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  1. Thanks @Melvin-Moderator it’s a tough battle at times when you’re surrounded with all these “shops” just using any marketing tool possible to book clients. They employ all possible strategies from price cuts to fake results and unreasonable expectations. Becomes very easy for average un researched person to believe it and think that an honest opinion is rather a sign of incompetence. The dangerous part is when some doctors start following these strategies to keep up with the competition even if unintentionally.
  2. Great post. While you have an excellent result @Melvin-Moderator, transplants need to give a great “illusion” of density. The challenge is to try and convey this in the consultation as a doctor and accepting those clients that have realistic expectations and no red flags regarding unrealistic expectations or outcomes. Unfortunately, the marketing scams that some practices employ gives people the impression that hair will be restored like teenage years. A really big problem!
  3. Sounds like a generally good plan. I prefer delaying the crown. However, I think the front and mid sections will likely need a bit more than 2200. You will get good contrast And coverage with that figure since your hair to scalp contrast will help but I think 500-700 more grafts for the front and mid section will be a home run.
  4. Hi @azza786 I understand how tough this has been, especially that everything has been beyond anyone’s control. Don’t give up, techniques in hair restoration have evolved and I think you can get a really good outcome with SMP in good hands. Another thing I really like for cases like yours or for botched up cases that I see a lot of in my practice is a custom made hair system or prosthesis. They are now becoming extremely natural and of a high quality. I can recommend some in private if you wish. I usually do a small hairline FUE to make it look more natural and make the measurements fo
  5. May well be. It’s just hard to tell with all the harvesting done. Although the miniaturization in the donor doesn't seem quite diffuse as in DUPA. You can see a thicker segment of donor in the middle that is uniform. Probably dermoscopy of that Region can show if they are thinning better.
  6. Yes indeed. I still think this is quite unusual. I think looking at it in depth is quite important. Maybe a biopsy with a dermatopathologist can reveal something?
  7. How come all the surgeries yielded low results? Have you investigated this through biopsies etc? A hair system with a naturally transplanted hairline is currently my preferred choice for cases similar to you.
  8. I'm really sorry for what you've been through. It is important to consider things like SMP or hair systems. They can make a huge impact.
  9. Switching formulations or even starting new hair loss medications can induce an early stage of temporary loss. It is seen with minoxidil, LLLT and even finasteride in some cases. It may well be that or even seasonal shedding which is quite common this time of year.
  10. 1] Do I really need a HT? I mean I know I can get one, but will I experience shock loss? Given your age and the recession in the hairline/ loss in crown, then you are eligible for it if you feel that it is causing you difficulties styling/ anxiety etc. There are candidates that we try to avoid / discourage from transplanting due to several factors, but to me you seem like a suitable one. 2] My hairline is really quite far back, difficult to style frankly and that's where I'd like to focus my efforts with minor work in the crown. I believe the hairline/frontal zone will need a b
  11. 3 main issues here: 1. This area will definitely need at least 2000 grafts if not a bit more to achieve a nice density (if that was your aim). 2. You do have thinning areas that were not addressed at the time of surgery it seems. It is too early to make assumptions as your hair calibre and quality might make up for any reduced density and you might end up being happy with the overall result. It is also not a failure to go for a second procedure if more density is needed. So hopefully these grafts grow well. 3. It is really hard to justify or even explain the price
  12. Ketoconazole based for some evidence of hair maintenance, or simply a mild shampoo for frequent washing.
  13. Sounds like a good choice to get the touch up with her as you had a really nice result. I think what you’re really looking for is that illusion of depth in the midline. So a hint of a peak in the mid section will give a pointed look, the illusion of a lower hairline and there will be no need to mess around with the hairline elsewhere. It will not take a significant number of grafts too. Best of luck.
  14. Crown transplants can take longer to progress. Usually upto 18 months. Keep monitoring and dont be concerned at this stage.
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