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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last year
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. He was recommended here ?! How could that have happened ?!
  2. Rich enough to have ASMED plastered around the entire last El Clasico game. That's serious money for sure.
  3. Maybe, but that fact that it's even being mentioned around the subject just seems odd quite frankly.
  4. Honestly that's a pretty childish thing to say Melvin. I don't have anything against the Doctor. He is actually one of the best in the world. It's the way in which he operates that ensures patients don't receive his expertise. Instead it is about maximising profits above all. I went to ASMED because of this forum years ago. I am dealing now with incorrect hair direction various other issues caused by techs barely out of their teens operating on me and Koray Erdoğan having barely any involvement. It was a year after my surgery I begin seeing complaints not just here but all over the Internet.
  5. But I do know them and I know they are the same if not worse. I'm simply stating that once money changes hands, its impossible to remain unbiased. My post wasn't a comparison to other forums.
  6. I wouldn't stress too much and just accept it. ASMED are bulletproof here and always will be. They could scalp a guy and they would be defended here. They were on the verge of recommending Dr Cinik, true, which is absolutely disgusting to be honest. A couple of good results posted on here should not be enough to propose a doctor recommendation. I absolutely guarantee you that he is known as a joke among his peers in the industry. The fact that it took a recommendation thread for the owners to even realise that his clinic perform surgery without the doctors involvement is just....Well all
  7. This. The other doctors the OP mentioned are absolute pants and/or hair transplant factories.
  8. Hattingen is actually a town in Germany from where they began years ago. They now operate out of Schaffhausen, a small, picturesque town in Switzerland
  9. Which makes me question most of his results. He doesn't use microscopes and put multiples all over my hairline. I asked his translator, who was suppose to keep in touch ( he never did ) and he said " I also have multiples in my hairline also , who do I blame ? God ? ". He has never had a hair transplant and thinks that multi hair grafts appear in your frontal like naturally. Need I say more ? It was clear to me that he was sick of answering this question from people and it is obviousy a common complaint with them.
  10. I was young and stupid and thought I was being smart with ASMED. They were highly recommended here and I thought I could get a top class hair transplant if I paid slightly more than the Turkish standard price. It simply doesn't work that way.
  11. There are a few of them out there thankfully! It's a toxic industry but I believe there are some good guys left
  12. I think people seem to have this idea that if a HT clinic have been working with FUT for years and not so long with FUE, they are not as good at the latter. This belief is odd to me. FUE is simply an extraction method. One simply yields much more than the other. For example, H&W didn't perform FUE for as long as others but they are far superior to nearly anyone else at FUE. It is the same with Hattingen, only they don't aggressivly market themselves. So FUE results should be the same as FUT results if you talking about the same graft count. The key is in the ability and artistry of t
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