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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. This is correct as there is a big flying time difference b/w domestic and international flights. As I said I been delaying my hair transplant for the past few years due to my fear of flying but now I am at a point where fear of baldness has overcome fear of flying. Makes sense?
  2. @Portugal25 Are you happy with your surgery with Dr. Pekiner? I think you suggested his name but then removed it later but I am not sure.
  3. You are right. They have 4.31 euro per graft for FUE on their website.
  4. Yes I am in contact with both right now and you are absolutely right Dr Demirsoy told me my donor area is just ok and he may be able to extract 2500-3500 grafts but not enough to cover all the bald spots and he has refused to proceeds with surgery on my friend because he thinks his donor area is weak. Whereas Dr. Yaman thinks I have good donor area and he can extract 4500 grafts and cover most of the bald area. I have yet to receive his evaluation on my friend though. I am really confused at this time but currently leading towards Dr. Yaman. I will also consult the other doctors mentioned above by others.
  5. Thanks @Portugal25 and @Melvin-Moderator I will definitely consult with these doctors.
  6. How many grafts can safely be extracted? I am receiving different opinions from different doctors? Just wondering what you guys think..
  7. I agree but when you are on a budget you want to look for the best within your budget and my understanding is Dr Yaman is also a recommended doctor here. I will contact the doctors you recommended. Thanks 🙏
  8. I am in Washington DC and willing to travel to anywhere in USA if cost is within my budget. I am also considering Dr. Nader in Mexico but not sure if it is safe to travel there.
  9. Dear Members, After a long time of searching I have decided to take the plunge this year. I have narrowed down my research to Dr. Erkan Demirsoy and Dr. Resul Yaman based on their experience, results and obviously the cost. What is your opinion on these doctors? My problem is flying is not my thing anymore and this is what is stopping me for years to have a hair transplant. I would avoid it if I can find a doctor in USA within my budget? I know it’s not going to be the same as doctors mentioned above but who is the best least expensive doctor? Any suggestions?
  10. I have never seen a bald Chinese 😂 maybe that’s why awareness is not there yet.
  11. I don't think English has to do anything with this nonsensical response. There are several individuals here (including myself) whom first language is not English.
  12. @Bill - Managing Publisher I apologize if I violated a forum rule but that was not my intention. I wasn't aware of Dr history on this forum. You can delete this post if you want.