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  1. Wow. Hattingen continue to deliver. Happy for you, man. Hopefully I will follow your steps in 2021
  2. My dermatologist laughed at me when I asked if I should take it. Not sure why but I decided to comply lol I suspect because of the side effect. I mean it is 5% or cases right? That is 1 in every 20 patients, so for a clinic who probably has 100's per month, they will have at least one or two angry case per week. Not worth it for them
  3. Man, sorry for your results I mean initially I thought "that isn't bad, really" then I see your pre-surgery photos. Ouch The Turkey clinics do most of their work in hairline, to make a bad hairline that way is confusing
  4. I've seen both shaved and buzzed head in HT, didn't see it as ugly thing tbh With buzzed hair it was non issue really, yes I knew that they had HT, but it didn't look ugly at all
  5. Just few things to add: 1-HT in elite clinics are worth a lot, in many countries -like my own- it will cost same price of buying a flat for a middle class family. Saving up for such procedure isn't an option. 2-This is human nature, people go for surgeries in cheaper places for more critical surgeries that good have a life threatening risk if not done properly, at least in HT that risk is less. 3-Marketing and results has been super effective, Turkey has elite marketing strategies: a-FUE now is probably considered the only good method for most people thanks to it, even H&
  6. seem good, looking forward for your development Good luck
  7. He framed your face in brilliant way. But I am one of those who believes you need to at least cover the mid-scalp and leave only crown area. 3.3K grafts isn't that much in today world so I think you are in good hands. even If you get half decent work in mid- scalp and crown you will be good to go
  8. Final results looks good, though would have liked a clearer pre-photos. Anyway, it is good improvement and you should feel thrilled.
  9. One day we will be surprised that someone find a better treatment/cure after all the wait. But we might be too old or even long gone by then. Meanwhile, it is most likely we will see steady improvement in HT, techniques etc. Things will be better in 5-10 years than it is now, but likely not "cure" level of better
  10. He was one of the elite, but he seem to have declined a bit? still great choice
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