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  1. Thanks. I did reach out and he responded. He thinks it is native hair loss post transplant and not the transplanted area. If I can make it back across to the office at some point, he wants to take a look to see if this is true or not. I still think there’s density issue there at the front. But I could be wrong. ive attached a couple pictures. Pre op and now. I definitely enjoy having a hairline that I clearly did not have before, especially pulled back. I am just a little frustrated that instead of rocking that I am still checking my hair a lot to make sure the thin areas of temples are not totally exposed, as it could look more odd than a receding hairline.
  2. Fantastic difference. Looks great. i am sure it has changed your life. Congrats!
  3. I appreciate your post and advice/support. I will say this tho: i did not go to a fantastic doctor and spend a lot of money on a hair transplant to have a similar look to dolph. I think his hair looks great for him.. but he is 61 years old. Maybe the hair of his 20-25 or more years younger would be more acceptable and definitely more Age appropriate for my age range. also, I can’t pull off a’s or b’s haircut. (A) has more slope and recession around his temples/hairline but he has even fullness and thickness behind it. If I don’t slime my hair Around with product and perfectly style it, you’d see the scalp coming through easily.
  4. I’ll be 10 months post op in a few days. Not happy with the results. I see an improvement at the initial hairline but behind it, temples, it’s thin on both sides, especially the right. as of now, unless I have a shaved head or push hairs from the middle across and glue them down with product, I have empty areas.
  5. amazing results. Glad you look like you’re hitting a home run. Congrats!
  6. Thanks. However, here’s a picture from March 2018 before I shaved my head due to not liking to hide my recession/becoming harder to hide. as you can see, the first pictures I posted pre transplant were of my hair shortly after a shaved head. I think with a shaved head the results are extremely noticeable but I don’t notice much difference at a longer style. I Am still having to hide the right temple and some of the left - the biggest problem prior to hair transplant. Definitely do not feel transformed as of yet. The fact that without careful and time consuming styling distribution on both sides, it exposes the thinness and also the fact that I am still very concerned about it... I don’t yet feel transformed before surgery & with longer hair covering temples in earlier 2018: now: I want to wear it long or possibly short but unfortunately wearing it short exposes the temples and wearing it long looks weird because thickness of native hair compared to the thin and sparse transplanted hair. Does it come down to grafts received? With my native density and corner recession, was 1500 going to do it - along with grafts that didn’t make it? i will keep holding out but no improvements since the earlier months.
  7. I understand what you’re saying. However, I don’t think 2000-2400 is considered a mega session. H&w just posted a new patient in clinic results 2500 grafts. Similar density pre transplant but fuller and denser post. Did forelock and temples. Going to give it year... of course... but no changes since months 6-7.
  8. I do not know density transplanted. I was told the 1590 grafts would be enough for good density. I emailed a few months ago. The response was to give it 16 months.
  9. I had initially been quoted at 2,000 grafts, which I still felt was low/average when googling results at that amount. i was told 1,500 would be enough due to hair caliber. i had emailed H&w initially but I did not like their email response - it was very unprofessional looking and made me go straight with dr gabel (he responded to his own email). i have noticed dense results with h&w, yes.
  10. I got off meds 4 months in because I felt bad sides that I had when previously taken fin but trying again, we’ll see. with shock loss, we didn’t transplant much into area that had A lot of hair. Most of the thin area happens to be where I didn’t have much hair to begin with.
  11. Thanks. Totally giving it a full 12 months. My surgery was a great experience on the day and very professional throughout. The picture is not even when combed down. It is when I don’t put product in it and just brush my hair lightly to the side or down. Attached are pictures wet, brushed with hand and pulled back to show gaps. Not lowering the hairline is totally understandable and realistic given my age but I was hoping for a hairline that went across without thinness in temples or with gaps. Left side (below) thin but with less gaps.
  12. Well, not sure if it was shock loss or just grafts not yet/won’t grow. seems looking at before and after, the thin areas are at the front to the back of where the grafts were added and not related to shock loss. My native hair caliber is very thick, which combined with grafts that grew, can hold it together when styled back but even just a simple comb or finger and you can see the thinness of the right side. again, hoping this resolves around the 9-12 month mark.
  13. Sorry. My intention was not to act displeased with my results or talk negatively about my doctor! i should rephrase how i feel. I am thrilled I no longer have to comb down my hair to hide recession in the corners and can now style back or side. It is natural, had no complications and an not unhappy as I may have come across. My concern was with the density, mostly on the right side. I posted my short hair so that people can see the recession. When my hair is long, as also posted, I could hide it with length and still have the middle thicker pre transplant. i could see I had that classic Jude law hair (strong middle and weak temples) approaching my future and it was getting harder to hide. the transplant has made a huge difference for me. I just wish I had more grafts up front corners where the recession was. i want to say that Dr Gabel is one of the only doctors I contacted to reply in person with all contact. The office, his staff, everyone was fantastic on the day of surgery. He goes above and beyond with that. i do not want it to seem like I am unhappy with this process. I also want to give it a full year before considering anything else. i have attached pictures of my hair dry and without product and then styled with product to show the right sides density. i feel like a full home run will be hit if I can get density there.