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  1. What a shity comparation, your so called doctor, he destroy so many lifes,this patients got infection and poor result.The people who work for him came in front and admit it that he use same needles on more patients.After tons of complains he was kicked out from this forum.Please try to talk with his ex patiens who got infected and try to explain to them how good is your so called doctor
  2. How this is possible?it looks incredible
  3. i think this is most stupid question in this forum,surely you are evil and you have something with Dr Erdogan.You just atack him. this is rude
  4. 5 months is to early for a HT to worry,try to relax and wait for full year and then you can judge. my hair change from 18 months to 24 months( it got better)
  5. 4 weeks update, i think it is ok, not to much sheding
  6. looks good but for sure this is not the final result, from now you can enjoy your hair and it will look better and better
  7. Looks good Deb, looks like you never had a HT
  8. check MarkWestonHair, he said his smp wont fade and is one time sesion
  9. looks very good, you should be happy with this result
  10. Hi Bill, i sent you a PM can you check it please
  11. Try to relax, you are just fine at 4 months, donar area looks normal for 4 months and after 12 months you can have your short hair at the back,just not number zero but you can go for 1or 2 if is your first HT.
  12. jonyny

    Tattoo into scar (non-SMP)

    it looks very good,