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  1. Thank you guys. This definitely helps! My clinic has assured it's absolutely fine to shampoo everyday but I just wanted to make sure just in case since there seems to be such a variety across the clinics as far post op instructions are concerned !
  2. Hi I am 5 weeks post op my hair transplant and I have been using toppik as of week 4 and washing it out with shampoo everyday as per the instructions from my clinic. I use baby shampoo for the most part along with another sulfate free shampoo. So my question are there any documented adverse affects of shampooing everyday on the grafts post hair transplant ? My clinic has said toppik must be washed out with shampoo everyday to prevent infection but was just curious so any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am two weeks post op from my second procedure here in Toronto, Canada and was just curious about the way things are done in the Hair Transplant industry. We all know FUT is considered relatively less labor intensive and hence is cheaper than FUE but my question is why is FUE priced higher since the bulk of the work seems to be done by the technicians. Are there any doctors out there who still do all the extractions and implantation themselves because it seems a norm that apart from hairline design, incisions and anesthetic most of the work is done by the techs. Also, aren't there any regulatory requirements pertaining to who can break into your skin since the techs are not doctors? In contrast, a doctor does more work during a FUT procedure since they have to excise the strip and do the sutures as opposed to techs. I am blessed to have had wonderful technicians for both my procedures and always wondered why they don't get credited as much as the doctors. Just some thoughts that I felt like sharing :). Happy growing everyone!
  4. Hey bud if i am not wrong that is the root sheath! OR I believe this is what happens when the hair is in the telogen phase. I think you should be fine but then again just a guess dw much!
  5. Thanks a ton for your reply Gill! I had another question do you know how long the ingrowns last?
  6. I forgot to mention that the third pimple is on the other side of the head and looks exact same. i uploaded a pretty high res pic but for some reason it doesnt seem that clear but I hope it works !
  7. Thank you for your replies guys! I really appreciate it. So I saw my doctor and he said its ingrown hair and told me not to worry about. So i will just keep and eye out and try not touch it as Dr. Bioxham said. I have also attached a pic just to give an idea how it looks like . Thank you so much againn!
  8. Also they are white in colour and not itchy at all!
  9. Hey guys I had a question regarding pimples and folliculitis. I am 5.5 weeks post op and noticed two pimples on my head today (on the opposite sides of my head). I have emailed my doctor and waiting to hear back from him since I want to make sure its not follucilitis. Therefore, my question is is there any sure way to differentiate a normal pimple from follucilitis? I have had few transplanted hair that have grown the size of my native hair post transplant and was wondering if it could be ingrown hair or is it too early for that! any input would be appreciated. thank you
  10. Thank you for your reply guys! Really appreciate it. Hopefully we all get great results
  11. Hi I recently got a hair transplant done and had a question regarding hair growth three weeks post hair transplant. I am aware that I should not be expecting any growth up until 3-4 months. However I noticed that my transplanted hair has grown roughly 3 mm 22 days in hair transplant and most of my grafts seem to be still there after washing all the scabs off! I am also aware that I should expect a shedding soon times but my question is does this slight growth so far into the procedure mean that i can expect a good result because i read somewhere that some growth in first few weeks indicate that the grafts have anchored their blood supply and should be growing in near future! My doc said this is usually a good sign and just wanted to get an opinion of other people who may have gone through this. Thank you and fingers crossed i get a good result
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