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  1. He said the area was outside of where the transplant occurred but I do feel differently. Looking at shaved head pre op and post op can see where grafts where placed and I have thinness in those areas. However, left side doesn’t have these problems or further recession. So I left feeling as if he meant he wouldn’t charge me to touch up the few grafts that didn’t take but that any work that would significantly alter the right side would require another surgery/paid surgery. Plus I really would not want to shave my head again. I am okay with shaving underneath the back donor hair but I wouldn’t want to shave my temples again. the left grew in great for the amount of grafts places there. The right side is hard to style, the hair is thinner and there are areas exposing scalp. I feel like if I had the right side matching the left it would be a home run.
  2. Thanks for your honest opinion Melvin. Spouse commented a couple of times. It was random and I was not making comments about my hair at the time. I have not actually brought up my personal struggle with my HT because I know they would be upset if I mentioned it. Legend, thank you for your reply. I do agree with you on the one side of my hair. I can run my hand through it and it falls perfectly, good coverage and layering that’s sits nicely, naturally. The right side has the gap and thinness running down the length of it, so it can all sit rather limp that side, exposed scalp in the gap area and I find that Styling it to feel comfortable with it, short or long, is hard because of these factors:
  3. Just had my one year appointment with Dr Gabel a few weeks ago. I was told that nearly all grafts have grown. Any that he thinks have not, he would fix those few grafts up at no cost if I decide to go through with and pay to have another procedure with him. The areas I had concerns with is apparently further native loss of hair beyond the transplanted area and is causing the bald spot/thin area, according to Dr Gabel. I have some thinness on both transplanted temples but the right side actually has a near bald area. However, I have had slow hair loss over the years and noticed the areas of concern after the hairs grew back in post transplant (two months in). it easily looks to me, tracing up my temple points to native hairline in the pictures, that grafts were actually placed within the area I have issues with - because that’s where the balding was taking place - the whole of the temples of the hairline - and looking at pictures/from what I remember pre $ post surgery. I emailed dr gabel regarding the above and did not hear back. My partner says that they didn’t notice my thinning hairline before because I had my hair long (and it’s thick) but it was noticeable when I had it cut very short on top and she saw the temples had receded badly. partner also said the transplant looks natural when I have it styled but any time I don’t take time to really style away the thinness or take off my hat, they comment about how it looks ‘off’ or weird. I think they mean they can see the thin/sparse areas and just don’t want to hurt feelings and come out and say so. I will also say I am still concerned having my hair short like months 3-6 because of the thinness in areas and needing to push other hair over the thin temples. I told Dr Gabel I am up and down on my results. I really want both to be happy with the result.. overall, as of now: I am finding myself disappointed with my near final results. I do not mind that my hairline has a mature shape to it and not a lowered or slightly straighter shaped hairline.... if I had good coverage in the temples. Dr Gabel is a great guy, surgeon & his staff and facility are fantastic. I am overall, with everything considered, just not pleased with my results. I will continue to take finasteride and update on any progress.
  4. Almost a year out. Below is with the hair back to show what hairline is like. I was hoping pulling it back would hide the thinness but unless it’s perfectly combed over it appears very thin. my hair really hasn’t gotten any denser since month 4. I do also wish my hairline was a little more even/symmetrical instead of off lower one side and temple points being worked on, which I was told would blend fine when longer. However, my main concern is the lack of density on the temples and hairline. From where the hair was transplanted in front to the back area. I would be happy if this where full and even both sides.
  5. I’ll be following this one. My surgeon did not think it were wise for me to have my temple points restored. He said it was unpredictable and a lot of the time it looks off and can go badly. as of now, yours looks great and I’ll keep up to date. Good luck!
  6. This I know. I had a very good impression of dr gabel during our email conversations and consult before surgery. i plan to see him in the next month or so. I Will update at the 12 month period (this is 11 months out) before then. thanks legend. I have been back on finestaride for some time and hope to preserve what I have (unless I get negative symptoms from it).
  7. The main tech actually did the left side. dr gabel did most of the right, from what I can remember lying down. I could be wrong though - perhaps a tech assisted him on that side when he left the surgical room at times. Not 100% certain. i also agree - the left looks great - especially styled. Thanks.
  8. Even though I wanted it longer, I am considering shaving my head. Hiding the thinness of the temples with my native hair thickness and short hair is too challenging and longer the hair is the more unpredictable it becomes depending on the type of hair day I Am having and I have to keep brushing it over the right side. below shows both temples. I am very happy with the left side temple . It blends decently with native hair and has enough density to be combed and parted. The right side is still thin from beginning of hairline to temples. I am going to try and see dr gabel next month so he can give me an expert opinion.
  9. Would you say the area that you had concerns with has gotten better to the point it doesn’t bother you? I don’t see it in the pictures you posted any longer but I know that pictures are not functional representation of the hair and that surgeons are occasionally guilty of posting pictures of people at their worst (hair pulled back with a hair and, shaving the native hairline, etc) and then with the hair grown out over the hairline.
  10. Thanks for explaining. Totally understand when you see just the pictures of hair pulled back it doesn’t look bad. Yours looks great until you expose the thinner areas too. It looks like you have less gaps and thinness though so I am hoping yours evens out just fine with thickening. I doubt my wife will allow me the time and expense to do another surgery pass after a year out from previous. She would lose it. That’s kind of why I wanted it done with. It’s a lot mentally and the time away from work, and such makes it difficult. I am hoping yours thickens up and continues to look good!
  11. I can see what you are concerned about. Though..., how come you go to my post and be critical of me for my concerns with my own density.