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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration
    I'm here for support

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    Dr Saifi, Poland
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    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
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  1. Glad this ended happily. Very stressful dealing with a bad outcome.
  2. An amazing transformation. I've experienced sheds as well. I imagine it could be the minoxidil that's causing it, but the hair will generally come back stronger. The initial shed on minoxidil can be shocking :eek: Give it another six months. There's probably more thickening to come. Can't say better than a free top up. Fair play to Fargo for that offer. :cool:
  3. Looking very good. I would caution against lowering the hairline at this point, you want it to age with you and preserve your donor. The hair greed is setting in.
  4. This is the start of it. I think in another three months or so, it will be filling in well. Are you on fin?
  5. You do not appear to have a receding hairline, thinning or miniaturisation on the hairline. I would look to your mothers dad and your uncles, if you have can, to gauge where you are likely to be heading. Nothing is guaranteed though... I wouldn't worry about this at the moment, just get on with enjoying your life
  6. I would suggest trying fin. If you can tolerate it, then it will help you long term and in the event of a transplant. If you can't tolerate it, or don't want to try it, i would go for 2000-2500 grafts and a reasonably conservative hairline. There is no certainty at how your hair loss will progress, so it's a chance you'll have to take. Just my 2 cents worth, but nothing looks sadder, than a man who is balding and trying to grow their hair long, or having it in a ponytail.......:o A short, stylish cut, with enhance the hair you have and make you look younger. You look like you have
  7. That is coming on well. My right side is still weak and to be honest, i think i've lost some of the transplanted hair in this area. Probably one of the downsides of not being able to tolerate fin, but that's how it goes...
  8. I would consider a more stylish, shorter haircut. I honestly think it would look better. Toppik is perfectly safe to use. With a bun pulled back, you are also risking traction alopecia. I would cultivate your own style, instead of trying to be Jared Leto.....
  9. Finasteride side effects are very real and are down to an individuals own physiological reaction to the medication. Personally, I had to stop taking it after 3 weeks, due to sides. There seems to be a significant amount of others who have experienced sides as well. Of course, it's entirely an individuals choice to take it, but to dismiss the reality of side effects, with so many reported cases, would be foolhardy.
  10. Not a deal breaker, but it helps. I had bad sides on it, so stopped it. I think if you' re a low norwood and late 30s/40s, you might get a away with it. Like anything, there are a lot of variables, family history etc. I wouldn't rule out a hair transplant without fin, but if you're young, or have a family history of advanced baldness, it's a risk.
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