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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last year
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Looking back at your before photos, I can see your concern. It looks almost the same which is insane considering you had 5000 grafts. Do you think you lost native hair? It is the only explanation for this in my opinion. Your hair loss may not have stabilised yet.
  2. Not sure how I feel about this clinic... A lot of the threads from their patients seem sort of ... manufactured? Something seems off.. just an observation
  3. This is perfect. Dr Hasson, wong and Konior are just head and shoulders above any other doctors on this site when it comes to naturalness.
  4. Jesus Christ dude, I've literally said one negative thing about the guy and have previously sung his praises on multiple occasions. What a bizarre overreaction. Extremely suspicious. There is nowhere which I made it seem that everyone ends up with that issue... What a weird overreaction. You obviously have no idea that I went to Keser to fix a hairline issue from ASMED. Why would I want to point out another patient who complained about him? Talk about getting the wrong end of the stick!
  5. It was my stupid fault for assuming that they did. That is on me and is my own fault. They simply said to wait for the result. When I asked about the doubles, his rep was very odd and said some people have doubles and triples in their hairlines (naturally). They don't. The experience with him was good and he is a very nice man. This is the only negative. I would also say, Ankara is certainly no Istanbul, that's for sure. I spoke with a H&W rep and they stated these multiples would have to be removed I was to have a final surgery with them.
  6. Unfortunately you don't know as much as you think. Although Dr. Keser is a very able surgeon, you talk about how meticulous he is, so you are fully aware he doesn't use microscopes, right? (I know you have no clue). My result from him are slowly improving but he has put doubles and triples in and around hairline which is pretty worrying. I think even you can agree with me for once; not using microscopes in 2019 is poor form. It is simply impossible to 100% accurately distinguish between singles and multiples by eye.
  7. He is and has been for some time, very active on foreign language forums. Many results are posted. He is definitely in the top 4, so I don't think this comment is an exaggeration. Turkish quality is comparatively low though.
  8. If you go for a second discounted transplant from these complete amateurs, you can't be helped here. They used nearly all your donor and look at the results.
  9. This is hugely disappointing. He seemed like a great guy who can take anything on the chin with a positive mental attitude. He has honestly had a result which 99% of people here would be devastated with. He had a solid line of doubles in the front and not taking finasteride has been catastrophic for the rest of his hair. From his videos it is clear that the average user of this forum is more well informed than him. He could have made himself about avoiding disasters like his but instead he still links to the clinic and probably takes a commission on referrals. They even have a link to his videos in their website. For him to charge a consultation fee is simply ludicrous. Behind that nice guy facade is just another guy looking to make money from peoples misery. The hairlicoulsy guy is exactly the same. I also don't think his plan for 2 more HTs is going to hold up. His donor seems to be thinning. Just seen his latest video stating he is having a HT but not in Turkey then listing the reasons why. He is wising up at least !
  10. These do not exist in the UK. OP, it's extremely unlikely you'll be prescribed it by your GP. Websites like Dr. Fox and Oxford Online Pharmacy are our only real options.
  11. I'm inclined to agree. Matt Dominance unfortunately has a frontline of doubles which is extremely obvious. I feel quite bad for him.
  12. For the amount of grafts you've had, your donor area looks absolutely incredible. I don't know it's the quality of the photos but I can't see any sign of surgery. Gasthoerer is indeed correct, if ASMED do one thing right, it's donor extraction and this has always been the case. ps. This is what I was was referring to when I said transplanting into scar tissue is not ideal. Of course Mr knowitall is more knowledgeable than any doctor of course 🙄