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  1. Hey i was wondering if anyone knew of a place where i can buy toppik and the spray applicator for cheap online ? or at a store? and if that is the best option for fibers to cover up ball spots and transplant scars?
  2. i just got my sutures removed, tell me if you can find the scar ..looks good hard to see, Dr. Rahal does marvelous work, he fixed Bosely scar and made one that is not visible with the tricho procedure but this is only two weeks after the procedure ..now im using Rogaine
  3. a total of 2089 grafts with Dr. Rahal By FUT with Tricho closure 8,000 Canadian dollars total
  4. here are my pictures the day before my pocedure these are the results of Bosely in boston with Dr calder a year and 3 weeks later and 6,500 total in 9,451 paid after interest and this is what Bosely gave for results.. Really sad and embarrassing Don't ever make the mistake i did and trust Bosley or any other corporate hair chain company in doing your hair they don't care about you all they care about is their bank account. Bosley never admitted they did a bad job, they just ignored that and kept saying you just need another procedure, also a few months after the procedure they sent me a
  5. hello i was trying to find out real picture results of this doctor but couldnt find anything . Does anyone know about this hair transplant doctor who is located in Dominican republic
  6. i will put the pictures of the day before surgery once mike from dr rahal sends them to me
  7. Dr rahal tricho FUT 2087 on bosley repair (dont ever go to bosely !!
  8. yeah once the swelling stops it will form better ..cant wait 8 months to a yr till final result
  9. he ended up doing 2087 grafts total, ill have the pictures up tomorrow when i get them.There is 3 other people here at the foxbar guesthouse, from San Fransisco, Dubbia & austrlia ..the total cost ended up being 8,000 bucks..i still owe them one thousand..ill figure out away to get more money from my back ...and they probably did knock off some of bosely previous grafts (they have been fallen out ever since i had it done by bosely)
  10. hello, Today at 7am 1/4/2012 i will be getting a 1600 FUT done by Dr. Rahal, he will fix my hairline and hopefully make Bosely scar less noticeable by closing it off with the Tricho procedure. He stated that i may need future hairtranplants as i am only 21 yrs old. I made the mistake of choosing bosely and i Strongly recommend that NO ONE EVER CHOOSES Bosely for a hair transplant. Dr. Rahal cannot promise me that the scar will be better or worse since it is not of his doing, he has made me fully aware of this. I will post pictures up as soon as my procedure is over. I wish i would have
  11. i dont see new thread box anywhere all i see is post reply in the top left hand corner
  12. im going to doctor Rahal in ontario canada he is the most recommened here on this site and is doing 1600 FUT and fixing bosely mistake hopefully (crossing fingers) my surgery date is jan 4th... and question how do you post threads i cant find out how to do it..i dont see post new thread anywhere and i want to put up my results by month when procedure happens..thanks
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