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  1. Hi Your donor seems good but I can’t comment on the texture itself. You would require a good number of grafts to get decent coverage of the area though. This can possibly be done via FUT/FUE/BHT combinations of all or two.
  2. I dont have an actual figure or aware of one. I wouldn't say it is far from scalp hair though to be honest. Beard hairs are thick and have a good amount of tissue around them.
  3. Thanks Melvin. I am hoping we can get around 1500 and some more from the beard to get some decent crown coverage.
  4. Dear Community, This is the case of a 32 year old with NW stage 6. He underwent a hair transplant FUE procedure on June 1st 2020. We had an extensive discussion about the goals and he was mainly interested in a natural look with an improved NW scale and so no crown work was done. His donor area is average with an average hair calibre. We decided to go for a higher number of grafts yet not adding any to the crown at this stage given his age and desires/expectations. The surgical details are as follow: Date: June 1st 2020 Total grafts: 4973 FUE grafts Hai
  5. First of all congratulations on wrapping up a rather exciting milestone. I do understand your anxiety regarding the post op care and anticipated results especially with identifying a gap in the right temple area. While I do agree that there is an obvious empty area, I must first of all point out that anything related to density or empty spots is usually the best of both evils when it comes to recovery. It is nothing that cant be fixed and certainly not irreversible. Not ideal I agree, but certainly not on the top of the list of things that could have gone wrong. Yes it may be shock loss, but I
  6. A minority of people might have minor shedding. Some have delayed shedding. You could fall into one of these two groups. The majority of people start shedding 2 weeks- 2 months after surgery though .
  7. Thanks for the mention. No it shouldn’t. The difference between hair and pigment is easily visible while working. So there should be no problem at all with that. There is also no obvious negative effect on graft survival or anything related to that.!
  8. Sorry to read what you’ve been through @Ryan35 Redness is quite difficult to explain. It is taking longer than normal but it might be related to skin texture/tone or simply to the method of creating incisions/implanting. As for the hairline, the main issues are the presence of multi grafts in the transition zone and equally the lack of irregularities in it. It is perfectly placed side by side which is not how hair exists in nature and hence the unnatural appearance. Feel free to reach out with any concerns.
  9. I dont personally know Dr. Zarev but he seems to be delivering impressive results based on what is posted. Nonetheless, in fairness to other doctors around, I haven’t seen anything extremely revolutionary in the video. It takes many doctors 1.5-2 hours to shave, discuss and draw and plan the procedure. Our extractions rarely start before 10 while the patient is in by 8 am. Many doctors including myself give the anesthesia and even shave and take photos ourselves. I think planning is an extremely important step and anyone working in a surgical field should be aware of that. It just feels right
  10. I did not come across anyone with such claims or observations and I find it scientifically difficult to happen. Finasteride is an androgen synthesis inhibitor and works specifically on a specific enzyme isoform. So not all of your body DHT levels are affected even. To change bony structures you would need a much stronger hormonal therapy and even with that, it won’t be enough to create radical changes.
  11. Totally agree! Nothing can ever beat nature and if there’s a way to make use of what is there then I think we should!
  12. We tried to stay higher given his advanced loss and to get part of his existing hair to feather his new hairline. Thank you all for your comments.
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