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  1. Normal washing and scrubbing the recipient area is normal by 7-10 days (different preferences exist). A month is way beyond safe. A hair cut is also fine by now.
  2. I strongly urge you not to tap into your crown at this age. You will need to be on finasteride to slown down your loss. However, with a crown that still looks unstable in terms of margins, I would leave it alone to save the grafts for other areas. You can also consider things like a hair system to cover the crown and save your donor area for the front and mid scalp.
  3. Thanks for the great video Melvin. Realistic /ethical is a big one. I am sure most surgeons who see a lot of hair consults can give you a figure of how many patients they refuse performing surgery on because of unmatched expectations. We do see a lot of advanced NW or poor donors that we reject simply because their expectations are high and can not be changed. It says a lot when a surgeon turns down a case because they think it is not going to deliver the client their desired results. Ofcourse the other points are extremely as important
  4. You should really shave the donor area as it matches the current styling you have. It will be shorter than what is in the photos but it will grew fairly quickly. The front doesn’t need shaving much.
  5. Hi, SMP is a powerful weapon. It can be utilized in different ways: 1. If a donor is average and the pattern of baldness is advanced, you can get a decent coverage and then possibly add density in the frontal zones with SMP to hide scalp reflections and minimize the see-through effect. This is usually done a year after your last HT so as to see the full growth and use the SMp to hide as much as possible of the scalp. 2. The other way is to do a full shaved look SMP for a NW 6 but use few hundreds upto a thousand of FUE grafts all over the scalp in order to give the shaved hair feel. What annoys some people about SMP is that it can shine in the light despite the fact that buzzed hair doesn't show a shiny scalp. The other thing that clients notice is that you visually have a full head of what looks like a shaved head, but when you run your hand over it- or someone else- then the sensation is quite smooth and unnatural. Hence, having some dispersed FUE grafts transplanted all over can remove these limitations. Hope this helps clear your options.
  6. May I ask about your age?? There is one basic rule in hair restoration: what’s lost over the years cannot be fixed in a day. 4000 grafts in one day and the fact that your crown is also being considered is quite worrying. Farjo’s plan sounds like the one I will go with or even provide. I assume you’re a NW 3V/4? It is always wise to leave the crown until you’re happy with the more important areas, until the crown stops expanding and until we make sure that you’re not progressing in your hair loss to other more aesthetically important areas like the mid scalp for example. There is nothing worse than a transplanted crown that starts expanding on the outside.
  7. I’m sorry to hear that and I understand your concerns. Please share some photos so we can provide you with some feedback. How long ago was the procedure done?
  8. RT 1640 is an interesting compound made of minoxidil, cyclosporine A and a newly formulated compound called RT175. lled RT175. RT175 is supposed to promote the recruitment and differentiation of follicular stem cells. The three drugs act on different pathways in hair regeneration synergistically to promote the growth and maintenance of hair in men and women with androgenic alopecia. Interestingly enough, the hair grows back with RT1640 in the color that you had before it turned gray and fell out. Ofcourse RT stands our for River Town, which is a startup pharmaceutical company founded in 2015. The results seem too good to be true. They did FDA sanctioned studies on 600 participants and from my understanding they are raising funds for a phase 2 trial, if not already in one. I guess in theory, having three compounds working together is fantastic. However, only time will tell if this becomes the next big thing or not. I came to realize not to get too excited too early, as hair physiology is quite a complex matter.
  9. I believe it is safe to use concealers 10 days post surgery. By that time, the grafts are in place and have established their own blood supply. Moreover, normal washing is possible by that time. Some docs advise a shorter time, but I have set day 10 as a safety net. Anything before that can act like crusting around the grafts, which can technically compromise the blood supply to them. This is the reason behind the importance of washing daily. Washing helps wash off and dissolve crusting, and makes it easier for surrounding blood to reach the grafts. By day 10 the blood supply for each graft is now established and they wont be dependent on the blood supply of the scalp for nourishment.
  10. I agree with the informative previous replies. Both are synergistic. Minox works on keeping hairs in a growth stage of the cycle, while finasteride targets against DHT-the hair loss hormone. Finasteride is therefore more effective and addresses the core of the problem. Therefore if using one go for finasteride.
  11. @s14a yes we do stop minoxidil 2 weeks prior to surgery and resume it 4 weeks after.
  12. Hi @det9925 I suggest you start a new thread with your query so as not to deviate from OP query.
  13. Good question. Donor area recovery is usually amazingly smooth. The scalp is a very accommodating area in term of healing and recovery. However, I usually prefer Saline sprays on both recipient and donor areas for 5 days post op. I prefer to leave the donor exposed immediately after surgery. We use antimicrobial ointment once a day for the first 5 days after each wash. It is important to keep the donor clean daily at first. If someone has a LLLT pre surgery, I prefer that they use it daily on the recipient and donor areas for the first month. LLLT technology was based on healing wounds before it existed for hair thickening and maintenance. Therefore it is a good thing to use if already purchased. I tend to find that the most annoying thing is the itch 7-10 days after surgery. For this, we tend to advise using olive oil, or almond oil, tea tree oil or aloe vera. It is mainly itching and healing contraction of thousands of wounds that causes this itch and possibly discomfort. Therefore moisturizing helps. One more thing is to make sure the saline spray stops during that time as the salt residues on both recipient and donor areas tends to make itching worse after that time. It goes without saying ofcourse to follow up the instructions given by your specific surgeon. Each practice could have specifics that they strongly believe in and should therefore respect their protocols afterall. Good luck
  14. You're welcome. The seafood thing is something we just observed by chance. i don't think it is a routine pre-instruction in many clinics but I believe in it. There is no real harm stopping fish for few days anyway to avoid whatever slight chance of popping that it can cause. Scalp condition is really important. I test dandruff and sebum levels on all clients either weeks before or on the day of the procedure so that treatment can go hand in hand with the transplant.
  15. You should really have clear instructions from your clinic about preparing the scalp prior to HT. Don't go by what I will suggest as this can vary from one practice to the other. For us, I usually advise massaging the donor area few weeks before FUE and one month before FUT as this helps with wound healing, skin tension and circulation. It is extremely important for FUT in my opinion but also has good effect in FUE. I stop all topical hair loss meds 2 weeks before surgery including minoxidil. Finasteride can resume normally. I tend to stop all vitamin supplements too as some of them thin the blood. I stop all seafood/ fish oil supplements 10 days before surgery as I've noticed that people who consume a lot of seafood products/meals can have slippery grafts when placing them. This leads to some popping and makes the placement a bit more tedious. As for the dandruff, we test the scalp during the consultation or on the morning of surgery and make sure it is treated well in advance or at least immediately before surgery. There are other instructions concerned with smoking and alcohol etc. Again, your clinic is the one that should dictate what to do or not to do. These are some of my personal ones based both on known literature and some personal observations.