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  1. I agree with you somewhat regarding price, I am going for the most expensive guy in Turkey. I simply won't be able to afford H&W or Rahal prices.- I'd need to save for years. I want to get this fixed and live my life and I confident in my choice of surgeon this time. 3.5 euros per graft isn't cheap either.
  2. Be very careful about considering a hair transplant without Fin. Yesterday in the Italian forum, I seen a Rahal patient who's hair completely thinned out and he was left with just a hairline and a heavily diffused NW7 pattern in a matter months after the surgery!.
  3. I knew from your initial photos who this doctor was. Why does his work always seem so different to any other doctor? The graphs are always way further apart than normal, those gaps are just too wide. Also, I can't understand why any doctor would harvest your donor in that manner? I mean just.. why?
  4. I have to admit, if I could afford it, it would be either H&W or Rahal
  5. If they did 9 patients a day, that equates to a hair transplant factory in my opinion - even 6 seems insane. Glad I got in there before these changes. I'm seeing Keser, who does the work himself and only 500 grafts per day next month. I hope to have 1000 grafts after having had 4500 previously with ASMED. I like the look of his work and hoping I can be done with surgeries after this.
  6. From what I have read, I certainly would not hold that guy in the same esteem as the other high level surgeons you mentioned.
  7. This is interesting. There was definitely not 6 patients during my visit, more like 3 maybe? I knew that techs did most of the work but I must admit I was surprised that I spent less than 45 minutes with the actual doctor... I barely seen the guy. Furthermore, I was looking elsewhere in Turkey ( other high end clinics) to fix my hairline and when I asked various reps on their opinion of ASMED, they gave cryptic responses like "I have an opinion but I rather not say". No idea what that means. Perhaps it's simply envy - they clearly own most of the market in Turkey
  8. What exactly has changed at this clinic? When I was researching before mine with ASMED in 2015, I never seen any failed hairline work. Now I see multiple cases of this.
  9. Their marketing is horribly aggressive and they have people making accounts on forums all over the internet to drum up business. Wouldn't touch these guys even if they were my only option. Awful.
  10. You are right, perhaps I am biased because I am seeing him next month. The thing is, you are a nightmare patient for any doctor. You attack people who offer advice and reassure you and I repeat, have no idea what you got into. 3.5 euro or 10 euro per graft, it doesn't matter, you are paying for the illusion of density. Your original density is gone forever and is never coming back. Even then, with your level of loss, you'll likely need a second surgery to achieve said illusion. But if it is a bad result, I don't believe any doctor should agree to make it right with someone like you. You've copied and pasted this thread on on multiple hairloss forums in many different languages. You trashed a persons name after only waiting 3 months, potentially causing a loss of business to a doctor who relies heavily on word of mouth. If my result is bad, sure, I'll make it known. I will do so after 8 or 9 months however, not 3 ( when you are at arguably the worst stage) Perhaps the fact you are communicating using Google translate is the problem and you are misinterpreting what people are saying. Your attitude is frankly quite bizarre.
  11. You clearly have some kind of personal issues and I wish you the best in tackling those. He was simply giving you advice in how to endure the waiting stage - something which you seriously can not handle. You have posted the same thread trashing the doctor, starting after just 3 months, in every hairloss related forum on the internet. You have forfeited your potential possibility for any kind of free repair in the unlikely event you need one. I have no idea how you found such a high calibre surgeon when you have done zero research in hair transplants. You seem to be expecting instant results and I'm betting you are also expecting a full head of hair right ?
  12. Did you approach Keser saying you could only afford 1700 grafts? This is not normally a case Keser would take on and if he did, he would suggest his max harvest which is 2500... It just doesn't seem to follow the pattern of his previous cases. Other clinics may suggest 3500 for your level of loss.
  13. Do you need under 2500 grafts? Keser. ASMED is good for larger sessions, though they seem to be really slipping on hairlines.
  14. jonnyalex

    Best FUE in Turkey?

    When I contacted a rep for HLC i found that the doc did not do most of the work and it was 2 different surgeons instead of the recognised one ( who apparently only does BHT now). That completely put me off.