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  1. Good choice. Had a transplant there 4 months ago. Can't speak to results yet but my experience was great and the work looked pristine. He is also involved in the entire surgery unlike many doctors these days. I took USD to pay for my procedure. Thailand is pretty safe if you are discreet and you could carry the money. Or why not send a wire transfer?
  2. Is this a troll? You have a massive amount of hair.
  3. You wrote Cellulitis before and I went on a google rampage and was freaking out... I'll get it checked out just in case. Because of the baldness in the area is making me think of the worst. It doesn't seem to be folliculitis because there is no white head and the bald spot of it.
  4. I'm 4 months post-op and I think some action is starting to happen. I have a spot that has presented itself and has me a bit worried. I don't have any other spots like this and its not really where hair was transplanted, but maybe it some was, forgot already since I had hair scattered around. I attached some pictures. I know pimples are normal. This doesn't appear to be a pimple and has been around for a week or two. It's bald too! size of a dime I'd say.
  5. Unreal. Mother of god. I had 10K + grafts.. started not even close to this bald.. My hair is thinner than this by far. FML. This is the best hair transplant I've seen in awhile. Envious.
  6. Surprised at the hairline after Dr. Wong. They are some of the best in the business. If they could fix it, it could be your physiology. I think I might have a similar issue. I have had a stupid amount of grafts with poor growth. Starting to think it's my body. My most recent was 3 months ago, and lots of grafts never fell out or grew.. just stubble still in my head. Scared these are all dead grafts for some reason.
  7. Unreal. I had more grafts than him by a long shot and started out less bald.. My hair is still thin.. 3 months out from my latest FUE so hopefully this one is a success. Going to H and W first would be my dream if I could turn back the hands of time. They continue to present stellar results.
  8. Wow, he has less wrinkles after 14 years. Botox works well I see. I would love to have his scar. It's gonna be completely undetectable now more than ever.
  9. I've been scrubbing the crap out of them plus combing with a boars bristles brush. I'll just keep doing these two things and hope for the best. I'm only a little over 9 weeks so I not gonna panic yet.
  10. I had a FUE of 2000 grafts 2 months ago. I know most people shed the transplanted hair 2-4 weeks after and the root stays in place. In my case, the majority of hair never fell out. It is still there and I can feel the stubble. I had my GF inspect and she confirmed this. She used tweezers to see if the hair would come out easily and it did. Should I be concerned? I'm worried these are failed implants or something. Weird they haven't fallen out like the majority of people. Anybody else here experience this issue? Thanks.
  11. Unreal! I had like 5000 put in my crown by a doctor from this site with less results... how did 800 grafts do this?
  12. Great result. Can't wait to post my results from your clinic. This makes me even more confident.
  13. Thanks Bill. I'm gonna highly consider it. I've been on Finasteride before my first hair transplant. And back then my hair wasn't even that bad. It continued to get worse over the 7 years... so much that I now have over 10K grafts transplanted. I running out of donor in the bank so I need to hold on to what I got with guns a blazing. I just want to get my scar fixed as best as possible just in case nothing works and I end up shaving my head to a 1/2 guard. I got enough on top to shape my face so that and some combined SMP will be my fall back plan.
  14. Any side effects from duta? I'm considering it.
  15. I'm in Asia now. But I learned never let distance be a factor. These scars are with you forever. An extra 500$ on a ticket or 10 hours on a plane is worth peace of mind for the decision that will last forever. I have much regret going to the cheapest coalition doctor I could find.