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  1. google mark weston. if you like smp you should try to talk with him. his ink wont fade but for sure you will need a touch up after 7-8 years
  2. this is a good prove that you are doing right way. you do microneedling one time per week and minoxidil ones per day?weldone Cosmo
  3. if you tried SMP and you are happy with smp then you can try MarkWeston his smp is permanent. one sesion
  4. Looks good Cosmo,when is dry looks like a mop head ;)) in a good way
  5. i went back to asmed and i'm really happy with my result after 5 and a half months, my donor maybe needs more time but my hairline looks incredible. from 5 month to 5 a half looks much better. your hairline looks ok to me, you only need more density . it will be very easy this time, after 10 days i was ready to go. no more pain from anesthesia this time.( i'm not saying it looks good your HT, i think it easy to fix.) you have good hairline and you need only density. That's why i keep up date my HT for us to see if it's worth to go back. YES. big change in my life.You just do what you think
  6. 1500 first time then 4500 with asmed and now 2000 with asmed. i just don't wanna do smp for now
  7. Thanks Cosmo, my donor looks let's say not good.maybe because is my 3rd HT all FUE . i will post in 2 weeks more photos . i will start to do microneedling with dermaroller in my donor . maybe i'm lucky and have a good result.
  8. 5 months pics,i think it looks really good for 5 months.
  9. please update if you go to Weston, i wanna go to Weston to cover my Fue scars.I wish you best of luck
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