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  1. guys keep in mind OP has a very big crown area to cover and a lot of it is very bald that's a legit pattern 6 bald spot - you can clearly see 6 pattern forming
  2. I just did - post above yours I have identical hair to indian people even though I'm Armenian
  3. OP do you have fine hair? If you have fine hair, keep in mind 3000 grafts really isn't much in terms of coverage unfortunately, especially in crown area. I know we harp on surgeon skill a lot around here but hair traits are probably the #1 aspect to getting a good transplant I'm also a little confused because the pics he posted show a significant difference overall, but your pics are much less impressive. Why do you think this is?
  4. OP I'm a little confused. What happened? Did all the hair behind the transplanted ones fall out and now it looks ridiculous? Were you on finnasteride or rogaine? Did you have one scar or multiple scars? I've heard there are ways to repair or conceal HT scars, why did you not look at that?
  5. oh and here's a current pic of me I try to hunt pictures of transplants done on Indian men because they have the exact same hair as I do
  6. look at this transformation. I have the exact same hair texture and probably right about the same hair density. Am I crazy to expect the same kind of results? Keep in mind I'm not nearly as bald as he is up top, so should I be expecting even more extreme results?
  7. Dr Keller said my donor density and hair thickness were both about as good as any patient he's ever had. My sides are so dense that even if I grow it to like an inch, it's a forest of hair. My only issue is perhaps I'm expecting too much. I want my juvenile density and that's probably not realistic. I just can't wait to where I touch my crown and there's no bare scalp anymore
  8. I talked to my doc today and he said that he never has cases where the grafts don't take. I've never heard or seen of a bad transplant done by Mr Keller. Every one of his results posted online are anywhere from good to spectacular (if the gentleman has good donor density and thick hair) and I've never heard of any complaints aimed at him So I just gotta keep waiting. By next June, hopefully I'll be a very thick NW2
  9. 10/10 results, looks like totally full head of hair now good aggressive hairline with solid density. Does this gentleman have much left in terms of donor reserves for future? do you think he has another 4000 grafts? Only thing I would worry for him is if the sides and crown drop. Excellent hair traits (thick, coarse hair) help a lot
  10. i haven't taken recent pics. really looks no different than last one I posted
  11. still not much of any growth i looked at picture of last year and i have a worse crown situation than ever before. What's weird is I started finnasteride in January of last year. I maintained pretty decent for a while with just rogaine. I'm surprised Finn hasn't helped me more
  12. Fair enough Does that scare you knowing that if you get to a norwood 7 pattern, you're totally fucked? I've scoured the entire internet and have never seen a decent NW7 transplant, not even on indian people who have very thick hair texture. Best case scenario is you look heavily balding, instead of totally bald
  13. I've seen plenty of 5s and even slick bald 6s get spectacular results with a hair transplant, but once you get to NW7, the results are always garbage. I've seen NW7s with 5000 grafts who look almost totally bald Is this because the donor region in NW7s is usually garbage also?
  14. are you a norwood 7 now? was your sides and crown very healthy thick earlier in your days? did you use finnasteride, rogaine, nizoral? what was your pattern at 30?