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  1. Sorry. My intention was not to act displeased with my results or talk negatively about my doctor! i should rephrase how i feel. I am thrilled I no longer have to comb down my hair to hide recession in the corners and can now style back or side. It is natural, had no complications and an not unhappy as I may have come across. My concern was with the density, mostly on the right side. I posted my short hair so that people can see the recession. When my hair is long, as also posted, I could hide it with length and still have the middle thicker pre transplant. i could see I had that classic Jude law hair (strong middle and weak temples) approaching my future and it was getting harder to hide. the transplant has made a huge difference for me. I just wish I had more grafts up front corners where the recession was. i want to say that Dr Gabel is one of the only doctors I contacted to reply in person with all contact. The office, his staff, everyone was fantastic on the day of surgery. He goes above and beyond with that. i do not want it to seem like I am unhappy with this process. I also want to give it a full year before considering anything else. i have attached pictures of my hair dry and without product and then styled with product to show the right sides density. i feel like a full home run will be hit if I can get density there.
  2. That’s why I am unhappy. I went in expecting 2,000 grafts and was told 1,500 would be what was needed. I fully went in to pay and have 2,000 or more grafts as originally discussed. I asked if density would be full and I could part and style my hair easily on any direction with that amount.
  3. here’s my hair wet. I’m hoping the hairs thicken up more as it’s very noticeable due to thickness of native hair and I still have to spend a long time to conceal the right side so it doesn’t appear thin, as I still did prior to transplant here is a good one 3-4 months after transplant and now: (my hair caliber must be decent because my hair looked noticeably balding when buzzed short):
  4. Still sparse and thin at the right side withnproduct in it and pulled to side(where most hair loss took place) left side has some thinness but definitely thicker with product in it like above i wish I had more grafts to fill around the density I have in middle of hair. i hope it thickens more. my hairloss was so noticeable short and when shaved, could really see how bad it had gotten but with caliber of hair it looked okay long. Here it is 8 months ‘’prior to surgery:
  5. Almost 8 months. this is a heck of a journey.... it has certainly gotten better and I will definitely wait until after 12 months to fully judge it!
  6. We’ll see. From other people’s threads and doctor opinions, most results seem to happen from 3-6 months and taper off dramatically after that. although length grows in, I still have sparse temples. With my hair longer again, I don’t see much difference with hair styled than before 10k surgery. Given that I didn’t lower my hairline or have the temple points worked on (I was advised against) I was hoping at least for good density with a good fortified hairline, i am however pleased that the surgery itself was great and no issues with recovery or donor area.
  7. Dr gabel told me to give it a full 1.5 years for full results. I started looking up results for 1,600 grafts post surgery. I saw mixed results and generally the best results for minimal hair loss went to around 2-2,500 or more. in all fairness, he told me that due to my hair caliber that 1600 or less would be acceptable density and fullness for my hair. I think I ended up with 1,560-80. i appreciated him not over selling me but also made it clear I wanted good density so that I could part my hair or slick back without bald spots in there.
  8. Small area but great density. I am unsure of my own density results thus far with less than 1,600 grafts.
  9. I chose dr gabel because of his bedside manner and ethical stance. He also responded personally to my initial consultation email - a very nice and personal touch the surgery also went without issue. my other option for Doctor was Hasson and Wong. i received an email with poor grammar and English (my spelling sometimes get lost in auto correct or text typing) but hasson wong’s email was full of spelling errors and vague message to contact for a consultation. however, I did like their results. A little less conservative than some doctors and lots of density. i went in expecting 2000 or 2,500 grafts but was told my hair quality looked better than in pictures and would need less than 1,600. Although I was happy to hear this would mean less cost wise, I couldn’t help but think I needed more to get good density match. Most results I wanted seemed to be around 2,000-2,500 i really wanted to get good results and fortify areas now so that I wouldn’t need another for a number of years and end up with a more dramatic result initially. I even went for not lowering the hairline because I preferred having grafts go towards a fuller hairline then having a thin, sparse hairline-temples so that I could have a lower hairline. Also did not want that for risk of future recession. i have been told by doctor finally results can take 1.5 years to be established. i haven’t seem much beyond thickening of existing hairs that grew 3 months in... so I am trying to keep patient and not think about it too much. I went with one of the best so I am trying to stay hopeful.
  10. Hair thickening up a little but still thin and bald in spots. Someone actually just commented on my hairline thinning - hadn’t met them before prior to this meeting. At seven months, I’m hoping for more growth. If this is even close to the final result, And over $10,000 in, i will have regretted getting a hair transplant.
  11. This is it dry. I can part some of the middle hair in a comb over to conceal but the reason for the transplant was styling options, not having to spend time concealing hair, etc. some days look better than others. Trying not to get too worried still only 6 months in,
  12. Has a wonderful experience with dr gabel and his team last year. The day of surgery was great. I had no complications and the surgery felt top notch. i was concerned when told I would only need 1500 to 1600 grafts as opposed to 2000 we had originally gone by through email consult and pictures but I was told I had thick hair and didn’t need as many. i was also told to leave temple points alone as they usually start to look bad. everything was explained well and I let dr gabel do his magic. however, after the initial feeling of a full hairline post procedure, the shed and ugly duckling staged hurt. i am now 6 months post and I feel my progress hasn’t really gotten much better since 3-4 months (apart from longer hair). i still have to spend as much time concealing my hairline as I did pre surgery. I actually feel the hair behind the temples looks thinner and unless I comb it forward looks really sparse and bad in contrast to other hair. i am hoping for more growth but I feel like most people see good results setting in at 6 months
  13. How’s it going? I had surgery almost six months ago with dr gabel. Great bedside manner and team behind him but I have my concerns with my own HT. I have some hair at the corners of temples/hairline that I never had before, which I am very happy about, but it’s very sparse. Behind it is very thin hair with bald patches Behind that ( hair was added at temples) and going into middle of head. thinking some of it was shock loss. i have to spend time styling it just as before to make it not as noticeable. I know six months is hard to judge but I feel behind.