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  1. Hi Guys, So in the pursuit of more hair, I put myself on a train and went to see Dr. Wong. I live in Seattle and figured I might as well go to the best because he is just a couple hours away. Anyways, the procedure went well, he reinforced my hairline with a 1000 grafts and put the rest on the top where I had not received anything from the second procedure. I am concerned however about my recovery up to this point. I am sensitive to drugs and allvthe anesthesia/adrenaline shots gave me alot of anxiety. I also had alot of stress eith the cabs and train ride home, then topped off with some relationship drama at home. I even hit my head getting out of a car and knocked a few grafts out on top, at least that's what Wobg determined from the photo I sent him. Anyways, I need some support. Will the grafts be affected by all the anxiety and stress I experienced after the procedure? I'm so neurotic I keep thinking that the 2455 grafts I didn't knock out won't take root and grow due to me being so stressed. I did get some good sleep after the surgery but the days have been nerve-wracking.
  2. Man I'm grateful for your support everyone. Going to Dr. Keene again wouldn't be a compromise because she did and does great work, I just don't know if 1500 grafts is worth going into debt again. The first transplant was worth the debt, it gave me hope.
  3. I had to cut my hair really short because I messed up a haircut I was giving myself, but these are the most recent pics I have when it is grown out, especially the one of me in my car. For some reason it looked thicker in the one with me in a black shirt, but I think I started shedding after that....I don't know. The crown looks better in this pic than I think it is, but I sometimes think 1500 grafts would seal the deal for me....The first one is pre-op
  4. You're right home1212. Thank you for taking the time to write that. I'm going to read that every time my mind starts going crazy.
  5. I just hate the thought of waiting for what could be years to gather up the funds to get a bigger procedure.....
  6. Hey Guys, So I have a predicament. Actually, an obsession. I had a 3400 FUT last Jan. 2016 with Dr. Sharon Keene. As you can see in one of the pics, I was really bad, stage 5, worse than I realized. Denial is real. Anyways, I had 1000 grafts in the crown and 2400 in the front. She gave me back my hairline, and when I grow it out, the front looks pretty good. However, I am still hat ridden because the crown is still weak and the mid center is really thinning out. As of now, I think I can get a friend to loan me enough money for 1500 grafts since she did last time and I paid her back. Dr. Keene says 1500 would make a difference, but I'm skeptical. Using my friends credit card would get me 1500 grafts, but I would be in debt to her again for a surgery I don't even know is worth it. I went to a meeting with Mike Ferco the other day. He is a representative of Hasson & Wong, and I felt like I was being sold a car actually, It was really weird because I know how awesome everyone says H&W are, but this guy came across like a salesman who works for Bosley. However, I liked him enough to see what he had to say, and he said for a stage 5, 7000 grafts is needed. I do NOT have the money for 3500 grafts, but if I did I would drive right over the border (I'm in Seattle) and go to H&W. So I don't know what to do. Take my friends kind offer and get 1500 to 1600 grafts, or just try to get my credit straightened up over the next year so maybe I can get work done at H&W? I am so sick of wearing my hat and its driving me crazy not knowing what to do. Any advice, expertise, perspective or criticism is welcomed. Please let me know what you would do given these circumstances. Is 1500 with Dr. Keene worth it?
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