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  1. I use caboki every now and then and it's really hot and humid in houston and I can see black fibres dripping on forehead. Do you spray something to lock in the fibres?
  2. Too many posts these days of people who are barely bald and getting HT's and leading clinics posting their pics as homeruns
  3. I always wonder why ASMED has so many 5000+graft procedures - Is this a good practice that others are not following or is it overharvesting?
  4. I see less shedding for sure. But I'm not seeing growth at all with Lipogaine Shampoo + Lipo Minox + 1mm microneedle every week + Azelaic Acid at night + Laser cap couple of times a week. But I have extensive diffused thinning and not seeing growth.
  5. I followed Melvin's advice and got me azelaic acid too 3-4 months ago. I use Lipogaine is morning and Azelaic Acid at night.
  6. Dr Charles - Can you share more info on exosomes; first time hearing about this and was planning PRP. What's the cost of exosome treatment? Is it a one time thing or does it have to be done repeatedly.
  7. OP - What's wrong with your hair? You don't seem to be balding. Where you going to implant those 3000 hair?
  8. What's the price difference in H&W and Konior?
  9. Unless this company clearly tell us the timeline/cost from freezing follicle to actually having a full head of hair, it's a waste of time. So very curious to the outcome of the interview. All I want is hair on my head, not follicles in the freezer.
  10. If they take follicles from the back it makes no sense; they're ok just being in the back. if they take hair from top (before DHT hits the follicle), then it makes sense. But what gurantees DHT won't attack the same follicle once it's implanted. Please ask the UK company to make a simple animated video to explain the layman.
  11. How do you test each follicle to be DHT resistant? How do you make sure all the frozen follicles are 100% useful when frozen vs when they're taken out. How much is the warranty if those frozen follicles don't grow hair once implanted. Most imp ques: Are they taking follicles from the back donor area or the top.
  12. Melvin - When you apply Lipogaine or Azelaic Acid...do any hair fall at all OR do you see some on your fingers? For me, I do see some hair when I apply both.
  13. I have been dermarolling for almost 10 months with no change...I use 1mm roller. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. When i was looking up FIN side effect and then a poll was created, it clearly showed it's NOT 2 percent who have side effects. It's more like 50%. I personally had side effect and they're gone after I stopped. I just use Rogaine in morning/Lipogaine Shampoo/Azelaic Acid at night and Laser cap every other day. If my hair stays, great. If not, still ok, FIN for me was never worth it. Also, when you search other forums, there are grown healthy men crying about PFS...that's why I stopped taking it.
  15. OP - Post pics that are in normal/low light so we can see the comparison
  16. Thx a lot for the detailed reply Dr Ferreira. I wish all the consultations were a bit more technical where they talk about donor area and density vs required area & density. Some of my consultations were you will 2500 grafts and it will cost XXX. When asked about density/area to be filled, which zones to be filled, it was told it can only be answered once you're here on appointment day. I'll look at Dr Lorenzo as well now. If you know of any cases similar to mine (diffused + high norwood), please do share. Also, you mentioned that I have a lot of miniaturization, would it be worth spending on PRP + ACELL. It's around 2500 USD here for one session. One last question for you: Can you tell me which norwood I am. I see many patients like me classified as 5, 5A, 6. Curious to see what you think. Thx a lot for your time.
  17. Bump; please comment. H&W - Not too much communication; no way to contact doc directly. Rahal - Does the harline design and incisions only, everything else done my techs. Asmed - Too many grafts, not sure how to think of it, does to "over-harvest"? Any prior patients who can comment. Diep - Didn't like his hair line design. What other surgeons should I be looking at?
  18. I have to rule out Diep after seeing this hairline design. Forget about density, hair placement etc....the basic hairline design is pretty bad like it's designed by a 4 year old. I feel bad for FrontalHT12. I can go to India and Turkey and get a better one for 4K USD. Any other suggestions for my hair loss pattern other than H&W/Rahal?
  19. Thx a lot! That's exactly my question for this forum - please give me names of doc who are excellent for high norwood/diffused FUE. I'll lookup Dr Diep, I believe @Melvin-Moderator went to him as well for one of his procedures.
  20. I'm 40 now. I'm ok with having multiple procedures in future if needed and If I have donor left. So, the question again - For my type of diffused + advanced hair loss - Which doc should I choose?
  21. I do 1mm micro-needling too once per week, use Lipogaine Shampoo, Azelaic Acid in night and Lipogaine Minox in morning. I also have a laser cap....ALL this hasn't really done much so far. I stopped FIN because if side effects. PRP is one thing I have been thinking about. So, HT is the only way forward now I guess and I'm lost which one to chose for my pattern.
  22. CosmoKramer -Can you share your thread link; would love to see your journey/pics. Thx Melvin - Yes, I asked Rahal and they did share a similar pic; it wasn't exactly like mine though. H&W just said verbally and they barley spend anytime on the consult (5 min consult)