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  1. Does this confirm that it is Dr,Hasson account? I think that is very important for members to know
  2. I would also like to see the answer of this question, the results they show in their website are mostly average or above average at best. I think it is a waste of money to go for H&W FUE. For me Rahal & Diep so far are more encouraging than them, along others in Europe
  3. Both are very good clinics from results I've seen. I like Yaman good results more especially with variety of patients world wise (though Eugenix starting to show some more results for non-Indian cases) That said, his bad results are worse tbh. He seem more of a high risk high reward for me. Some of his cases you think it was done with best clinic in the world, other mediocre
  4. I am not the best expert but I will try to simplify what I understand You have a limited donor area that if kept using will be depleted, that works for both FUT & FUE Thing is, with FUT there is also a laxity problem that at some point limit extraction. So it depletes With FUE it is obviously that at some point you can't extract from donor area without hurting it. So the best solution is usually a combination of both, keep using FUT till it is over, then starts with FUE. Hattingen actually wrote about this in their approach: 2 FUT then FUE. obviously they don't religiously stick to it
  5. Not sure if anyone has claimed they are better than H&W, the later are class of their own when it comes to FUT I am not even sure with the description of your case FUT is best option for you, after 4 HT are you sure about your laxity? I am not also sure how you can treat an aggressive & low hairline My advice you you is to do your search, ask for consultation for many clinics as much as you can and then decide. Good Luck
  6. They post plenty of results on their official YouTube channel. plenty of other forum too (whether posted by them or patients) in French/Italian/German. but in all of them you need to register to see the results. I think due to the laws there they don't post their results in ENglish speaking forum as they don't require registration
  7. if there is no issue financially nor in travelling then H&W will be the answer most likely. But just like spex said, you need to do your search. See results and contact both and make your decision.
  8. I think Hattingen is the top choice for FUT in Europe tbh, not very well known in English speaking world but they do very good job, cost is reasonable for that type of work too. Although they have more conservative approach which many patients don't like, while other -like me- prefer. Dr. Devroye is another name too who is one of the elite for sure.
  9. They need to update their results then. In their official website, results of FUE are comparable to average work in Istanbul. IIRC there was only 4 results of 3K or more grafts and only one of them looked really good.
  10. Dude, you are with one of the top clinics in the world, an argument can be made about them being actually top clinic in Europe despite not being well known in English speaking world. What I like most about them is their conservative approach combined with their ability to do mega sessions and cover those with advanced hair loss. So in other words they are good for your case. If you have additional 4K that is actually probably more than enough to get you decent result. Look, I am almost 28 and I am diffused NW5, right now I would take a good conservative hairline , good thickness in middle scalp and see through or even bald crown as successful story for a guy in his 30's. So, if you lower your expectations a bit, stick to your clinic (again I think they are perfect match for you) and do conservative approach, I think you will be doing more than fine. Worst case scenario: SMP for your scar, shave your head. And even that is unlikely
  11. For some people that sound like an issue 😂
  12. I would recommend H&W or Diep if money isn't an issue for you, I think those 2 are the best for your case. Might Asmed or some other Turkish clinic if you want to save money
  13. Nice topic as usual,Melvin First of all, what do we mean by celebrities? That is very important question I mean Rooney is surely a celebrity, but there are plenty of other Instagram models with 1M followers (80% of them don't even notice them on their timeline) and people consider them celebrity. IMHO, social media celebrity aka influencers shouldn't be put on same topic as celebrities. I would add some low profile reality TV people to those btw. One of the main reasons is the gigantic financial differences So we have 2 groups: Real Celebrities like Rooney, James Nesbitt , Elon Musk or Antonio Conte with long list of other names that rumored to had this surgery like Lebron or Jude Law Now, how many of those went out and endorsed their clinic? tbh I don't remember a single one of them doing so. Rooney was just honest with his fans, endorsed "The process" of his HT and let the whole world know what he is doing. And part of that was saying where he is doing and what is the cost. You can see Rooney result, in every aspect, he is a footballer (for Americans, I refer to soccer as football) and look isn't exactly important for his pay day. I would treat Rooney as just any other patients here, except that I will take notice that he is likely got a care more than anyone else as clearly the clinic want to market itself through him. That might not be the case in everyday patient. Conte is widely rumored to have done a HT with H&W but never said it. So you can never be sure what he did. Those guys are freakishly wealthy, that I doubt that any of those clinics are really earning more than them. And I doubt any of them would get enough money from clinics to warrant them endorsing them. There are other plenty of other mid-lower celebrities who will let the clinic use their pictures and case in their official website. And again I would just be aware that this is just another case like you see in this forum, just got more care most likely. Now regarding influencers, those guys aren't as wealthy as many of you think, I would bet that many people here are actually earning more than most of them. They are basically living on making those non-sense marketing for many products. They will take whatever cash that is offered to them. And yes, they fail to do proper search. I remember there was this reality tv lady that made a very bad choice with the clinic she went to, and had at the end to ask advice from another guy on youtube who used to work with H&W (HT mentor or something like that) to go to another doctor to correct it. I saw plenty of those cases who showed their results, and I've to say some were really honest. And I would take their results as "another patient" as long as they have been showing it and honest with the process from the very start (recording their visits and meeting with the doctors, documenting their growth process etc) But, and I can't stress this enough, don't take endorsement from a guy/lady with a head with full set of hair who never showed his "HT process". He is a person who just took the money and repeated what he was asked to say. TLDR version: Celebrities/Influencers are just another patients who you can watch their videos if they showed the whole process. But don't put more weight on it than other cases you see here. Because clinics are probably more careful with them.
  14. H&W has few cases of treating such diffused thinning. It is probably one of the main reasons they are so highly rated. They kind of push the limits, but within a scientific and ethical practice