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  1. Hattingen is actually a town in Germany from where they began years ago. They now operate out of Schaffhausen, a small, picturesque town in Switzerland
  2. Which makes me question most of his results. He doesn't use microscopes and put multiples all over my hairline. I asked his translator, who was suppose to keep in touch ( he never did ) and he said " I also have multiples in my hairline also , who do I blame ? God ? ". He has never had a hair transplant and thinks that multi hair grafts appear in your frontal like naturally. Need I say more ? It was clear to me that he was sick of answering this question from people and it is obviousy a common complaint with them.
  3. I was young and stupid and thought I was being smart with ASMED. They were highly recommended here and I thought I could get a top class hair transplant if I paid slightly more than the Turkish standard price. It simply doesn't work that way.
  4. There are a few of them out there thankfully! It's a toxic industry but I believe there are some good guys left
  5. I think people seem to have this idea that if a HT clinic have been working with FUT for years and not so long with FUE, they are not as good at the latter. This belief is odd to me. FUE is simply an extraction method. One simply yields much more than the other. For example, H&W didn't perform FUE for as long as others but they are far superior to nearly anyone else at FUE. It is the same with Hattingen, only they don't aggressivly market themselves. So FUE results should be the same as FUT results if you talking about the same graft count. The key is in the ability and artistry of the surgeon and the tools they use. Interestingly, the doctor said I would have been a candidate for a 6500 graft FUT due to my scalp laxicity. Unfortunately I have already has 5500 FUE grafts taken so that is no longer an option. He did say that I could still have a 2500 FUT in the future and that I had 1500 FUE grafts left ( which surprised me ). He said this in regard to future hairloss however and this time I will only have a small FUE using fine hairs to make the hairline I got from ASMED appear more natural. Here is a recent FUE result they posted. I don't think it gets much better than this. There is no dodgy lighting , ultra favourable hair characteristics or nonsense and that is why I chose them. I would add to this that anyone considering a HT should cross those who don't use high powered microscopes OFF their list. It is an ESSENTIAL part of hair restoration surgery and no way in HELL should a clinic who doesn't use them EVER be recommeded. I learnt this the hard way. This first part of my surgery was removing all the doubles and triples placed in hairline by ASMED and Dr Keser ( ASMED didn't use microscopes in 2015 during my surgery). ASMED also placed hair facing the polar opposite direction which has to be removed.
  6. Notice how nearly all the the incredible transformations videos Coutos marketing team use are with Spanish patients with very dark, thick and coarse characteristics? These characteristics, which are also similar to Indian hair characteristics allow for the best transformations. The difference this makes should not be underestimated
  7. He gave me a free 40 minute video consultation via Skype to discuss the issue then I ended up flying out soon after. I'm going to have a minor procedure with him as the extractions have healed so well. He even stated that maybe I would be happy with just the bad grafts removed, meaning they would not make a penny from me. The overall vibe was the guy seemed mostly eager to help me rather than to make as much as they can out of me.
  8. This guy is sorting out my mess from Turkish clinics. He already removed all the doubles and triples inserted by ASMED for free as well as removing grafts placed in wrong direction. You couldn't be more right when stating this clinic are ethical. The location is also fantastic. It's good to see the moderator of this forum recognising the talents of clinics who don't aggressively market themselves. Because of what you said about how Pekineer was conducting himself, that leaves me with no doubt in my mind that there is only 1 clinic left worth considering in Turkey worth considering. That is HLC. Turkey is the cesspit of the hair transplant industry and it is time people were more vocal about it.
  9. Surgeon's have to pay for their recommendation here. If they don't pay they don't get recommended, even if they are the best in the world. In my opinion, some clinics here have far too many poor results to justify being recommended. It's all about money, not about helping people. It should be used as a source to view before and afters, nothing more.
  10. Indian hair characteristics are literally the very best for hair transplantation and extremely forgiving.
  11. Just do it. It lasts for 5 years at most. If you don't like it, it will fade away.
  12. These guys are bulletproof on this forum sadly. This is another of the countless examples of poor hairline work performed by ASMED.