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  1. jonyny

    Tattoo into scar (non-SMP)

    Hi, can you show as pics please?
  2. i'm afraid of any HT i will do,no matter what doctor will do the surgery. But.... i really hope this time to be happy at the end of this HT.
  3. Thanks for your advice, for shore we will have a chat
  4. Hi FarsanUK, i booked in december, and about money we will talk in december ,is nothing clear about that. i just pray for a nice hairline so i can move on.
  5. All i need is a small touch up on my left side. but i will do 2000 grafts.
  6. Hi, i think your HT and JeanLDD HT it will be briliant, good luck and be patient.
  7. Hi, i'm doing fine.My hair looks much better i still need a touch up. but i go out without a hat and this is very good for my mental helth.
  8. First of all i m sorry for you. but you are only 7 months.Do you think you wait enough? it's hard at 7 months and wanna see you final result, my hair started to look better only after 23 months.and bealive me it looks way much better now then back at 7 months.How do you think your hair should look at 7 months?
  9. jonyny

    ASMED 7 months on

    yeah is good when you know they will be there for you.i hope you will get better
  10. jonyny

    ASMED 7 months on

    check my posts