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    Rogaine Foam

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  1. Yes, it winds up being like a styling gel. I use it once at night and have for 5 years. Tried Kirkland and, like you, didn't like it.
  2. I had a second FUT 10 months after a very successful first. I was told that strip harvested was smaller than expected due to concerns about scalp laxity. I regretted not waiting longer between procedures and suspect I might not have needed a third procedure (600 graft FUE to finish filling in crown) had I waited a little longer, and allowed scalp to regain some laxity. Not sure there's any really good data on what exactly the best timing is between FUT's but logic would dictate that the longer you wait, the better. For what it's worth,at the time of my FUE (14 months after second FUT) Dr Harris felt that my scalp laxity was good. By the way, you mention post FUT discomfort. I agree, having undergone various FUT's I can tell you that the FUE recovery was nothing.I di not want another FUT BTW:Dr. Harris does non-shave FUE for small graft numbers. That made all the difference for me as bit donor and recipient sites were immediately easy to conceal for me. JMHO
  3. I was a NW 6 and with a total of 4,000 grafts (2,400 grafts with first FUT, 900 grafts with second FUT, and 600 grafts at recent FUE to finish filling in crown) I have front and crown very nicely covered. Donor characteristics (density,caliber, contrast,etc). are key. There really is no absolute number. Having said that, I'd think that anyone that gets 7K grafts is going to have a pretty good result regardless, but its a lot of money and many can get good results with less.
  4. I had approx 2,500 grafts for around $4k in Santo Domingo with Dr. Reyes Sajiv. Hard to beat price-wise. Excellent result. She doesn't charge by graft count.
  5. My experience: 1) 2,270 grafts / 4,631 hairs FUT. Early 2015. Dr. Alba Reyes Sajiv, Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic, Frontal 2) 1,081 grafts / 4,445 hairs FUT Late 2015 Dr. Jeffrey Waesche, PAI Indiannapolis. Crown 3) 672 grafts / 1,284 hairs FUE (No-shave of donor or recipient areas!) Early 2017. Dr. James Harris, Colorado, Crown All this has taken me from a Norwood 6 to a very happy Norwood 2. Reason for last procedure being FUE wasn't that I was "stripped out". Just wanted a much easier recovery.FUE is MUCH easier to go thru than FUT. Last procedure was 4.5 months ago so those grafts are just starting to come in, Looks like its going to finish filling in very nicely
  6. I had a "no-shave" FUE with Dr. Jim Harris in Colorado. Great Dr. and staff. The donor site was "no shave". The recipient site, the crown, was already bare. You'd have to contact him directly to see if he requires shaving of the recipient site if there is already some hair there. Hope that helps.
  7. -All manual with Harris's SAFE system motorized FUE device. -Crown was recipient area. -Procedure took 5 hours or so (additional time was needed to shave the donor sites individually prior to the harvesting. That time is included in the 5 hours).
  8. For what it's worth....after two good FUT's I still had a bald spot on crown about 3" diameter. I didn't want another FUT. Went to Dr ,James Harris for a no-shave FUE. Very good experience. Based on prior HT's I think it'll look good. I'm 2.5 months post-op, so, no where near being able to judge final results. Agree with staying away from neograft unless you research carefully. Often times offered by MD,'s that don't specialize in HT's , which are the only ones you should ever consider.
  9. If you want to stay in Colorado, I'd recommend Dr James Harris. He's right outside of Denver. I've had three HT's with different doc's. All went well and I'm happy with results. Last one was FUE to crown with Dr. Harris. First two were FUT's He has an excellent reputation and staff. My experience with him could not have been better. I had to fly there and would do it again.
  10. Br J Dermatol. 2015 Jun;172(6):1555-61. doi: 10.1111/bjd.13399. Epub 2014 Dec 10. Similar response patterns to topical minoxidil foam 5% in frontal and vertex scalp of men with androgenetic alopecia: a microarray analysis. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25204361
  11. Re: Post-op rogaine. The reality is that there is no consensus. Different docs give different recommendations. Some will give you a thumbs up to use after 5-7 days and some say avoid for three months. None of this is based on any really good data. For what it's worth, I have used Rogaine beginning a week after two FUT's and again after recent FUE. I do believe it has helped. I've been very happy with my results.....
  12. MIlo12. That's not a fair comment. I am a states-side physician. Very familiar with operating rooms and surgery centers. Prior to having FUT in 2015 with Dr Alba Reyes Sajiv, I had two close friends (they live there)have very good FUT's done there. I toured her facilities a few years before committing to the surgery, and I can tell you it's a legitimate surgery center that operates, best I could tell, to US standards. I can't speak of other places in the Dominican Republic. I don't know what they may be doing in those places; could be miracles, could be horrors, I don't know. But I do know that there's no horror stories going on at Dr Reyes Sajiv's office. Mind you, bad/suboptima outcomes can and do occur anywhere and everywhere. As I have mentioned before, I do like her model. You are charged a flat fee for services. Her motivation thus becomes to do the best job possible and not simply to crank up the number of grafts...there's something to be said about that.
  13. I researched this quite a bit. The recommendations vary wildly from doc to doc. I've looked at the literature and there is absolutely no good data upon which to really base a firm recommendation. Ultimately ,about a week post op any wounds are "sealed" such that the Rogaine isn't being absorbed any differently than it is pre-op. It's not even clear how exactly it works. Seems to be that increases blood flow is one of its mechanisms of action. If that is indeed the case then I can't imagine anything a transplanted graft would like better than the absolutely best blood flow possible...right? So, for what it's worth, I restarted Rogaine foam 7-10 days post op and have had very good results with the two transplants that were followed by Rogaine use. Hope that helps