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  1. Great transformation! Have different angles by any chance? I am interested to know how a top down and the crown shot looks?
  2. I too regret my first hair transplant. I did my research, met multiple doctors in person and chose a doctor with good track record. However, for reasons unknown, my result and yield was bad. Now I have blown off majority of my donor and stuck in a really bad situation. You can do all the precautions necessary and still end up worse!
  3. Hey folks, never expected activity in this thread after such a long time. I am working with Dr.Wong to salvage my situation. Things are tough due to lack of donor. Lets see...
  4. Dang! How is such a result even possible with 5300 grafts while I had 4500 grafts and look worse than where I started. @Skyb Do you happen to have the graft breakdown by any chance?
  5. @Melvin-Moderator What are your thoughts on using beard grafts on mid scalp and crown? seems like more and more doctors are using it.
  6. great result @nick1111 ! Congratulations! Any plans to address the crown?
  7. Post-op looking great! will be following your thread for sure. BTW, is this a video of you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT4jj_ckIT8
  8. I remember you investigating the use of beard as donor. Not proceeding with the idea? 💡
  9. great result! all other fue results i see claim a lifetime donor of ~6000 grafts. but you already transplanted 6000 grafts and have another 5000 in back? what kind of sorcery is this???
  10. Looks great! Congrats! Great change for the grafts used. Any idea how many scalp grafts are left to be used for the crown?