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  1. I did a repair ht back in feb in Istanbul and we removed some grafts from both sides because the hairline was too sraight and that helped a little bit. Also transplanted 1100 grafts. Did electrolysis on the hairs since they continue to grow after you punch them out and it was red first few days and had me worried but within a week skin is nice and smooth! Hopefully that helps some strugglers out there but yea back to main question. Isnt it nicer with 1 hairs in the front? Is it normal to have 2 hair grafts and 3 hair geafts in the front? This last one the doc placed some here and there /: dnt rly look gd
  2. Hi. So yea i was just wondering. If you have a s
  3. Apparently procedures are performed by Dr Aisha or Aysha she is a female. Their reviews on google are 135 5 stars but i cant find anything about that clinic on here. I am not looking for a HT. Instead i am looking for a fue punch removal in the hairline & she seems eager to do it. Wanted to see what the community knows.
  4. Potier i wish you had told us what you had done. Some people including myself are searching day and night for solutions & your repair could have helped a lot to fellow strugglers but now lord knows when you will respond because it says your last log in was August 8th
  5. I think this is a very good job done here. Good job Doc. I am interested in a similar fue punch removal of about 1 to 1.5 cm of the hairline. Is there any update on how the area that was removed looks now? Would love to know
  6. Awesome thanks for your response! Look forward to seeing the final outcome. So far its looking on track to be a home run
  7. Sorry for asking a private question like this & you can completely ignore me. Is his pricing above average or
  8. Congrats. Awesome result. How is the are were the grafts were removed. Looking good?
  9. I don’t mind. His name is Dr Kayihan Sahinoglu. Are you looking for a removal as well?
  10. I most likely will wait to go with that Doctor in Turkey. He is unreal & i trust him but i was just wondering what your thoughts would be like towards this matter.
  11. I am wondering, to remove grafts in the hairline via Fue punch, one must go to the best state of the art fue surgeon or any surgeon who performs fue will get a good result. Since it is just a removal of the grafts & not an actual full transplant with incisions and angling and all that. i did a test fue removal to two small sides from the left and right of my head & they healed really great and i wanna remove the whole transplant if I am being honest. Now the doctor who did the test removal in turkey is acting very strange all of a sudden. Doesnt answer any of my questions & postponed me 3 times to April & when i ask “no problem what date in april” like 6 times he doesn’t answer. I have a feeling he’s gonna fluke. So can I go to any Fue surgeon or only one that is really skilled. Thanks for viewing & your time.
  12. Hang in there bro. You will be fine. Any update? Worse comes to worse you get them fued out and put back into where they were taken out of. You can do SMP to where they were fued out from if u prefer not to put them back. Laser also should do the trick. Hope you are well
  13. haha one weird problem we are in my dude. any updates? did you go ahead with the punch removal?
  14. im sorry to hear as well brother. its really sad, but what can ya do. just gotta look forward to a brighter future. Thanks for the recommendations, you are the best and ill look into them. Much love, what is your approach going to be?
  15. no problem. its just hair! i have messaged you already steven! haha
  16. 5 years ago I made a mistake of getting a Hair Transplant at age 20 years old. I had a head full of hair and my dad still had plenty of hair at age 55 (he passed when i was 14). I have hated it since day one. I believed there was no way out for many years but last year I went and got a "repair". My main issue was the line was too far forward and too straight, destroyed my face's aesthetics. Also a buzzcut was no longer an option as the grafts grow out in a weird way, which I really used to enjoy doing back in the day as well as the fue "shotgun shot" holes in the back of the head which I will smp someday. For now I do not buzz the sides lower than a 7 but prefer scissor work on the sides as to not expose the scar. I am not too concerned with the back and sides as I am in the front as thats most important, I am sure most of you will agree. During the repair in Turkey in February, The doc back added 1000 grafts from the sides and fue'd/punched out a little bit from both right and left sides to make the hair line look more natural. It has healed really well and the skin has improved immensely, however hairs still grow in that area. Anyway, I still hated it after and now I believe i am ready to fue out all the transplanted hairs, i understand the risks and everything, but i would be much happier. Do you guys know any reputable surgeons that do such work? I am available to fly for a consultation. After my research I have seen some good results from both Dr Bernstein as well Dr Bisanga. The hairline that needs to be punched out is no more than 2cm, to go back to my original Hairline. Any inputs are appreciated. Thanks guys
  17. no, i personally did a fue test removal myself, and the results are good. im looking to remove the whole hairline with the same method soon & thats why im asking. however, i will not be causing more scarring to my head in order to cover the scar at the back of my head, if anything ill get smp. yes, when you fue them out you can still little shadows but nothing compared to actually razor shaving when the grafts are not removed.
  18. if he just shaved witha razor his scalp would not look the way it does. i think he fued them out.
  19. hi guys, thanks for viewing the thread. As the title states, i'm wonderin how did joe rogan manage to remove his hair transplant & look so good, as if nothing has happened in the area. i know he says he shaves his head every 3 days in one of his podcasts, but I am wondering if he manually fue'd out the previous 3 transplants he did or what? His head looks as if it is of virgin scalp or skin, like its never been touched. I know he still has his FUT scar in the back. Thanks for your time, hope someone can chime in on this. I've searched the entire wide web, couldnt find nothing.