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  1. Thanks a lot guys. Still amazed and I am fully satisfied with the results. Anything from now on will be a bonus.
  2. Thank you. Yes, a bad outcome is even more worse than not getting a hair transplant in the first place.
  3. So today marks exactly 9 months since my procedure. Still seeing huge improvements almost every week. I am speechless to say the least, blew away my expectations completely. Let me know what you think
  4. Thank you. I am sorry to hear about your experience. Being a victim myself, I also know how it feels, words cannot describe it.
  5. I am happy that things worked out for you. Thanks, delighted with the results so far
  6. Yes, you read that right. Although it does hurt that 20000$ is a lot of money, what hurts me more to this day is that I lost over 2300 precious hair grafts. And when I did my 7th month follow up with Dr Mohebi, I didnt know what to expect, and his receptionist told me this was one of the best results she had seen. After my second procedure, I can clearly say how blatantly she lied and what a fool I had been. Had I gone to Dr Diep (who did my 2nd procedure) for my first procedure as well, I am sure I would have been sitting in my home laughing that I even had any type of hair loss to begin
  7. Yes very happy I have been taking Propecia 1mg 4 times a week, Minoxidil 5% twice daily (only on crown), and Biotin 5000mg daily. Nothing more.
  8. Hi quidproquo82, I have been documenting the progress of my second procedure in the following thread: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/187828-3200-grafts-dr-diep.html I am now 8 months post op and this is how my hair looks today
  9. Hi guys, I will be sharing my first hair transplant experience in this thread that was performed by Dr Parsa Mohebi, but before that, I want to give some background about myself. I am a 29 year old fairly good looking guy (that's what other people say) who has been losing hair since my early 20's. I am destined to be a Norwood 6. I have had 2 hair transplants so far, the first one being at the age of 27 (A little over 2300 FUE grafts) performed by Dr Parsa Mohebi, which did more harm than good. I already have a separate thread where I have shared the progress of my 2nd procedure. I wan
  10. Thank you HTsoon. I may have gone too far ahead with the assumption on the number of grafts for the crown. You are right, around 1500 - 1750 grafts in the crown with some toppik will do wonders. Thank you for your input.
  11. Hi guys, Here are 8 months and 1 week post op pictures. Growth is almost complete and maturation continues. I think i will be very happy at the 12 month mark. Dr. Diep has changed my life. I have a crown shot too, showing the situation at the crown. The donor is looking good and I think I can easily get another 2500 grafts, which I am contemplating putting in the crown, to make things homogeneous and even. Let me know your thoughts.
  12. Hi guys, wanted to post a quick update. I am 5 days shy of 8 months. I feel there was a huge difference between month 7th and 8th in terms of the quality of the transplanted hair. It is getting thicker and thicker every week. And I know, there is more to come in the next 4 to 6 months. Anyways, the following photos were taken under normal room lighting. I have not had any work done on the crown yet. My donor is still is very good shape and I think I can get away with another 2000-2500 grafts, which I am probably going to concentrate on the mid scalp and the crown region.
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