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  1. Great update Lenney! I am following & happy growing. I just hit my 3month mark as well however
  2. So is dr Kayihan Sahinoglu a real doctor or this whole thing is a scam? I’ve seen his website and he is a American Board Hair Restoration member, with awesome natural looking results however nothinf about him on this website.
  3. Awesome respone John. I appreciate your wisdom greatly. Okay i will look into each doc and get back to you soon. I appreciate you. I am mainly looking for repair work on the hairline since i already had a ht on the hairline 3 years ago and the result was not good, too straight of a line, hairline did not consist of only single hair grafts and overall did not look natural. Looking for a doc who achieves natural and can repair this
  4. All is normal and the hairs are starting to grow. Happy growing! I’m sure you will be ecstatic at your 6month mark!
  5. John. Can you guide me to a doc in Turkey that is ethical and achieves natural results please? And is in compliance with the IHRS. Hope its not too much to ask brother i appreciate it massively
  6. Basically what the title says, can you guys recommend a top HT doc with natural results? So I can compare before going to the USA to do a repair transplant on the hairline (unnatural result)
  7. Awesome! How long would I have to wait for a hairline fix from a previous “chop shop” with Dr Alexander haha
  8. Great respond since. You are a legend on this website. Thanks. Will look into these things
  9. Since. You’ve had HT’s with Dr K correct? If i was to get someone to correct my transplant and give me a more natural hairline, would u recommend Dr K? He is booked until March 2020 and I have researched for a year on this site, can’t find anyone that does better jobs at HT’s than Dr K and he can help me repair mine. What do u think
  10. OP awesome post. Any updates on this? In a similar boat 🚣‍♀️