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  1. How many grafts did you get done? I'm finally coming to terms that I have my dad's pattern. It's incredibly depressing because I would always assume I would have my mom's side grandpa's hair (who had wonderful NW1 hair at 49). Not only do I have the bald spot in the back, but I can clearly feel the hair below the top of the crown thinned out vs the middle of the back of the head (even though it's not visibly bald). My dad is a NW6 with decently high sides and a moderate crown. His crown drops to about middle of back of his head Anyways, do I have any chance to have decent hair long term? I had 4000 grafts done. I figure I can easily get another 5000 grafts. Can 9000 grafts with very thick Indian like wavy hair give you somewhat ok looking hair long term?
  2. I talked to him and basically he said most people notice front way more I'm trying to figure out what else I can do. Is it worth going for a second surgery at my age or should I save grafts for future?
  3. he didn't do a bad job my front looks way way better. my hairline looks much better. just poor communication on his behalf. He didn't tell me how many grafts my crown needed for decent coverage and he didn't understand how much I cared about my crown and how little I cared about my hairline I wish he communicated more info about crown and how it looked. I would have opted to have 2000 back there and 2000 for rest of my head
  4. I did 4000 grafts with doctor Richard keller and he focused on front hairline, front sides and only put 900 grafts in crown. I have a big crown - legit NW5 crown maybe 5.5 well my hairline was like a 2.5 before which I was fine with. I wanted my goddamn crown fixed. Now my hairline looks way better but I was fine with my hairline before - i have wavy/curly hair and i could easily cover it up. I'm now a solid NW2. my front looks great my other frustration is that he did not tell me that 900 grafts wouldn't give me much coverage. Only after fact is he telling me that I need 3K grafts just for back to have full coverage. I wish he put 2k in crown and other 2K rest of it. I hate how my bald crown looks what should I do now? I have great donor density so i think i can get another 3000 grafts pretty easily but do I want to save that for future? i just hate having a bald crown at 30. Looks so ugly to me as a 30 year old
  5. I told the doctor up front that I really hated my middle and crown. I don't think he understood how important it was to me I understand why he feels the way he does - hairline is definitely most important but IMO a NW3 hairline with no baldspot still looks less like you're balding than a NW2 with a baldspot. I understand the crown takes a lot longer to thicken up but my crown still feels very very bald - not that there's hair there but it's thin. Is it really possible for growth on crown to start at 6-8 months?
  6. he showed me pics of the pre transplant and current 6 month mark. My front is way way better - the hairline is much better. The crown and middle is very marginally improved. He told me that he focused mostly on my front because that's what people really see. For me, I really wish he would have focused more on the middle and crown. I have very curly hair that is super easy to comb over the front...the back is hard to cover up. He said I should get a little more growth but way more thickening of the current hairs. i don't think I've seen much of any growth in the crown and middle but I can't deny the front looks much much better. I'm not very optimistic. I hated my crown more than anything and it doesn't seem like it's going to be ever decent. I wish he would have put around 1500 grafts in the crown and saved the other 2500 for the rest (I think he only put 800 - 900 in crown)
  7. have you ever seen any surgeries with a non existent yield like this?
  8. he put 3500 hairs in my fucking crown. Even 50% yield in crown should make a huge difference considering thickness of my hair texture 50% yield is absolutely terrible
  9. let me ask you this. I think im seeing some growth in front of hairline. Is it normal for crown to take so much longer?
  10. bloodwork? I go to gym 6 days week and am healthy as a fukking bull. Zero history of any diseases in my family also
  11. so I had a near 0% yield surgery on 12000 hairs from a doctor who promised me his typical yield on grafts is like 98% Do I sue him or what do I do? The last thing on face of the earth I want to do is another surgery and especially another surgery with him. Doctor Richard Keller in deerfield.
  12. most people say they start seeing growth around 4 month mark how many people here have seen all their growth between 6-12 months? Is it super unusual for it to start taking that long?