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  1. If you were considering FUT I would have said H&W is an easy answer. But while they are solid in FUE without doubt, they aren't above anyone else like they almost do with FUT. That said between all 3 they would be my choice (think Dr.Wong also is a tad better than Hasson in FUE, but don't take my word for it) ASMED produced some amazing results for some comparable cases, some other solid cases. But they also have underwhelming results too. Rahal is great, but there have been some recent complains IIRC. Are those your only options? I think if you can afford H&W FUE you might consider someone like Dr.Diep? I do really like his FUE work with high norwood patients.
  2. I think it differs due to lack of concrete solid evidence from research, most likely due to lack of research. HT isn't the common to start with, and most patients are -relatively speaking-well endowed and value their privacy. Very unlikely you will get so many of them to accept working with research institutes to work about such fine details. Never mind it is actually hard at times to get which thing is right with hundreds of human factors that affects success of the procedures. This lead to suggestion being based on doctor experience and theoretical knowledge. For example, look at the thread about gym after HT, clinic like Dr Blake Bloxham recommend 2 weeks off and this is just it, others like Hattingen recommend up to 6 months. And those are 2 of the top -if not the top- young doctors in FUT
  3. I am not sure if women plastic surgery isn't stigma tbh, here it seems stigma. But in many cases women surgeries are covered with their clothes and can relatively hide them (or show what they want) from them. Anyway, I've seen around 5 men who had HT in Cairo. 2 of them were just walking in the street, 2 of them were sitting in front of me waiting for our turn in a Bank, and an old friend of mine. 4 of them I recognized it due to FUT scar, one of them was clearly fresh from FUE surgery I approached one of them before (surprisingly not my friend) and he was really open about it, embraced it a lot and didn't have that stigma on him at all. Probably because I was clearly balding so he was talking to a fellow "bald" man Many men don't care about it and open about it tbh. But many women or men who don't suffer it still don't get i. Which put us in bad situations sometimes. You never hear the end of the jokes about our lack of hair at times, or jokes about HT if you do it
  4. Heard about Dr.Khaled before, but didn't see much of his work tbh Demirsoy seems well respected here
  5. Speaking of footballers (soccer players if you are American) is it me or Rakitic did a HT?
  6. What is the definition of good result? Without defining such term, it is impossible to give you any answer
  7. In addition of being a great help for many patients here, his results has been very good. Not a top 5 surgeons "yet" or something like that. But he is consistent and honest and will tell you what to expect.
  8. Didn't commit to HT yet. Thinking about going for it between 2020-2022 Not sure due to couple of reasons: 1- I didn't take medications and now it is probably too late. I am diffused NW5. Should have at least gave it a go. 2- I think I shouldn't have waited till it was very advanced, up to 2016 or 2017 I had enough thickness to camouflage my scalp. Still looked good with my hair. But it was clear which direction I was headed too. I think I should have started at that point ( I was around 28-30) That said I am not regretting anything. I am more knowledgeable now than I was few years ago. If I had done a surgery back then I would have gone to local doctor. There is a couple of decent one here but nothing "impressive" tbh
  9. That is a bit naive Regarding original post. I agree with you. That was one of the reasons I didn't go for HT at younger age -though not sure it was right decision- as I wanted to see how much I am gonna lose before that. Didn't want to be someone who had 5K grafts implanted for NW3 and then I end up NW 5/6 and don't find enough grafts lefts That is why selecting surgeon is important too. A relatively conservative approach could help to preserve your donour are
  10. I've seen met 3 persons who had FUT who were sitting in front of my while I was doing something (in the bank or waiting in a line etc) and all 3 didn't look bad at all with a short hair cut. I noticed the linear scar, but I didn't feel it is bad at all. Actually, I've approached one of them and he didn't have a problem with the situation at all.
  11. My best advice will be look at the result section -both posted by clinics and patients here- and then look for the results posted by the clinics. Also do the math, many clinics will post the best results only, so don't make those your "minimum" expectations.
  12. Hmmm, that doesn't look bad at all for scar tbh I mean for an inexperienced eye, I don't think they will recognize it that much, in addition even recognizable isn't always "bad looking" IMHO I've seen 2 people with FUT scar before, both were sitting in front of me waiting for their turn in the bank. I didn't feel that the scar was such turn off as people making it to be, and actually approached the 2nd one and asked him about his HT and was really nice and open about it. This is one of the reasons I think I prefer FUT (I am one of those who believes it is superior technique) as I don't think the scar is as ugly as people making it to be. Anyway, good luck man
  13. Good video. But the 1st point doesn't always work that way in all countries. Many of the HT doctors were from 2 main specialties plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The later usually are more of FUE experts. There are obviously some of the top names who changed specialty and moved on directly to HT field. Thing is, regarding the 1st type of doctors. They had to be cosmetic surgeons first and then specialize in HT (and the medical/educational system didn't allow them to specialize in HT only from start) , so for many of them they don't feel the need to stop doing other surgeries they were trained to; and I don't blame them. Most of the top doctors in this field in my country do other surgeries and they match the other criteria. Their results is actually decent all things considered