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  1. Absolutely. Dr Keser is getting on a bit and to be hunched over a patient all day takes it toll. He rarely ever seems to have a bad result and I am wondering if the split sessions is the reason.
  2. I have noticed that this stigma seems to exist almost solely in the English speaking world. I know that French, German's, Spaniards and Italians etc seem to talk about it with pride (which is how it should be). Here in the UK, god forbid you try to do something to improve your appearances as male, you get slaughtered.
  3. One of the only guys I'd pick over Keser is Konior. You are in for a good result I'm sure.
  4. I had mine in May with Dr. Keser. What about you? Nothing to report so far. I look the same as before surgery. I'm really hoping to see something at 4 months. Did you go with Dr. Keser too? I can only hope to have a hairline like Mr. S!
  5. That hairline is just perfect. Incredible work. I hope mine turns out this good.
  6. When I asked Dr. Keser about that, he seemed quite dismissive of this and said he just watched and was not involved at all. He also seemed a bit shocked that Kaan used his name to promote himself on his website. In terms of this result, unfortunately if you don't take any DHT blocker you'll likely either lose all the surrounding native hair or be giving your surgeon the perfect excuse if anything goes wrong. I had sides too. What people don't realise is the sides nearly always go after time. Instead they panic because of all the untrue stories they see online.
  7. With respect, this is a predictable and a very inadequate response to the rightful criticism that has been leveled against him. What about questions such as how many surgeries is he or rather his technicians performing per day? What is his involvement? Was the photo of a monitor looking over nine rooms real? Have they recently hired new technicians meaning it's a lottery in terms of who operates on your head? These are extremely important questions which will undoubtedly impact upon the service they deliver. Everyone knows the high quality work they are capable of, yet members of this website have had their lives damaged by some absolutely atrocious hairline work. While you are totally right that no clinic produces great results one hundred percent of the time, the sudden influx of bad work simply cannot be coincidence. Turkey is lawless in terms of hair transplant surgery and the few laws they do have are completely ignored. This is where I thought this forum has a responsibility. Again, with the greatest of respect to the work the moderators do, it just seems to me that this was an immediate jump to the defense of a clinic who contributes to the upkeep of this forum.
  8. Ah JayLDD, the man who has a reputation for aggressive behaviour on multiple hairloss forums. I bet you couldn't wait to pounce after attacking me on another thread and then realising I was in fact agreeing with you in the first place. You continue these attacks even here but I think we both know who the 'complete idiot' is as you put it. The techs at H&W do have more experience in being technicians in a HT clinic. In fact, I would go as even as far to say that despite having less FUE experience, they probably STILL have more than many of the current ASMED technicians. Please don't tell me what MY experience was. You don't know. If you check my post history, I ALWAYS said everything behind the hairline was fine, the hairline itself was pants, gappy and you could see my whole scalp through it. I also had major regrowth from oral minoxidil and dutasteride, even on areas that the clinic didn't touch. If it wasnt ASMED, where you had your surgery, you'd be criticising the recent results yourself, like you have with multiple clinics, which is fine because it is a discussion forum. Also, when they went to Erdogan to learn FUE techniques, I wonder who taught them? Technicians barely out of their teens? Or Koray Erdogan himself? All that is relevant is their results. I would be stunned to see these kinds of results from H&W, Konior etc.. you simply don't. I would like proof that they don't have more involvement like you say. If you can provide this, I'll rightfully admit that I was wrong on that point. This simply seems impossible when we were shown an image of ASMED with 9(?) operating rooms. Involvement means being at least semi present while the techs work as the lead surgeon. At the end of the day, multiple patients have posted photos of shit hairline work. It is not because of poor growth, it is because of poor work. I know that is pointless to discuss anything with you because all you do is insult people. As I remember, you were warned by a moderator the first time, yet do exactly the same thing again here.
  9. Thing is, if you actually read the things I wrote, you'd see that I never once said the clinic always produces bad results. I even said they do have good results. Don't lie to try and validate your argument. Furthermore, I wish you the greatest success on your HT journey.
  10. Firstly, I am not your mate. Secondly, why do you think I just went to another clinic to fix my hairline? Because it was a great result the first time? Think! Also, this is a forum where people can post their opinions as well as results. If you don't like it, block me so you don't have to see it and stop crying when you see differing opinions.
  11. You only make yourself look stupid when you resort to name calling and personal insults. It just shows you cannot comprehend that others may disagree with your opinion and then you get aggressive. It is impossible to exaggerate photos of messed up hairlines posted by patients. Those photos are literally here on this website.
  12. I Interesting.. This will be why I have heard Hattingen described as the H&W of Europe.. I visited a French forum and I was shocked at how good their work is.