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  1. It is indeed a stage 6 with possible progression. Maintenance is extremely important, as well as reasonable expectations and knowledge that you will most likely require a staged approach. I agree that the beard can be utilized if it has good density.
  2. Hello @harryhouston I agree with others in saying your donor is quite low in density. The numbers that can be safely removed from it will not be enough to give decent coverage on top. I tend to put patients in a similar situation on finasteride for 6-12 months. I then reassess the donor and the improvement in hair which can in some cases change the initial plan. Nonetheless you have to be realistic in your approach.
  3. Thanks for the mention @JohnAC71 @M.Malik Medications in the form of finasteride is my current advice. It is too early to embark on any HT at this age and with your current pattern. Get it stabilised first and then you can plan the course of action. It is quite dangerous to do anything at this point.
  4. You do have what seems like early male pattern hair loss. It is genetically predisposed and hormonally mediated. I suggest getting on some good maintenance meds such as finasteride (oral or topical) or whatever suits you best. Still too young for a hair transplant given your early pattern.
  5. Ofcourse from an area and density/numbers point of view men would need more grafts. Nonetheless, a diffuse thinning female in a ludwig 2 and above pattern might not be suitable for surgery anyway. The challenge with females is in no way numerical (in most cases) that’s what I meant to stay. It is purely more technical/ aesthetic. Furthermore, remember that fewer females are actually suitable candidates. The bulk of the Androgenetic Alopecia females are not and if they were to have a transplant their results won’t be impressive at all. Your opinion is rightly driven by good female results that you are seeing based on good work and good patient selection. However, you should see the amount of failed female hair transplants that I see for example from other clinics and this is simply based on poor selection and a big female loss pattern that can not be made dense in anyway.
  6. Female hair restoration is a double edged sword. The areas usually desired are the hairline and hairline lowering which makes the area quite limited and hence we have a smaller area to fill, potentially yielding denser results. Nonetheless, the female hairline is by far more challenging than males due to different directions, angles, shape and temple design. A botched female hairline is unforgiving in many ways and can really be difficult to repair or salvage. Women can not simply shave or do SMP to hide a bad job in their hairline. Moreover, female donor areas tend to have finer hairs and I find the FUE extraction in females far more challenging due to finer hairs generally and a more acute exit angle.
  7. @SavemyhairlineI think you got yourself a well informative thread here. Certainly a lot of valid options and strategies and excellent clinic choices. If I’m to be totally honest with you, I believe that finasteride in your case is a must. I am an advocate of 3 times a week and build it up according to how you tolerate it. It is certainly effective. I do feel that a NW2 is your utmost goal. If that’s the case, I think it is important to set your goals and know your limitations early. With your dipping crown and ongoing loss on the midscalp, along with your young age, I do believe that it is only doable if lets say one area such as your crown is probably somehow compromised. I think 3000-3500 grafts will give you the frontal third that you desire, but I will certainly be open to having less density further back or even a good quality hair system for the areas that could be less fortunate to fill. Just be careful that once you get that NW2 hairline, “hair greed” might kick in and then you might not be too flexible or happy with a thinning mid scalp or crown. You can do a lot if you accept the limitations that might occur and plan for them from the beginning.
  8. I dont use headbands. My swelling prevention instructions are: 1. Ice 2. Elevation (includes sleeping in a somehow reclined position for 5 days. 3. Avoidance of forward head tilting (phone, laptop use unless reclined) 4. Reducing dose of steroids orally for the first 5 days. 5. Injected steroids mixed in the tumescent fluid. Swelling usually peaks day 3/4. So it is important to stick to the above for the first 5 days really.
  9. Yes most likely a maximum of 1000 depending on actual real life examination.
  10. I just came across this. It seems that in harsh conditions, you would likely need around 2000-2200 grafts. You hair color and characteristics would help a lot too imo.
  11. Looks like a normal healing process for this stage. Shedding is also expected at this time. Apart from the anticipated added density needed, I think you are progressing well.
  12. At your age you will definitely need to go on maintenance meds- finasteride is my first choice. If things preserve well, then chances of a successful transplant are really good judging by your hair characteristics.
  13. Please reload the last photos. Yes you can wear a cap on day 18. I am interested to also see the progress over the months. Any repair work will need to wait till at least 9-12 months by which most hairs have emerged. As everyone mentioned, it is not a bad position at all to be in since the donor is still good and the main issue is adding more grafts and possibly moving or hiding some multiple hairline grafts.
  14. Hi @Sean Please feel free to share some photos and I will be more than happy to give you my honest opinion. Don't give up. It is a great supportive environment in here.
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