was surprised. I knew about side effects but thought it is too rare for doctors to avoid it all together. But it seems here it is actually the case
  8. Neat and clean result, not extraordinary one but few are. As long as you are happy I think it was good option for you. And loved the dating app comment
  9. Depends on your definition of balding and how you interpret it, age and everyone's personal look etc.For example, some people I know looks awesome with little hair rather than non. Think of Iain Glen for example, Jude Law back before HT etc. I know many who consider them really good looking men. Many of whom I know in their 30's or older look that way. Some other are the opposite for sure. I know a friend who looks way better shaving his head, than when he even had a full head of hair. And he isn't your typical description of those folks who are supposed to look like that as you know many thinks guys who have darker skin, tall muscular etc will rock it with shaved head. In contrary he is overweight , 5'6 Caucasian. Human variety is just huge. For me I looked much better up to 3 years ago with balding hair rather than shaving. But I was worried then just like I am worried today. I never fully shaved my head. But put it razor 2 for a year during army services. Never liked it even when I tried to accept it. Even my friends told me you better looking with hair With that being said, I think with good surgeon and couple of surgeries you can in many cases -not all- achieve more than that. you know turning into a guy whose hair isn't thick but isn't balding if you get what I mean. Or at worst achieve a good and neat balding view.