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  1. Well established clinics at Turkey do have top notch technicians who have been doing it for years.I would say, one should definitely stress on slit making and extraction done majorly by doc, implantation can be done by technicians. Like mentioned earlier, skill set of technicians is probably equally or more imp than doc's. If you are from europe, i think turkey would be a better option for you. Eugenix definitely would offer better services from cost to benifits standpoint.
  2. Even in the above mentioned clinics, doc does the implantation only for the hairline, not for the remaining parts. Also its impossible for the doc alone to plant 3-4k grafts within such a short interval. One thing i would stress upon is the skill of technicians is equally or even more imp than the skillset of the doc, as most of the work will be done by them under the supervision of the doc.
  3. Oral minox will give you heart issues, its a vasodilator. There is good reason why topical minox is prescribed not oral minox. Best would be to continue with finax.
  4. Ya, eugenix and darling buds are among the good ones in india. Unfortunately none of them operate in kolkata though. Thanks for the suggestion
  5. Hey bro, which clinic did you get the ht done?
  6. Hey friends, please suggest some good clinics in kolkata or nearby areas. Any help will be highly appreciated.
  7. It seems finax has done wonders for you as well. No way only 5k grafts would have given such a nice result. Your scalp responded well to finasteride. Any side effects u r experiencing?
  8. Eugenix is now getting really unaffordable for an avg indian thats around 170rs per graft after taxes for dr bansal.
  9. Thanks for the info buddy. Currently am looking for some clinic in NCR preferably (not eugenix). If you have some idea from your research, please recommend. @nishchd
  10. How many grafts bro? How much are medispa guys charging? Please tell me in PM. Hope ur transplant is super successful.
  11. Hey @Indian_Canadian, thanks for the tag. Jst saw the eugenix revised prices. So finally its down to 2 players.. darling buds and eugenix. Do you have any idea abt the other surgeons in eugenix, how are they? unfortunately my budget calls for that package and atmost dr bhatti's package in best case scenario.
  12. @Abhinay Singh nice results. Was he operated exclusively by dr pardeep and dr arika..or he went for the different package? His result is very impressive considering 2000sthing grafts.
  13. Hey abhinay, can i know which package is this? 120rs per graft or 75rs per graft? Also, are dr sethi/bansal also involved in the process? Can you please share some patient pics pre and post surgery operated by mr abhinav kr?