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  1. One day we will be surprised that someone find a better treatment/cure after all the wait. But we might be too old or even long gone by then. Meanwhile, it is most likely we will see steady improvement in HT, techniques etc. Things will be better in 5-10 years than it is now, but likely not "cure" level of better
  2. He was one of the elite, but he seem to have declined a bit? still great choice
  3. Looks great, decent improvement for 6 months result
  4. I think Hasson is better in getting more grafts, Wong is better in using the numbers he has. That said, I am not that impressed by their work in FUE, at least yet. Though I am one of the minority
  5. The one in the picture looks good tbh I would comp it on side if your hairline is well defined, if it is really thin then I think you should keep this one.
  6. My dad was bald, and I had a great hair growing up (think of Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter, I was actually getting that comparison for some reason) which wasn't so common in Egypt. My older sisters who were 7-9 years older than me used to tell me I've awesome hair, but too bad I will lose it since my dad is bald. That made me growing up obsessed with my hair. At the age of 5 no kid should worry about hair loss . I noticed a very very slight hair loss at the age of 15 in my temple area, that should have never been noticed. I continued to lose hair gradually at hair line till the age of 22-23 when I started to lose hair thickness. By age of 29 I would say I looked bald rather than balding, at early 30's I am seriously thinking about HT
  7. This might turn into a great work, if not already a great one. Congratulations man
  8. Great improvement for 4 months result, hopefully full year will be even great
  9. It is great result. But can't deny that this is a weird photos thanks to the glasses. Sun glasses made him look more youthful than normal ones after the HT. 🤣