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  1. If you view the international forums, you'll see that Dr Couto is in fact very hit or miss.
  2. I seen your YouTube videos. This issue with hairlines is really damaging the reputation of Asmed... seriously this is the work of amateurs (in terms of the hairline) and it is completely unacceptable. This year, I am having to fix my hairline performed by them ! I'd never even consider going back to them, even for free.
  3. 3 years. Let me tell you, in my case, it was WAY more effective than fin. Fin seemed to do nothing whatsoever for me.
  4. Yes, to be clear I am happy with everything but the hairline and the service in the clinic. Please be aware that Dutasturide and Oral Min had a hugely positive effect on my hair too. I'm going for 500 grafts with Keser.. I am hoping it is enough as the last thing I want is a moth-bitten donor .
  5. I didn't make one. To put it simply, the experience wasn't great, the results were good other than the hairline which was terrible. My face-time with the actual doctor, Koray Erdogan, was about 45 minutes. . . and no, I didn't take it up with them. He doesn't refund people, only sometimes agree's a repair. I don't want technicians touch my hairline ever again
  6. I am unhappy only with the hairline. It is not noticeable to most people, but it bothers me. There is a very clear doll hair effect in real life, with 1 CM gaps in between the hairs. A combination of Dutasturide, Oral Minoxidl and a 4500 HT has served me well however as you can see from the photos. I need a higher quality camera to make the issue that bothers me very clear, but it is similar to the complaints posted on this thread.
  7. I will try to provide some. I have recently said I was unhappy with the work he did, but having looked back at my before photos, it is hard to complain about a dodgy hairline when the rest the work was pretty great.
  8. He will ask you wait 12 months anyhow. Might see some growth.
  9. This is very similar to my result from Asmed. They seem to have got it totally wrong with hairlines. I am happy with the rest of the work they did however. My advice to anyone is consider Asmed for big jobs, anything behind the hairline. For hairlines, you need a surgeon who does the entire thing himself, no tech's, just the artistry of the surgeon. Your hairline is what frames your face and makes the biggest difference to your appearance - don't let tech's do that. Also, don't try and convince your surgeon to lower your hairline too much, it will never look good. You'll have to pay more but you get what you pay for.
  10. Either way, I am interested to know if Dr Bhatti fixed this unsatisfactory result
  11. Biotin will indeed have that effect on each individual strand of hair. It won't grow additional hair, but you will certainly see positive effects on your strands of hair and your nails. It's not a placebo and it works to do this very fast.
  12. Attached is the hairline of that guy I referred to earlier (from the video). This is similar to what happened to my hairline with Asmed.
  13. I am not saying he is bad. He often quotes between 3500-5000 so his results better damn sure be good for all those grafts. I am saying he is poor at hairlines which, in my opinion, is the true artistry of hair transplants. Also, by poor I mean in comparison to top surgeons (a group where he is also mentioned in). I am sure Rahal or Keser for example would be ashamed of some of the hairlines he produces. I am also saying that I had a hair transplant with him yet barely actually seen or spoke to the guy, nothing like what my research told me beforehand. You must compare him to what other surgeons are able to achieve with less grafts, not just on before and afters of 5000+ grafts.