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  1. Hi All, I started FIN in Feb 2018 last year, no Rogaine Foam. I was taking in daily till october 2018 but because of the libido side effects, made it 4 times a week after october. I also use the laser cap every other day. I still see some miniature hair fall. Most imp thing - I guess the hair as it as has held up, but no extra growth that I was going for. See pics - One from May 2018 when my hair was short and One from last week Jan 2019. Please comment. 1.) My HT goal is not to be young again, I'm almost 40. I just want a decent "hairline + frontal third" and in the crown I could use toppik etc. (Rahal/H&W/Scott Alexander/Koinor) 2.) Will an HT be successful even if you don't use FIN afterwards? 3.) Should I start rogaine again. Last time when I stopped, I had crazy shedding. It made hair sticky. I got the foam version. 4.) Which is the best doc for diffused thinning which I have. Will take more skill to implant b/w existing hair. I really want to get off of FIN and still have decent results via HT - Is it even possible. Top Pic = May 2018; Bottom Pics = Jan 2019
  2. Bill - He "deleted" his pics from his phone - that's what he told in this last thread. He posts same nonsense every time. He was banned earlier with another username (bramhabull).
  3. This is a 3 year old thread but I'm surprised to hear about S5 and I'm on this forum a lot. Does S5 work or it's snake oil? Did H&W prescribe it or you got it from somewhere else?
  4. and we're frustrated with your post and same old boring repeated rant. People - don't engage him any further.
  5. The one I have is below; so far no improvement. Zero. Laser Type: 5mW Wavelength: 650nm Output Mode: Continuous Number of Lasers: 272
  6. Other than Replicel - which other companies are engaged in clinical trials to prevent baldness.
  7. 35 Yr old and with this awesome hair line, adding 1/3 inch of extra hairline won't probably make any difference in your appearance. You might end up with un-natural hairline.
  8. I have a laser cap and have been using for 6 months and no diff....will still continue to use since I already have it LOL. With HT - you do all things you can - PRP/Laser/Shampoo....I even have a scalp elixir but I don't think they work. However, I still continue to use thinking - maybe it would be worse if I don't. Will post pics in Feb when I finish 1 year on FIN and 8 months on laser cap...NO diff.
  9. The pic you posted post-op is not really post-op; no redness, no grafts but anyway, now we know you won't post it. Keller must have pics of you post op...ask him. I don't think you're legit but if you are - hang in there; stress leads to more problems so don't stress....crown is difficult area and takes time. As of now just wait and watch for another 6 months and don't open new thread every week or month. After 6 months, if still no result, come back and discuss with this forum...Hasson/Wong might be able to do something with the donor you have left.
  10. NOT EVEN ONE PIC POST-OP from OP; Stop feeding the troll. Not even the 13K credit card charge LOL If he doesn't post at least one post op pic by tomorrow morning, mods should remove this thread and block this IP for good. Give proper info to get help from community, you're giving all kinds of BS info except the real one.
  11. If you deleted 90% of pics, no problem. You must have at least one pic of you with grafts....just one? Post it.
  12. Again, you posted pic of a "gentleman" and not you. Post pics of your grafts, you might as well be a troll against keller. Now you will spend time on internet to find grafts of ppl "like you". I doubt you had a HT and that with Keller. I seriously doubt it now.
  13. Post post-op pics and show graft placement. Also crown is a tricky area and takes time. So you have to be patient.
  14. He creates new thread every now and then. We don't know who is doc and/or what the doc is saying. Most Imp: Only two pics showing baldness, zero pics showing post op pics... Did you even have an HT? If yes, post pics right after the HT where we can see the grafts.
  15. Another day; another thread on same thing. Are you going to create one every week? I think you should take a break from this forum and your hair and focus on the all the crazy hot women who are mad about you.
  16. What is "Rahal FUE"?. Is it a better technique than the regular FUE other docs use? It's great that Dr Rahal posts some metrics on density; not many docs do that. Recipient Area treated 47 cm² Recipient Graft Density 43.1 grafts/cm²Recipient Hair Density 86 hairs/cm²
  17. I can totally relate with you and for this reason I reduced FIN to 4 days a week (but now I see hair fall is still there as opposed to 7 days a week). I don't have ED, but libido is a good 80% less then before. So, it sucks to be in this situation. Why don't you use Toppik/Caboki in crown area. You also said you use Rogaine once a week and form the thinning from Jan 2016 to Dec 2018, I don't think it helped at all. I also used to use Rogaine and stopped (itchy scalp/more hair fall etc., It didn't work for me)
  18. Has anyone faced this also - I was on FIN 7 every day of week and then the side effects hit me so I changed the dose to every other day and I would say the side effects have gotten a tiny better but now I can see more hairfall.....roots coming out. If you reduce FIN dosage, does hair fall start again, I also use laser cap every other day as well as "T-Sal" neutrogena shampoo and hair massage (coconut oil, peppermit oil, Hair Elixir etc).....Damn...even then hair is falling...What else can I do?
  19. NIH also did a study showing laser cap is awesome and I bought one. 6 months later...no hair growth and hair keep falling (since I reduced FIN every other day rather than everyday because of side effects.)
  20. What about using Toppik? What does your HT surgeon says about hair system?
  21. This is what the doc says in his post - "30 year old whose objective was to have a conservative frontal hair restoration, thicken mid scalp & to reduce his crown area from a class 6 vertex to a 3/4 class." So, the question is what's the crown now - NW4 or not as promised? (It was NW6 earlier).
  22. OP - Also post a before/after pic with "Front Pose". Let's see how much of a difference HT made.