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  1. Has a wonderful experience with dr gabel and his team last year. The day of surgery was great. I had no complications and the surgery felt top notch. i was concerned when told I would only need 1500 to 1600 grafts as opposed to 2000 we had originally gone by through email consult and pictures but I was told I had thick hair and didn’t need as many. i was also told to leave temple points alone as they usually start to look bad. everything was explained well and I let dr gabel do his magic. however, after the initial feeling of a full hairline post procedure, the shed and ugly duckling staged hurt. i am now 6 months post and I feel my progress hasn’t really gotten much better since 3-4 months (apart from longer hair). i still have to spend as much time concealing my hairline as I did pre surgery. I actually feel the hair behind the temples looks thinner and unless I comb it forward looks really sparse and bad in contrast to other hair. i am hoping for more growth but I feel like most people see good results setting in at 6 months
  2. Curlinginthesquatrack

    2500 grafts with Dr Steven Gable

    How’s it going? I had surgery almost six months ago with dr gabel. Great bedside manner and team behind him but I have my concerns with my own HT. I have some hair at the corners of temples/hairline that I never had before, which I am very happy about, but it’s very sparse. Behind it is very thin hair with bald patches Behind that ( hair was added at temples) and going into middle of head. thinking some of it was shock loss. i have to spend time styling it just as before to make it not as noticeable. I know six months is hard to judge but I feel behind.
  3. Curlinginthesquatrack

    3500 Scheduled with Dr. Cinik 12/12

    In my opinion I would not get off fin, doing so could mess up progress. I had a mild lump from taking a cycle of andro supplements back one time years ago- before starting fin. as I’ll mention before, I also took saw palmetto after the sides and it made the gynecomastia worse with less noticeable hair growth. it was dumb, and I haven’t touched anything before or since, at al. Due to hair and possible sides, as well as not wanting to alter hormones like that. however, jumped on fin when I was young and I honestly got more glandular tissue and pain. I stopped, restarted lower dose “, etc nothing helped. did anti estrogens for years to try and alter the damage... no luck. In fact, probably worse. i also did saw palmetto and it increased my gynecomatia - so it isn’t milder. i finally got off everything and had the lump removed with surgery on both sides. didnt touch fin for another 4 years until my hair started noticeably going down hill - and got a hair transplant last year - same time I started back on fin at 1mg every two days. So far, no sides. i think because I had most of my tissue removed it has made a difference. i also believe that most people at risk are people that have already grown gynecomastia through drugs or puberty and then take fin.
  4. Curlinginthesquatrack

    1500 grafts, PNW.

    4 months as of today. So far, still unsure with the current result. Below is a picture from right before surgery with the afters on the right (4 months in) I am unsure of my right temple / I don’t think it’s grown in as much and I don’t like that it’s higher and doesn’t add balance. (This would be the top pictures in above shot, since I did it as selfie with camera) I also don’t see many hairs as of yet to bring in density. I hope more growth occurs and not just thickening and length. I also hope the fin/propecia helps with temple points, as Dr. Gable told me not to mess with the temple points as the results from doing these through a transplant is usually not good/unnatural. i had a hair cut to even out sides and volume so it doesn’t make transplanted area as noticeable. i have always been able to style my hair to push it forward and to the side to reduce some of the rescission but obviously getting this done was to have really good styling options with my hair, confidence swimming and in the rain, not having to spend time concealing, etc. i know it’s still early. Right side, styled: Left side styled: Hoping month 5 is a great one
  5. Curlinginthesquatrack

    1500 grafts, PNW.

  6. Curlinginthesquatrack

    Dr Hasson 660 hairline grafts update

    Wow I understand not showing the full face pictures but you must look so different and more confident now. congrats !
  7. Curlinginthesquatrack

    Dr Hasson 660 hairline grafts update

    I read back my post and think it came across in a way I did not intend or that others may see as hating on your hair transplant/being jealous of it. i honestly feel like this is best case scenario for most of us getting a transplant.. especially guys like us in our mid thirties. I also went back and looked at all the pictures and I feel as if it looks great in all the pictures. i just wanted to say that your results look perfect now and don’t go beyond that as it might be risky. however, seems this may have been said before in your initial thread/previous hair transplant and your results got better. Enjoy the hair. Looks amazing.
  8. Curlinginthesquatrack

    Dr Hasson 660 hairline grafts update

    Amazing... I feel the hairline is almost too perfect tho. Most surgeons I’ve been in contact with stray away from having the hairline being too straight across and even, and risk shock loss. You got just about the perfect result but a close call lol. It definitely doesn’t have a wig like effect but it is a few percent off being too perfect. Lol. its like the guy or girl who gets filler, Botox and a nose job that’s too perfect - no wrinkles, no lines, perfectly symmetrical. Sometimes a little imprecation actually makes you look more human and attractive. you definitely look amazing but you don’t need to get any further work at this point or it could look like a pure hair transplant/fake.
  9. Considering you’re a nw5 and the before pictures, there’s no way I’d consider this less than a perfect result. if you had stabilized sooner in life with hair loss, you’d maybe have faired even better? Awesome result. i only had 1560 grafts but just recession in and around hairline with course thick hair. Hoping it’s enough for density and fill in the hairline
  10. Curlinginthesquatrack

    1500 grafts, PNW.

    In one more week I’ll be three months in. Before on the left and right after. A little concern but I know it’s early days. I can see some smaller hairs coming in but very sparse and not many.
  11. Curlinginthesquatrack

    1500 grafts, PNW.

    I’ll post some pictures of the back side a little later. It’s so hard to take them without a timer - will do a little later. in al honesty, I haven’t looked back there since 3 weeks out - and it already looked pretty Normal by that point.. no concerns.
  12. Curlinginthesquatrack

    Rahal: FUE 1600: 5 months update

    I feel like you have every right to be slightly upset at this point. it looks like in the pre pictures you sweep your hair forward to hide the recession. Seems you have natural thickness and strong middle to hide it. I have the sane situation. It was only once I cut my hair short did my spouse and family realize I was balding significantly. in the post pictures it seems you have confidence to not mask it and it looks better but given the cost and the surgery... not a home run yet. lets hope you’re just one of those slower to grow individuals.
  13. Curlinginthesquatrack

    1500 grafts, PNW.

    A month in. Really in the ugly duckling stage now. Doctor said I looked less red than others straight after surgery but it’s pretty darn red at the moment. Luckily I can wear a hat whenever needed. minus the redness, the hair looks almost identical to when I grew my hair back from buzzing in prior to surgery. I started fin again. I had sides that were bad when I started it 8 years ago but I’m now doing Monday Wednesday and Friday 1mg. We will see how it goes - right now I don’t have any sides.
  14. Dr Cooley? Btw, it’s much better but density is so important and I would honestly be unhappy too. I am 3 weeks in and hope my density with my transplant is very good. I had 1550 grafts. its frustrating to think you’ll have to shave your donor hair and front again. what if you had wanted to grow it out longer permanently and now you start again... frustrating
  15. Curlinginthesquatrack

    1500 grafts, PNW.