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  1. Running two patients at the same time and having both done before 1 pm is an immediate disqualify. Also, farmers plant in rows to accommodate machinery for planting, watering, and harvest and for crop to spread roots more freely to either side. Has nothing at all to do with nutritional supply. He was talking out of his ass.
  2. Here's an idea of an aggressive hairline vs a conservative hairline. That conservative hairline also gives you temple closure, which might even be a little too aggressive considering your age and amount of loss.
  3. Not going to derail this thread to debate the side effect profile of finasteride. There's enough conversation on this site to look it up if you want. Or you can read any of the large studies done on propecia. I've been taking it daily for two years and have had no side effects with great regrowth.
  4. Yes it's provided to any woman who wants it through non-profit organizations, primarily planned parenthood.
  5. You get more grafts if you start with FUT. You're able to get more grafts over the course of your life, that's what I mean by future-proofing it. Nothing is 100% of course, it's just doing everything you can to save yourself from trouble 20 years down the road.
  6. You're mostly describing a normal menstrual cycle there. Birth control is also free.
  7. Don't worry about finasteride, it's not messing with your hormones to the degree that your body can't compensate. Women taking birth control is much more significant and that is prescribed to the majority of women in America, at least. At 26 I'd say you can get a hair transplant IF you are willing to settle for a mature, conservative hairline. The second thing is you should strongly consider FUT if you want to future-proof your transplant.
  8. Things are progressing, slowly but surely. My hair is growing in. Almost enough to blend the non-transplanted with transplanted area. I attached a picture that highlights the area of shock-loss.
  9. The most reasonable you will find of any surgeon with his background and experience by a significant amount if you decide to go FUT. He charges half for FUT what he does for FUE because it is much less labor intensive.
  10. I'd put money on this being a hairpiece. Zuckerburg just has that weird hair, he's always had it.
  11. To frame this subjectively, the amount of bullshit this particular surgeon performs that is avoided, dodged, or flat out ignored has made me consider deleting my post and my account on more than one occasion. It makes me sick to my stomach seeing the patients post here after they leave his office. There is no amount of proof that I can provide in any number of threads that will make this site reconsider having him as an affiliated surgeon and it detracts from the moral fiber of this site tremendously. OP is one more case where yet another example comes out that Dr. Diep is unethical and greedy
  12. Thanks for the kind words! My own journey has been a bit of a bumpy ride since day 2 of the surgery but luckily everything cleared up.
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