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  1. Wow great results already! Congrats! Im a 3 weeks behind you. Hoping to get similar results soon.
  2. Hi Kelm. Yes I did. I think I got some shock loss. Just reading horror stories from other people is making me paranoid. I know it's still too early to tell. I think seeing skeeters 7 week progress picture gave me unrealistic expectations though I know everyone's different. I did run into a little hiccup that has me worried. I had an infection and had to be prescribed a stronger antibiotic which fixed the infection. I'm hoping I didn't lose my grafts from that. Guess I'll just have to continue to wait and see.
  3. Hey kelmf How's the ugly duckling stage coming along? I'm currently in the stage too and it's killing me. About to hit 3 month mark.
  4. Are you continuing to use rogaine?
  5. ThePeoplesElbow

    FUE with Dr Gabel

    Hey Skeeter. Did you continue to use rogaine after your surgery? I might have missed it.
  6. ThePeoplesElbow

    FUE with Dr Gabel

    Your hair looks amazing! Do you know if your 1 month shed pictures is similar to how your hair looked before the surgery? Was this how your hair looked pre op? Or did you shed more than you were at baseline?
  7. ThePeoplesElbow

    FUE with Dr Gabel

    Hi Skeeter, Any luck on finding pictures before the op? How long did it take for redness to go away?
  8. ThePeoplesElbow

    FUE with Dr Gabel

    Looks good! Do you have pictures of before the transplant? I would like to see what NW you were before.