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  1. please ask how the hair caliber/texture - body vs hair vs beard - blend after HT. Does it all look natural or can you pin point the weak (chest) and thick (beard) hair?
  2. What are his per graft prices or is it a package deal?
  3. FDA approval is for "safety of product" NOT FDA approval that it will cause hair growth.
  4. Yes. 1.) Morr5 - I see this product manufactured by Gina Pharma and/or Intas Pharma. Gina Pharma is 100% fraud. Instas seem like a big reputed company but I don't see their "india" product list on their website. Other regions product pdf's are readily available. 2.) Parati Farmacia(Pharmacy) - Heard about it but couldn't find the product on their website. Reading other forums tell me that I would need a prescription for it. If topical fin is a great invention (and super easy to make...just mix minox + Fin powder) - Why is there no info, no literature, no test studies, no clinical trials. In fact, H&W stopped selling it. I'll stay away unless I hear more details from people here and real life use cases.
  5. Follicum Trials to Restart “Some good news. We will restart the clinical Phase IIa study with a cream-like formulation of FOL-005 this month, following a pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To increase the recruitment rate, we have contracted a third study centre. The study comprises approximately 200 male patients with hair loss who are treated daily for four months with the newly developed formulation of FOL-005 or placebo. The study is being conducted at the Clinical Research Center for Hair and Skin Science (“CRC”) in Berlin; proDERM in Hamburg; and the new center, CentroDerm in Wuppertal. The patients themselves will apply a cream with three different strengths of FOL-005 or placebo in the scalp, once daily in the evening. The study is expected to be completed and the results communicated in spring 2021.” ..................But they have no pics to show for it YET.
  6. For me, All these side effects went away within a week of getting off of Fin.
  7. Having used it personally, I'll never touch it again. Had horrible libido side effects, I'm glad I'm off of it; things are back to normal ( Search for PFS on forums and it will scare you). There was a poll done by Melvin or Bill sometime back on Fin usage and many users reported side effects. I'd trust the replies on this forum then some pharma propaganda. People who don't have side effects - they're lucky. BTW: Donald trump also takes fin (his medical report was public and someone posted it here.)
  8. That can be easily fixed by SMP in the donor area. I plan to do the same after my HT.
  9. More info https://www.longdom.org/open-access/a-new-topical-formulation-of-minoxidil-and-finasteride-improves-hair-growth-in-men-with-androgenetic-alopecia-2155-9554.1000253.pdf Anyone here used Dr Bauman's topical fin? I guess they don't ship outside california though.
  10. I'm confused. Jina Pharma has this product on their website and not Intas Pharma. But on Ebay, all bottles have "Intas" on them. Who is the manufacturer? Again, if this was 10% of what it claims to be, it would be in every Walmart/CVS/Target.
  11. Something is definitely shady about this company Jina Pharma..on their website, they have no names/team members or their expertise. There's one VP - Saif Sheikh and there no pic/profile info of him even on linked in. Someone who indulges in cutting edge research doesn't have a fake looking profile. Even their address in IL is a pic of the freeway. Not sure if I'd trust their products. Can anyone vouch who has used them so far?
  12. What other size punches do the docs use? I thought 0.7 mm was the new norm now. In fact. never heard of 0.9mm being used on scalp.
  13. I'm jealous of @Zoomster ; amazing results brother. This has Eugenix on my list now. I think your 5 month result is already a win; you're no longer bald and that was the main goal. The density even now suits the age
  14. sorry didn't see that post...If the word moron was used (and too first by the same person), that's equally un-acceptable and mods should remove it. I'm not the comment police - I used to moderate a car enthusiast thread long time back ad-hominem were a strict no-no there. I hope we all get together along well while keeping the difference in opinions. I actually like this thread since it's off topic from what we normally discuss.
  15. I hope you stay and any ad hominem remarks are removed and doesn't happen again.