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  1. The FIN I take is from costco; 11.70 for 30 pills. I trust costco more than others.
  2. Actually FIN was first prescribed to me by a dermatologist when I went to show them my itchy scalp. I have seboherric dermatitis. From this week, I will move to Monday-Wed-Friday-Sunday schedule. 2 months from now, I'll just move to Mon-Wed-Friday. I also have a laser cap that I use every other day so I'll use it on days when I'm not using FIN. Like I said in my earlier post, I also bought ginseng and ashwagandha on amazon (not much benefit as of now but will continue). I also take the GNC multivitamin each morning. I also bought shilajit from amazon for 60 bucks and it appeared to be better than other supplements but the problem with that is I get neck itch (as soon as I stop, it goes away after couple of days). Other than the libido thing, does anyone else suffer from low energy on FIN? Maybe it's just in my head.
  3. Given the libido side effect on me(and for those who have had it since FIN); did you alternate dosage every other day? did it help? Basically, does reducing FIN 1 mg 4 days a week vs 7 days a week help and still control hair loss. I'm not liking the side effects of FIN and bought a laser cap, scalp elixir etc so these act as "adjunct" treatments to FIN and my reliance on FIN is reduced. Also, do you take any supplements that have helped with FIN? Rogaine doesn't work for me...itchy scalp and no hair loss control.
  4. Glad to see here someone with no negative side effects to FIN. I had FIN 3 yrs ago (I was 36 then) for a good one year and had no side effects. I stopped using it since I didn't see much growth (later I realized that hairfall has increased considerably so in hindsight I should not have stopped). Even at 36, I had to stop it for 2 weeks when we were planning to have a baby (and it worked, with me being on FIN, there were no libido issues but semen quality wasn't good) ...I took FIN on-off for few weeks and then gradually got off of it. Now at 39+, I'm norwood 6 probably with diffused thinning and i realized in Feb..damn, I should've been on FIN. so, I started my regimen regularly and this time the side effects are very apparent....very low libido/low energy...so I'm not liking it at all. I have not seen morning wood since Feb. I'm taking supplements like Ginseng, Ashwaganda off of Amazon but I don't think they're doing anything. A big decision for me to be on FIN or not or chose a bald head...:(
  5. Thx Spex; I'm also considering Dr Bhatti; Do you have some results on diffused thinners. See my pics below.
  6. Unless this is affecting your personal life, you don't need an HT looking at your pics IMHO. If you still decide to got HT - you're a simple case, good donor area, only temples to cover. Choose any recommended doc and you'll be fine.
  7. here you go; at this time my hair is colored; I have a lot of gray hair in the back
  8. this is the guy on LA hair clinic website...he looks like a model; doesn't seem like someone who had hair loss
  9. If you can afford, H&W is your best bet. You can always talk and come at a number/solution that works. If you can, visit them in person.
  10. You are a very simple case of HT. Just pick a recommended doc by this forum and you will be all set.
  11. That's exactly my goal. To have just enough hair to style and look my age. I don't want to look 19..but I don't want to look 49. I'm even ok with not using toppik....at my age, 39, some thinning is ok. so, If I able to cover my front and mid - I think I'll be happy with the results. How many hair/grafts would I need for that? 2500 or 4500? I'm going to go over your pics now and read about your journey.
  12. Well I'm 39 and ready for the journey. I'm also ok with money but would like to use it wisely. HT is something I want to do right or not do at all. That's why trying to get all the info/resources together to make a decision. I generally keep my hair short on the side, Number 0,1,2.....so worried about the scar. Can someone like H&W totally make the scar relatively invisible?
  13. Thanks for all the replies. My worry about FUT is that SCAR. I see many bald/clean shaven people with that scar in public and it doesn't look good. With FUE, If things don'r work out, I can at least have a good buzz look. Question: With FUE if I can get 2000-2500...how much will FUT give me? 3000 or 5000?
  14. You don't need a HT as of now in my opinion. Norwood 1 is nothing. How old are you? Does baldness run in your family? Your age will play a factor whether going for HT is a good idea or not at this time.
  15. hello again, 6 months update on this journey - Started taking Fin in Feb and after 6 months hair loss has definitely stopped; not too much regrowth though. Planning for HT (FUE only, no scar) in Jan/Feb (when you can still go by wearing a cap ) of 2019. Docs on radar: H&W; Rahal and Bhatti (I'm in Texas, US). I'm looking for acceptable/realistic results only as I know I can't be 18 again (i miss those long shiny and silky hair LOL) I also met with one patient rep of a leading clinic in person who suggested I could get 2000 via FUE; 2500 might be pushing it. The patient rep didn't do all the measurements (donor vs required) etc, so it was more of a visual check. When you go to the actual clinic - What tests/checks are done that tell you how much donor you have etc; how good is your laxity or visual inspection is as good as it gets? I would be willing to fly to meet the doc if they can do a better check and give more accurate answers (even if I have to pay for the consultation). Which one of these docs is a better option for diffused thinning - planning front/mid scalp for now. Will worry about crown later. The issue is I'm not completely bald so would inserting hair b/w other hair lead to shock loss. Some forum posts say if you're a diffused thinner stay away from HT. I recently started LLLT aka magical laser cap ( I know, I know) to see if there will be any benefit. Worst case it's helping with by seboherric dermatitis ( I have itchy scalp where I'm balding, not anywhere else), another problem. I also have a lot of gray hair. Basically all problems that could possibly exist. Anyway, see the two pics, 6 months apart and tell me how I should proceed further on this journey. thx.
  16. Go to Doc/Emergency.....go ASAP before it gets worse.
  17. Personal exp when I was on Fin 3 years ago...I had to get off of it ( I guess just 2-4 weeks) to have the second child (and it worked). So for me personally yes it seemed a factor.
  18. Tell them you went to Mexico and used a some spray shampoo at the hotel...not a good idea, that's it. No further info or discussions.
  19. they're world class HT surgeons and approved by this forum.
  20. Listen to the doc I would say try propecia and most likely you won't notice side effects and if you do, you can always stop.
  21. If you're balding and don't do anything to stop it, HT won't do anything. You'll continue to lose hair. You need to get on propecia/rogaine to STOP the hair loss...then after 1 yr evaluate what you want to do.
  22. Start Propecia and see how things improve. Your hair looks fine as of now. If after 6-12 months of Propecia use, you're still unhappy, you can think about HT.