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  1. Looks great! Congrats! Great change for the grafts used. Any idea how many scalp grafts are left to be used for the crown?
  2. Please listen to everyone on the thread. Do not have a hair transplant!!!
  3. Amazing video. Thanks for the initiative. Am pretty sure it would give hope to all in need.
  4. Great result. Any pics of the scar? Saw your month 7 scar pic. Feels like the scar is bit wide. Might be the fact that the scar is still healing.
  5. Hey guys, What do you think my next course of action should be?
  6. Looking good Matt... Given that you already have a FUT scar, can I ask why you opted for a FUE for the second round?
  7. My mind's blown. That's an amazing transformation for 3800 grafts!
  8. @Melvin-HTsoon Thanks for the welcome! Never thought of contacting via Youtube. Will try it. @farmcat I filled out the consultation form a little over 2 weeks ago. Hope they get back. @Bill - Managing Publisher I haven't called them yet. Was planning to do it this week.
  9. Does anyone know the best way to contact Dr.Lorenzo of InjertoCapilar? I filled out the online consultation form on the website but no response yet.
  10. I dont see why one cant transplant an already transplanted hair. however the place from where the hair is transplanted would be scarred. Can you please share photos so we can understand the situation better?
  11. Congrats HTsoon! You've always been a positive voice grounded in reality. Great to see you step up to help more people.