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  1. I seriously wonder if a lot of this talk of side effects of finnasteride is more mental than physical You guys need to realize that a lot of sexual arousal is mental. If you have some kind of anxiety or fear, you will not get hard. I used to think I had some issues with finnasteride side effects - I realized it's mostly mental. If I can get very aroused now, I can get very hard. I personally wish I started using finnasteride at 24 to 25. I probably could have saved my crown from expanding as much as it has
  2. I understand but my density while showering is so horrible that its shocking
  3. its the camera and lighting they use after a shower, i still look bald as hell
  4. I don't blame my doctor, I don't think he did a bad job. I think my results are pretty much standard. I think hair restoration is mostly complete nonsense and all the pictures for all doctors are more illusion than reality. Anyways, SMP is my only choice for it? If it's slightly visible, I'm okay with it
  5. the pictures are so enticing. They make guys who look like a diffused NW3 pattern look like a dense NW2 and i knew it was complete bullsh*t because the doctor's pics of my 6 month progress make it look like I'm a dense NW1.5...when I still have tons of diffuse loss. After a shower, my hair looks fukking horrible. It's so frustrating for me because I was born with such beautiful, wavy, thick hair texture. My mom is 58 and has some of the most beautiful hair you can see. My grandpa at 50 had the hairline of a 12 year old. It's very very frustrating
  6. no more transplants for me. I hated the process and recovery I'm gonna shave my head...I'm hoping to make it 10 more years
  7. forget the results I want to know what are my options for covering up the scar. Anybody here have any luck?
  8. I went into my FUT surgery with extremely misguided hopes. I figured I would go from a NW3V diffused pattern to being a thick NW2 due to my excellent hair traits and realized 4000 grafts just doesn't do much at all in terms of real density. So now I'm wondering what are my options long term my hair as it stands is decent. If I blowdry it and apply gel, nobody can tell I've lost anything except if they look in the back (which starts high enough to where hardly anybody can notice it). When I wake up though, you can see the diffuse thinning pattern. I'm worried i'm going to be a NW6 in 5-10
  9. guys give me about 4 more months and I'll post pics I want to give this surgery the proper time to see a difference
  10. I've lost a ton of hair. I just have good wavy, thick hair texture so it looks better than it really is as a teenager, I had a giant nest of hair that looked like a white afro
  11. all clinics publish pre op photos that are as unflattering as possible and post op photos that are as flattering as possible the unfortunate aspect of this is that people like us who have lost a ton of hair (especially in the middle and crown) will never have good looking hair. 3000 or 4000 grafts just isn't much. You need about 13,000 grafts to have good hair
  12. I think this is what all the hair restoration clinics do in reality, unless you're a NW3 with good density, hair restoration surgeries just don't seem to give you much. If you have a significant crown situation, forget about it. You'll never have good looking hair I don't know how much longer we will be tortured by this until we can have hair restoration with the 20,000 grafts that we need to have proper hair
  13. pretty good? The results look absolutely spectacular in those pics. I basically look like a NW1 with 10/10 density there. I have no idea how they're doing it. my crown and middle is awful in real life
  14. I showed you pics in OP how extremely bald the middle and crown looks i don't know what kind of studio trickery they used to make it look so good in those pics
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