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  1. Excellent. Crowns are notoriously hard to fill. Looks like this was easy.
  2. densedream

    5236 grafts FUE Dr. Nader

    Thats a pretty good scar. Should be covered up in 2-3 weeks. Good luck with your results.
  3. densedream

    FUE into FUT

    Yeah but a hair transplant doctor who has cut out and sewn or stapled up 100's if not 1000's of patients scalps seems to have great grasp on how to perform the procedure. I'm considering Dr. Wong/Hasson because of their history of great scars.
  4. I don't think I'm losing much but I'm sure it's happening slowly. Meds never stopped my hair loss completely like some finasteride responders. I only take Finasteride 1,25mg MWF and Nizoral 2% twice a week
  5. You must have read my story.. lol. Yes it's a slippery slope and once you start you are pretty much committed. When I had my first transplant, I only had a receding hairline. Then it spiraled out of control. If I could start over, I think I would just shave my head a 1-2 guard and take finasteride to keep the hair I could. Now I can't ever shave my head. You're making a wise choice but now rushing into anything. Good luck.
  6. Yeah I've grown my hair the entire time on top so hard to tell yet compared to before surgery since I already had decent coverage. 4.5 months is still early and only the beginning, I'm sure in two or three months, I will be able to say definitively
  7. Not bad at the length I keep it at. Really short is pretty much out. It bums me out about my results bc I have really good donor and hair characteristics. So considering I had 12K grafts my top should be thick as a rug.
  8. This post is about 4.5 months overdue but wanted to give my experience. If you've been on this site for a while you know that I've been through many surgeries. This is my 5th! Quick recap, 1: Dr. Pong 1800 grafts FUT 2: Dr. Panine 3500 grafts FUT 3. Dr, Panine 2000 grafts FUE 4. Dr. Bhatti 1800 grafts FUE and this one 5: Dr. Laorwong 2000 FUE If you are curious, you can search my name and see pictures of previous procedures. I have no idea how it came to this many grafts considering where I started and I was on finasteride the entire time. Dr. Pong was my best procedure. If did where you can see all the hairs on the temples. 100% growth it felt and looked like. Dr. Panine 5500 grafts.. were mostly in the crown.. which to this day is still thin. I'd say less than 50% growth. Dr. Bhatti was okay but I still needed this last procedure to fix spots he missed or hair didn't grow. Dr. Laowrong was a great experience. Unlike many FUE clinics including the well regarded Dr. Erogodan and Bhatti, Dr. L only does one procedure a day and extracts all grafts, makes incisions, places the grafts with the help of his top assistant. PRP is also included. The clinic is clean and modern. The aftercare package was very detailed and comprehensive. I felt zero pain during the procedure or after. I healed very quickly as well. A great thing about having a procedure in Thailand is that you can relax with foot massages and delicious food while recovering, A hair transplant and vacation tied together is always great. I am 4.5 months post up and I appear to have some growth happening. I will keep updates of my final outcome. Let me know if you have any questions
  9. densedream

    FUE into FUT

    I did but wasn't that great.. beard grafts were used From Dr. Bhatti. I'm gonna get a complete scar revision next year and then try again with a FUE into the scar if it's needed. This picture is pre-op to my FUE with Dr. LArwong
  10. Have you checked Dr. Larwong at Absolute Hair Clinic? I'm 4.5 months out. The experience was very good and the doctor is involved in everything. One patient a day as well. Can't speak for results yet but the work looked good and detailed. edit. I also had a FUT with Dr. Pong as my first FUT procedure. That was by far my best outcome which was better than Dr. Bhatti and Dr. Panine in terms of growth and minimal scar. But his focus is FUT as you know.
  11. Good choice. Had a transplant there 4 months ago. Can't speak to results yet but my experience was great and the work looked pristine. He is also involved in the entire surgery unlike many doctors these days. I took USD to pay for my procedure. Thailand is pretty safe if you are discreet and you could carry the money. Or why not send a wire transfer?
  12. Is this a troll? You have a massive amount of hair.
  13. You wrote Cellulitis before and I went on a google rampage and was freaking out... I'll get it checked out just in case. Because of the baldness in the area is making me think of the worst. It doesn't seem to be folliculitis because there is no white head and the bald spot of it.
  14. I'm 4 months post-op and I think some action is starting to happen. I have a spot that has presented itself and has me a bit worried. I don't have any other spots like this and its not really where hair was transplanted, but maybe it some was, forgot already since I had hair scattered around. I attached some pictures. I know pimples are normal. This doesn't appear to be a pimple and has been around for a week or two. It's bald too! size of a dime I'd say.