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  1. Surgeon's have to pay for their recommendation here. If they don't pay they don't get recommended, even if they are the best in the world. In my opinion, some clinics here have far too many poor results to justify being recommended. It's all about money, not about helping people. It should be used as a source to view before and afters, nothing more.
  2. Indian hair characteristics are literally the very best for hair transplantation and extremely forgiving.
  3. Just do it. It lasts for 5 years at most. If you don't like it, it will fade away.
  4. These guys are bulletproof on this forum sadly. This is another of the countless examples of poor hairline work performed by ASMED.
  5. I think JayLDD is right in stating that even top doctors don't implant or extract. Having assistants to look at the grafts under microscopes is also important. The big difference is you can end up with inexperienced teenagers at ASMED. Many are so young that it is not possible they have much experience. At H&W for example, the assistants have decades of experience. I think at this point, after all the negative patient posts regarding work done at ASMED, it's burying your head in the sand to claim there is not a problem. Some of the hairline work he is producing is absolutely atrocious and there is a strong rumor that he is performing 9 surgery's per day. It is therefore clear why he has the most ' patient results '. It is the very definition of a hair transplant factory, like it or not. I believe he began life as one of the best. Not now. The only surgeons worth considering are in Ankara, not Istanbul. It's a shame because Ankara isn't a nice place. I think people should avoid Turkey entirely however.
  6. What in god's name are you on about!? I have never commented on anyone's coloured contact lenses in my life. I have to assume you have got the wrong person. You've gone loony toons fella!
  7. Get paid to do it ? You are suppose to represent a business and you have most likely just put a bunch of people off going to said business because you have no idea how to interact with your public. Browse this forum and study how other representatives interact with people to learn what you are doing wrong. You are the complete opposite of a professional.
  8. You need to chill out with your constant over-reactions. He simply asked a question and your over the top response is bizarre and extremely off-putting as a representative. The horrendous name 'Eugenix' and the manufactured content I see poping up on this site is enough to put most people off as it is.
  9. He phoned the doctor to apologize personally to him for slating him all over the internet so I doubt they'll be anymore updates.
  10. I'm registered with a GP surgery that doesn't give me a set GP, just random ones. I have asked multiple different GP's and their answer is always the same; they won't prescribe it for hairloss no matter what. It could be different elsewhere in the UK but I have seen multiple people having exactly the same issues. They just seem completely against it.
  11. I agree with what you say and I have been clear that I do not think they should be recommended here.
  12. This was my donor after 4500 grafts in 2015 (Only the white marks obviously) with ASMED. I was also very shocked at how bad it looked when my hair was shaved. I think something must have changed in the extraction technique after 2015 because I don't see them leaving people as badly scarred as me and you. I was informed by my latest surgeon that I was very aggressively harvested. Much could depend on what team are assigned to you, their experience and ability. Who know's? This is the reality of a hair transplant factory. My feelings about this clinic and the way they operate are well known. Another day, another negative story relating to them posted here yet they seemingly remain invincible. The truth is, your donor will get better than how it is now but it is always going to have a depleted feel and thinner appearance. I have accepted that I have to grow mine much longer and shorter styles are out of the question. Had I of known this, I would have definitely had FUT. I really hope one day cloning become's a reality (though I massively doubt we will see this within our lifetimes) just so I can put hair's BACK into the donor.