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  1. Here's another picture in more candid realistic lighting. I think it's mainly just from stretching the skin a bit.
  2. I won't, because I think you have your mind set already. You already disregarded every piece of sound advice in this thread because wearing a hat is hard to deal with. You're willing to risk permanent disfigurement at the chance of having one week of good hair. You're not in a rational state of mind and you have no perspective on what it would actually be like to ruin your life by overharvesting your donor area at 21 with a low hairline and shoddy surgeons.
  3. You came to this forum looking for validation for a second procedure. It's not going to happen, because that is a bad idea in so many ways. Take the advice everyone has given you. There are literally a thousand reasons not to get one.
  4. Here's some pics of the incision in different lighting. Day 11, staples came out yesterday. Hair cut to a 1, maybe 1.25 after a week of growth. The incision itself is incredibly small. What's actually visible is hair being condensed around the incision site. There's just a bit of shock loss below and the hair is facing a slightly different angle due to a strip being taken out.
  5. I would eat porridge and sit in a dark room all day if it meant a good result. I want to know my surgeon is putting his money into his staff and his equipment, not meals and entertainment.
  6. Minoxidil won't really do anything to stop further loss. I would try doing a dose variation. 1mg a week for a month, if that's tolerated do 1 mg every four days for a month, etc. until you get to 1mg every other day. That is an acceptable dose that will have enormous benefits to maintaining your hair.
  7. Okay, day 7. This'll be my last post for maybe a month, or I might do one after I take out all the staples. My goal was to give a good, comprehensive 7 day post-op for those nervous about getting a hair transplant, or those who have just gotten one and are a little nervous about what's happening. It is a nerve wracking time, for sure. For those getting FUT, it consists of being paranoid about putting your chin down because of stretching. There is discomfort laying your head on anything resembling a hard surface due to the staples, not to mention the weird sensation of cleaning in between staples with your fingers in the shower followed by the blind application of Polysporin (my fiancée helped immensely with this). It is very Frankenstein-y. Today, as per instructions from Dr. Gabel, I spent about 40 minutes total with a combination of soaking the scabs using a towel, the bathtub, and then spraying it with a spray bottle. I spent 15 minutes slowly working into the scabs with some shampoo just using the pads of my fingers (no nails!!) and all of it came off pretty easily. There was a bit of shedding, but nothing too crazy. All in all, I'd say it was 0/10 for pain the last 7 days, but 3/10 for discomfort and general annoyance regarding relaxing and sleeping. Not too bad at all, for those on the fence. As far as what the future holds, my biggest concern is the scar stretching. It has become habitual to keep my chin up now. I don't know what effect this will have on my posture, as my neck is pretty sore most of the time now. I'm going to play it safe and not do any weightlifting for about 6 months, but I plan to start running and doing push-ups/planks in the next month and a half to stay in a semblance of good shape. I usually work out 4-5 times a week, so this has been an adjustment for me. I also haven't worked in 10 days now, whereas I usually do 50-60 hour weeks. Big lifestyle adjustment and the boredom is very real. Have some books or TV shows lined up. My diet the last 7 days has been intentionally diverse. I eat a lot of Perfect bars, which are a healthy protein bar that has a food mash. I also do fruit/spinach smoothies with hemp hearts and chia seeds, a daily protein shake with a low anabolic profile, and a collagen powder. Here's a before and after side by sides using the pre-op consultation pictures. I had a little bit longer hair in the pre-op photos so it's not exactly the same, but it is close enough for good comparison. Keep in mind that every native hair in the frontal scalp was shaved down to a 0, so they aren't visible. This is significant because I had quite a few native hairs in that area. Every hair that is of length is a transplanted hair. Also, the incision is goopy because of Polysporin - it is healing very nicely.
  8. Captain's log, day 6. Progress is slow, but it is there. The demarcations in the crust have taken over, and when I raise my eyebrows, my scalp moves as one unit. The red areas are incrementally improving. I have been irrigating with warm water using the provided sprayer and reapplying a light layer of polysporin with a Q-tip every five hours. I am washing the incision with Revivogen shampoo and reapplying polysporin once in the morning and once before bed. The incision looks great - no redness or swelling, and very minimal pain. For those reading this post, Revivogen shampoo is very good. Cabin fever has begun to set in, and I ventured outside for the first time yesterday when I realized I had forgotten to take the trash can to the curb. The sun was blinding, and the garbage man gave me a weird look. I acted like I was shielding my eyes from the sun. I don't think he bought it.
  9. Day 5 update. Was curious if any one here experienced lingering redness like this. I'm assuming it is a remnant from the folliculitis, and it's getting better daily. Can't wait to get these crusts off.
  10. That would make sense, I was thinking it's all the inflammation from the scalp settling and leaking through the pores.
  11. The swelling settled around my temples on day 2... I know what you mean lol Did you notice the skin on your forehead was extra oily? I don't think I've ever been this oily in my life