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  1. Hmmm, that doesn't look bad at all for scar tbh I mean for an inexperienced eye, I don't think they will recognize it that much, in addition even recognizable isn't always "bad looking" IMHO I've seen 2 people with FUT scar before, both were sitting in front of me waiting for their turn in the bank. I didn't feel that the scar was such turn off as people making it to be, and actually approached the 2nd one and asked him about his HT and was really nice and open about it. This is one of the reasons I think I prefer FUT (I am one of those who believes it is superior technique) as I don't think the scar is as ugly as people making it to be. Anyway, good luck man
  2. Good video. But the 1st point doesn't always work that way in all countries. Many of the HT doctors were from 2 main specialties plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The later usually are more of FUE experts. There are obviously some of the top names who changed specialty and moved on directly to HT field. Thing is, regarding the 1st type of doctors. They had to be cosmetic surgeons first and then specialize in HT (and the medical/educational system didn't allow them to specialize in HT only from start) , so for many of them they don't feel the need to stop doing other surgeries they were trained to; and I don't blame them. Most of the top doctors in this field in my country do other surgeries and they match the other criteria. Their results is actually decent all things considered
  3. I think it is very important and one of the main questions that is asked for patients who are in the early stages of hair loss That being said, I think it is a bit tricky 1- Genetics has its weird ways, not all people get it same way. some people gets bald while their brother will live and die with thick hair 2-You get your genetics from both parents, dad side is obvious but what about the mother side? How you can be sure about it? For example in my case, mom has 3 brothers and only one of them became bald (NW4) while the other 2 had perfect hair till they died in their 60's My dad (RIP) was NW5/NW6 , so I was getting those hair loss genes from him but was never sure to what extent considering my mom side seems more favorable. My 7 years older brother still has very good hair at the end of his 30's, while I am almost a diffused NW5 , so it seems he got the more favorable genes unlike me despite expectations that things should have been slower with me. Even then, I've lost hair in different pattern than my father, who started to lose hair in crown 1st, which was the last area that I've lost hair from
  4. I noticed a slight recession on my temple area at the right side when I was 15 or 16, continued to lose hair (didn't take medication) through years. I still have some hairs on my scalp but safe to say I am considered bald man today. Would say since I was 31 It can be long process
  5. 8.6 hairs/CM2 is nice but still limited. It will obviously help patients of HT to increase hair thickness, but that means you need other treatment too
  6. This is a bit of over simplification Right now there is no treatment for a genetic condition that is "take this bill for 10 days and it is all taken care of" The medical option for those is either preventive treatment that is continuous or intervention, usually at later stage. HT is simply one of those. And right now both exists with fin/Minoxi as preventive and HT as intervention Those are the same 2 paths that will be worked at. A cure is likely will be on the 2nd option. It will be something that simply "produce" hair. I doubt researches would stop in that regard because there is other option, if that was the case surgeries wouldn't have developed to what it was today. HT is a prove of that, it is still evolving as time goes despite being a 2-3 procedure treatment at most.
  7. It will benefit whoever is selling it. It will basically take the whole market for itself
  8. Kind of agree, I personally won't seek it for a couple of decades at least, after that I will be in my 50's (or a corpse) so not sure it will still be interesting. But would still wait to see details of it when it hits the market, because this seem to be an important question. Actually, not just a cancer concern, but where will the cells stops?
  9. This isn't how it works. For example, new generation of antibiotics is possibly top 3 if not the top priority as we are getting closer to a human catastrophe on so many levels without it . But still not solved,why? because companies doesn't profit enough from it in comparison to chronic diseases so they invest in the later. And pharmaceutical company that can achieve a cure for hair loss (especially if it is used over years) will make zillions. Money dedicates research. Not need unfortunately. Only exception is when it is serious condition governments will subsidize it
  10. To my knowledge there is nothing to suggest it will cause cancer. This is just a hypothesis and I think there is no proof for it. That being said, you can never be sure about anything new not causing cancer until a decade or two of research
  11. First, I am happy for you that you have made peace with hair loss. But each person is his own. I kind of agree that if someone can make peace with losing his hair/shaving his head, then HT is a no go. But we aren't all the same, and for many people shaving hair looks bad and is a boring routine they aren't gonna stick to. I myself shaved my head once (will, was grade 2 tbh) when I served in the army, and simply I didn't look the same and couldn't accept my look. Right now I am diffused NW5, and tbh I still don't like shaving it, and I am reaching a point where I don't like seeing my face in the mirror. I just look way older and uglier than I used to be. For me, and many other. HT is a huge improvement for sure. The "balding" look can be way improvement over the bald one in many cases. Huge difference actually. The only thing I will argue, is that people shouldn't accept middle ground. For me, I would either go to a top notch doctor if I can afford it, or skip the whole process all together. But won't go to clinics were I am playing the lottery, with many good and many mediocre results. That one isn't worth it, I would give you that
  12. 2020 the year or the decade? Either way, likely no. Most likely an improvements than right now
  13. I am not sure the term "illusion" is the most accurate here. I think hair transplant is more about recovering your scalp hair to what it was midway through your balding process. Many people still looked really good when they were balding, probably had to do all what Melvin said (long hair cut, good comb hair etc) I remember when I was around 25, I was just like that, it was the part of my life when I had good hair days, and bad hair days. But even in bad days I was "gonna be bald" guy rather than bald Many people would gladly accept that. As for the discussion about Asmed along other clinics, I think those clinics have themselves to blame and not the patients. They are targeting patients who are mostly young and early in their hair loss stages. They are aggressive in their treatments and their marketing. They are simply trying to sell themselves way too much and creating their brand on such get your perfect hair back, even if they don't say it directly. And guess what, it is working well for them. So I can understand when patients hate the results. That was simply not what they signed for. Doctors should always slow expectations downs from early on. That is their job. Most doctors hate it when patients comes to them with info from google as they know amount of false information on the web and most people in medical practice realize they have to be honest and informative about people health or surgeries. I don't feel this is the case with many clinics in Turkey tbh. Do you tell them right from the start? when you are basically in your 1st couple of dates or once you get serious? I am very curious about this, I was actually planning to make a thread about it